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A Life Worth Ending: Informative Essay

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A health and social care worker is able to assess the needs, concerns, and priorities of individuals that are near to end of life in their own homes, a residential care home, a nursing home, a hospital, or a hospice. The assessment that the health and social care worker will do is a continuous process as the needs of the individual will more than likely change as they get closer to the end of life. The health and social worker that is assessing the individual's needs will need to record and store all the information securely and in line with the data protection act. Within the document, the health and social care worker will need to identify the needs of the individual, make a conclusion of what has been agreed with the individual, make a summary of findings and actions that have been agreed with the individual, and any major disagreements about needs or actions. The health and social care worker can share any of these reports with any healthcare worker that is involved in the individuals care, the individual must consent to this.

There are five main areas that would be identified for assessment. You would need to gather information on the individual's background information, this would include their basic details such as their name, date of birth, address, family details, any medical information, any allergies, and current medication, any lifestyle information such as their diet, whether they smoke or drink and if they do, how much. Any preferences for the assessment such as wanting a family member there. The individual should also consent to all of this and would be asked for a signature.

Secondly, the individual's physical well-being would get assessed. The health and social care worker will ask about any sleeping problems, mobility issues, or any medical-related illnesses relating to breathlessness or pain. In this assessment it will need to be documented how these are being managed and if they are being managed successfully.

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Thirdly, the health and social care worker will look at and assess the individual's social and occupational well-being, this is done by looking at how the individual manages at home, this is things like how they would manage to prepare their food, eating, and drinking, how they manage their personal care, their household tasks and how they move around the house. The individual's needs relating to any work that they do will be assessed as well. Noting the people that are important to the individual is great as well, including any hobbies and interests.

The individual's psychological well-being will need to be assessed as this will cover the emotional state of the individual, this will include looking at their moods, anxieties, and worries. It will also need to be documented how they are managing it and how they have adjusted to their illness and treatment.

Lastly, the health and social care worker will need to assess the individual's spiritual well-being and life goals, they will look at any specific needs or considerations that are related to culture, ethnicity, or faith, life goals can include things the individual wishes to achieve before the end of life.

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