What Would Happen To The World Without Social Justice?

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Martin Luther King once said “We may all have come from different ships, but we're in the same boat now”. In the world we’re living now social justice has always been a big role in our society, you realized it or not. Social justice works for many ways against racism, ageism, sexism, heterosexism, and even religion. While it can be challenging for me to give an exact meaning of social justice in our society, there is a general idea in everyone’s mind that social justice is to give opportunities equally to all people without engaging in discrimination. Social justice issues happens on a world scale, as in the affect people around the world. It can also take place in one particular country and city. More too on much pint -sized scale, like classrooms or in a neighborhood. Regardless, it’s safe to say that social justice is on the right track on our society as it has helped many minorities and many organizations and countries are practicing social justice. However, imagine a world where social justice is not practiced by any of our leaders or even our society. Imagine the countless possibilities of many events that will occur in past that will effect our society now.

Well in the context of fiscal, following long periods of monetary development, it is social justice that is in question with the economy and globalization (Faber, 2016). Without social justice, countries aren’t able to move forward in economy. In specific, the third and fourth world countries. The wealthy countries like United States, Saudi Arabia and even Europe are building walls figuratively and literally. For instance, Americans built walls along Mexican border, to avoid people from Mexico to enter their countries. However, an economy is not directly affected by social justice (Clarke, 2016), but if theres a slight chance that inequalities exist in society, less fortunate people from the low income who are profoundly gifted and capable are not able to thrive or perform positively for the country, hence a country aren’t to reach it’s fullest. This goes the same for global development, with the unsuitable social policies a nation will fall behind. This in turn will affect the country development as they are not able to participate in global development and acquire benefits thusly. For example, in this recent case of LGBT, the Sultan of Brunei have decided to implement syariah law against the LGBT community which means stoning them until death with the appropriate procedure. This has made many countries and hollywood celebrities boycotting against him. In turn, all his development overseas are in jeopardy.

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Next, health and education, both of this are somewhat related. For Instance, health literacy, it’s defined as capacity to peruse, comprehend and follow up on health care information (Hill, 2004). This help patients understand the basic context of the health care, such as appointment slips, prescriptions labels, insurance form and other health related informations. With low education, countries or even a community of people aren not able to grow forward as their health problem are increasing with low knowledge of health literacy. This can be seen on countries like Africa and India and many other developing countries (Bradhan, 2001),as their education are in an exceptionally awful shape for the people who are in need. As a result, their death rate are one of the highest among other countries. In America, more then 30 percent of direct medical costs faced by blacks, Hispanics and Asian-Americans can be attached to wellbeing disparities. Due to discriminatory access to mind and other wellbeing advancing assets, these community are frequently more debilitated when they do discover a wellspring of consideration and acquire higher medical expenses. That 30 percent means more than $230 billion over a four-year period. Moreover, examines have demonstrated that clinicians will in general have progressively pessimistic frames of mind toward individuals of color, and oblivious racial predisposition among clinicians has been appeared to prompt more unfortunate correspondence and lower nature of consideration.

Other than that, world without social justice might just start world war 3. There are possibilities that could lead to world destruction, one of it is having no social justice in this era. Especially at this time era, where everyone are more sensitive over small matters. However, the vision of social justice might not linked well with war or even conflict. To the degree that it advances the benefits of repaying wounds and reestablishing every disputant to its legitimate position, it goes for accomplishing restitutive equity, or what Auerbach (1983) has called 'equity without law.' And to the degree that it goes for vindicating the specific interests of the questioning gatherings as opposed to applying principles of general materialness to their case, it looks for 'value': a type of compensation dependent on components exceptional to each contest as opposed to on a law regular to every comparative case. For example countries that’s not been giving a proper social justice is Palestine. Palestine has been in war with the Israel for over a decade (BBC, 2015). Many Palestinians have died due to Israel’s attack on them. Other than that, Israel's attack of Gaza has sentenced its 1.9 million occupants to destitution and metal brutality once a day as development is limited and there is an ever present danger of military power. Furthermore, the advancement of power also will be affected if there are no social justice. It’s true that, when people gain more power they tend to abuse their power. Whenever power shifts, inequality, violence and exclusion becomes a norm.

Lastly, area that will be affected is the environmental changes. Environmental change has influenced numerous nations and areas, where water and food is scarce and individuals are enduring. Climate changes are brought about by individuals who are least influenced by it (Xiao, 2016). A country’s economic growth can be seen through the emission of carbon dioxide. Usually countries like this who are wealthy are well equipped with laws and the framework to deal with climate crises, plague flare-ups, and atmosphere related loss of employments that make less fortunate nations so defenseless against the impacts of environmental change. Without social justice, less fortunate people with low financial resources will be affected directly as it’s harder for them to relocate for them to find shelter. In a developing countries, most men and women work in agriculture. Their crops usually are destroyed when there’s drought, their incomes and foods are gone. Furthermore, with scarce foods and livestocks the prices of foods are higher, this will directly affect the poor families (Xiao, 2016). Other than that, this will accept the indigenous people. Rivers and the forest will definitely be disrupted due to activities like resource extraction and pollutions, this in turn will affect indigenous’s habitat such as hunting, fishing and many more (Zoledziowski, 2018). Moreover, most of the nutrients supply for the indigenous people are from the trees. Indigenous lifestyle will be continuously threatened with rapid industrialization and colonialism.

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