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Struggle for Social Justice in the Novel 'The Hate U Give': Critical Essay

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When people call on the police force for unfair reasons, they will add to an ongoing issue because minority populations are more likely to face police brutality or excessive discipline in the justice system. African American victims are often biased by representatives of mainly white police forces. In other facets of daily life, including schooling, housing and jobs, the effects of police violence in the black community can also be seen. Just like Starr in ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas, Starr is scared to talk to the detective because she remains hesitant to speak up while her voice could look down upon. When the officer asks about Khalil being a drug dealer and a thug, Starr automatically gets triggered in the face of questions that seem to perpetuate. Police stations are reminder of how blacks are being mistreated. Starr understands that white society flattens black identity and will be all too quick to define Khalil in a way of assumptions about black people. ‘Black in Blue: African-American Police Officers and Racism’ by Kenneth Bolton states that even if African American officers still encounter racism on the job, these officers face discrimination everyday inside and outside the police station from barriers in hiring and getting promoted to lack of trust from citizens and members of the black community.

Starr lives a double life in a different direction that tests her loyalty, while Starr has remained on edge around the police. The author of ‘The Hate U Give’ writes about the main character Starr attends high school where there are mostly white students. Starr lives a double life from the ghetto and a student at Williamson. Starr has not seen her best friend Khalil for a very long time; they both discussed their life, but a tragic incident has occurred. Khalil and Starr both heard gunshot as they ran to the car. At this point the police officer pointed a gun at Khalil, and he said to the officer that he had not done anything wrong. Without police brutality, Starr may be in a major social and political movement that will be voiceless and be looked down upon.

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For people like us to fix police brutality is to understand the surrounding community. This is achieved by establishing clear and consistent criteria, established by experts and other organizations supported by state agencies, for every department of police. These standards should be communicated to each officer, trained and used as a basis for assessment and discipline. Just when reading in ‘The Hate U Give’, this shows to provide a context for the readers like us that might see riots happening on TV, but not understanding the meaning of the anger or the frustration. Now in today's world there is a huge epidemic in the United States where American people are blaming and fighting other people of color. The novel shows the ugly truth of society on how people are being treated badly. Starr as a black individual now understands that as a black kid she could be in danger. When the officer was finished with Khalil, he later on pointed the gun to Starr. Starr overcomes fear and pain after the loss of Khalil. The officer still views Starr as a threat. Starr was represented as ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ because it tells a black teen sent away from a dangerous neighborhood. Just like Starr living life at Garden Heights with her Williamson. Starr struggles to cope throughout the novel because her boyfriend Chris being white would shock her community. Kenya opens up about the death of Khalil with Starr to comfort her. Racism, as evidenced by crime and police brutality, is the primary focus of this book. Starr is discriminated against and unfair to white society, which for her friend Khalil proves to be fatal. Racism leads in part to the death of Khalil and subsequently also impedes justice. While both the police and a grand jury investigate the case, the official who shot Khalil is not charged and is released. Thomas assures no readers that prejudice in the Starr culture will soon be eradicated from justice and law enforcement. Starr wants to speak out at certain points in the film, such as when she reveals her film. In the face of danger, she proclaims the truth both by the police, with whom she must always act with care, and by the Gang of King Lords, who she fears is going to take action if she points to the Kings drug deal.

Some people were not taught how to treat others equally with this could be the blame of the parents. The setting contrasts with the brutal story Starr knows she must tell. This has been portrayed by the media and effectively refuting claims that the One-Fifteen acted out of fear for his life. Rest of the world will perceive her, but here she asserts her power to take control of the narrative. However, the situation is a form of racism because it undermines the right of black people to vibrant and diverse identities. Chris can't understand the specific burden and demands that black people like Starr have to face, especially when coping with things like police brutality. Not all police officers are bad, Maverick suggests, but by protecting people and the judiciary, violence against black communities is made possible by. Maverick is incapable of trusting the police and turns to the kind of justice that triumphs at Garden Heights. Suggesting the latter abandoned Garden Heights to be disappointed with its darkness and to add to black cultures' discrimination. He has been able to accept his own identities as a black man and cop, and that he can look after Maverick's children only by being on the other side of the law. Right now, people are afraid and blame others and injure others. This happens.

The verdict foreshadows the riots on what they are about to do are the same things. That is given by Khalil that will show chaos and destruction through the community neighborhood. Chris could never connect or understand what Starr’s has been through, but Chris realizes that he can be an ally. The destruction of a sentimental place makes Starr realize that violence will ultimately not be the answer, and that will hurt everyone, and will only cause more problems in the long run. The novel describes the police riot gear and the use of tear gas, which shows a connection between the world that we live in with the Black Lives Matter protests. This logic could be applied to other elements of culture and beliefs that are in part of the same white standard. Starr understands that white society flattens black identity and will be all too quick to define Khalil in a way of assumptions about black people. Starr lives a double life in a different direction that tests her loyalty, while Starr has remained on edge around the police. But in Garden Heights it still holds many happy memories for Starr. Khalil’s death gives Starr a shovel to guide her to do the right thing, and hope does not stop her from protesting. The novel once again affirms the power of language to create change, and that Starr does not need to riot to be a part of the fight for justice. Starr is no longer afraid and finally fully embraces her power to demand justice.

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