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Racial Profiling In The Hate You Give

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Poverty, violence, and crimes are major social problem. Social problems are the part of the society for thousands of years. Different countries share similar problems. All countries of world tried to find solution for the social problem. “The hate you giving by “the Angie Thomas” explores the depth of one sixteen years old life and her struggle she faces as a black female who have grown up in an unprivileged neighborhood. She wrote all the social problem occurs in the society but Racial profiling and the need for bravery are the important to discuss.

The first major theme of this book is racial profiling. Racial profiling is very common problem in our society. Racial profiling means to do discrimination in caste, color, religion. Racial profiling is very controversial and sensitive topic and every person can relate too. For example, in the book “The hate you give” when Starr and Khalil was in the car, police pulled over and killed Khalil. Khalil was the one who was supporting his grandma who has the cancer. In the interview the reporter asked to the Starr the reason of killing Khalil’s was his past drug dealing and affirmation with the king lords and a local gang. The book also shows describe the political violence when the victim is black and the shooter is white. Another example when Starr was in the school her friends Hailey and Maya did the joke on Starr that “it is the fried chicken day!” they were racist with Starr as she was the only black girl in the room.

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The second major theme of this book is the need of the bravery. Bravery means courage. This the another common issue in our society for speaking up the truth. In the book after the Khalil’s death, Starr does not know how to speak up on this issues because she was afraid for her reputation of her school and her safety. Starr faced discrimination and prejudice is serious. She knows that she has to be brave enough to stand up to an injustice system and explore her own identity. Another example in the book the hate you give Starr carried both the secret of knowing who killed Natasha and she is shamed of not being brave enough to tell someone. Sometimes girls’ encounters witnessing the murder or sexual assault or everyday racist encounters and they don’t always have the skills to help.

In conclusion the hate you give is the most powerful source helps to understand the social issues such as racial profiling and the need of bravery. Racial profiling the victim is black and the shooter is white. When it comes to bravery the Starr stood up for his friend Khalil injustice. The governments should encourage writer to write these types of books which are focus on the social issues to help the people

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