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Types of Friends: Classification Essay

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To be friends is nice, Building up a good bondage with your friends can help you in many ways. Especially when you are in a sad mood, friends are the ones who can mood you up. To be good friends there should be intimacy between the friends. Now as a trending fashion friends are called out as buddies. Buddies make the bond much more closely. A good companionship should always consist of a good rapport with faithfulness and affection towards each other. One needs to respect each other when they are together in terms of friends. We should be concerned about choosing the right friends. There are some who take advantage of us and cheat on our companionship. This is very common in the present world. Cheating one another is very shameful to be called out. We have to check on the person’s attitude and his behavior and we can decide whether he or she can be friends with us forever.

If your friends are showing resentment and show an evil eye towards you they are not your true mates. Many of the mates are not happy when another one is going well in his career. They are only happy when they are better off in their career. These types of friends never appreciate any good you do. They try to give appreciation to another one knowing that it was you who did it. What a fishy nature it is. They would stab you in your back. Some would try to show they are contented with what you do but really they are at an evil eye for your progress. Never be in a relationship with such pals who has a grudge towards you. They show envy towards each other.

If your companion is being the big one among you pointing you down that’s not an ideal friend. To be a perfect buddy both of them together should work. When you are going well in your progress level these types of friends pull you out and direct you to failures. They will never let you go for a better achievement. Once you become a successful man these ones would show hatred towards you in spite of beings friends. They will always guide you to the wrong paths. Doing wrong would make them feel happy. All they want is for you to be called out as a disliked, disrespectful person in society.

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There are some companions who hang out only to take advantage of us. What they want is only taken out of having a friendship. They are our friends of the things we own. Like good clothing, vehicles, and a good house. After all, it can be said they stay with us for the money we have. These ones can even play out with our feelings. They are tricky, shrewd ones. Do not tend to ask for any help from them. What they say is different from what they do. They will tell you they are there with you always but that is just a lie to cheat you up and make you believe that they are good ones to associate with.

There are mates who only reflect on their things. They want to do only their tasks. Never care or are concerned about another mate who is by their side at any moment. When you are at your happiest moments, these mates are not by your side. They value only their success. Their mindset is only woven around their future. They never feel for their companions. If they do something wrong they never say “Sorry”. They never accept their downfalls. What they do is always correct. Especially in teamwork, these types of friends make themselves focus more on the other. It is only an “I” subject for them at any moment.

Avoid such kinds of friends, Try to search for the perfect friend for you. It doesn’t matter if it is one or two with the right person. If one is happy with who you are that’s a good buddy. Think accurately and pick up the best-suited companion for you. Start it from today onwards, Do not be late otherwise, you are the one who is going to fall in trouble with unnecessary, unsuitable companionship.

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