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What Does Friendship Mean to You: Reflective Essay

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Friendship is one of the greatest bonds that one can ever wish for. Friendship is one of the most precious things for successful well-being. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The real roots of true friendship are trust and honesty. If these two things are stronger, then no storm can alter the friendship of two friends. An individual meets many people along the way of life but from these, only some of the individuals stay in one’s life for a long time. There is at least a person in one’s life who plays a major role as a true friend in one’s life but for god’s sake, Maybe I am quite lucky because I have two of them. The conversation between the three of us always came out to be equal no matter what’s the case.

Friendship is no less than any magic in life. Meet Mandeep and Rishav, my best friends for almost 5 years. Actually, the length does not matter. We sit together, we eat together, we talk together, and every activity that fills us with joy. We persuade each other in every kind of job by being confident and making it seems like it would be beneficial for others. Persuasion is a process in which one influences others positively in order to change the person’s attitude or behavior toward an idea by the combination of speaking, writing, and many more. We use it to persuade each other toward successful well-being and a better life. Only true friends can do this for each other.

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Furthermore, there are numerous factors that make our friendship interpersonal. For instance, familiarity, similarities between all of us, our cooperation with each other, our love for each other, etc. interpersonal attraction can be defined as the optimistic feeling about any other person. As I used to stay positive toward Mandeep and Rishav, it defines that I am having an interpersonal attraction to both of them. All of us have good interpersonal skills with strong and deep feelings for each other.

Friendship is all about helping each other in every kind of situation. Mandeep and Rishav always used to help me in all matters. Once I was worried a lot because of my exam because I didn’t study anything and it was so stressful situation for me. I asked Mandeep and Rishav to allow me to cheat on an exam from them. They both refused to do so. Instead of helping me in cheating, they used to teach me the subject that I didn’t study. I passed the exam with a good score and without any kind of cheating. In this context, they both showed altruism towards me because they both did not have any benefit in teaching me by spending their precious time on me. Altruism is showing prosocial behavior without thinking of what one can get in return for it. So they both showed altruism toward me.

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