Of Mice And Men: The Significance Of Friendship

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Friendship is a significant part of an individual’s life. Friendship brings warmth, comfort, and joy. As friends, people should be responsible and loyal to others. In the book Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck relates friendship to responsibility between people. George and Lennie have true companionship where they take care of each other. George is responsible for taking care of Lennie due to his disabilities and childlike behaviors. Lennie is concerned if George gets injured or killed by others and ensures he gives no trouble to George. My personal experience is similar to George, where I take care of my neighbor who has learning disabilities and aggressive behaviors when angry. The main idea is having the responsibility of a person who we care for. This creates a better personality for people.

The role of friendship is taking care of each other and gives support when needed. Lennie suffers a mentally challenged disability but understands the responsibility of keeping George safe and secure from others. The moment where crook was talking about George getting injured or killed by others, Lennie seems concerned and said: “George won’t do anything like that,”… “George is careful. He won’t get hurt. He ain’t never been hurt,’ cause he’s careful.” Suggests his care, commitment towards George and his emotional feelings after hearing about George’s injury even though it was an assumption. As Lennie realizes he has caused many troubles to George and imagining Aunt Clara facing forward at him, he says “I will go right off in the hills an’ I’ll fin’ a cave an’ I’ll live there so I won’t be no more trouble to George.” Suggest Lennie is depressed and feels guilty about causing problems to George and no longer be a burden.

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Friendship is when someone is close to an individual, they care about one’s feeling and trust each other when tough times. George is a remarkable friend towards Lennie because he takes responsibility for caring for him each day of his life and hangs out with Lennie all the time. Instant where George and Lennie were chatting to the owner of the barn, George says “He’s my….. cousin. I told his old lady I’d take care of him.” Demonstrates George’s obligation with a lie of being Lennie’s cousin. Cousins have responsibilities of ensuring each other’s safety and they provide support as well as love. “The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger.” George also takes responsibility when he shoots Lennie at the backbone of the head, as per he had no other choice, otherwise, Curley and his group would kill him.

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