My Childhood Friend: My Best Memories

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My Childhood Friend

Sometimes we can never know the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory. Childhood is the best practical demonstration of this theory. Making new friend, living every moment, enjoying every second, exploring unique experiences, etc are not just coincidences of childhood. It is a process of making memories; long-lasting and everlasting. Albeit there are lots of participants in this process with ourselves, but one of such participant has lofty participation that is remembered as “Childhood friend”.

Anthony Purvis was my best childhood friend. I met him at the age of seven and we never knew that our friendship was going to be so beautiful. Whenever I recall that time, it’s just like a beautiful flash of memories roaming around. Anthony was such an energetic individual. He underscored the thrust of moving out and exploring new things in me. And today I used to think that it was only him who could do that. Because I usually had some lukewarm sort of response on any outdoor adventurous activities.

But his company was like a family to me. We enjoyed a lot of things together. Some of our favorite hobbies were riding bikes and Skateboarding. His time and company managed to induce in me the thirst of peaceful and pleasant environment. Outdoor activities are the real source of constructive mental growth of a child. Grunge was a passion for kids back in those days. It emerged in Seattle and its nearby towns and Anthony was so fond of this intonation. So this became my passion very soon as well. We used to follow cadences sitting in playground from dawn to dusk on weekends.

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I just remembered that sunny afternoon. Anthony came to my place and asked me to accompany him outside. I was just unable due to an urgent housework supervised by my father. I was truly exhausted and wanted to go with him. So he came up with an idea of sneaking out from home. Idea was implemented and successfully executed. It was a shiny afternoon and we planned to find a hide-out. There was a cemetery nearby my house. So we went there for a hangout and it was probably the most peaceful place all-around. Anthony was dedicated to music at that time and we, the two kids, were assertive enough to play music at that place for long time. That place remained our hang-out spot for long time.

Both of us were fond of cartoon. We used to watch cartons for long time at his and place or mine. Once, at his home, we were watching cartoons. Suddenly he paused them for a while and turned towards me. “Let’s have some”, he said. “What do you mean Anthony?” I replied. “Let’s draw them on paper and see who makes this character better”, he replied. I was totally pumped up at that idea. I tried with my smattering knowledge of the character and by looking at that because video was paused. It was the very first day when I really enjoyed materializing my thoughts in form of drawing at paper.

In vacation, we used to spend most of the time together. Childhood Vacation without Anthony was like a nightmare. We go together at same place and used to start at our day with some home-work and house work. Oher than that, a big part of our vacation used to spend in an amusement park near his home. That park is also an enchanting memory. Once, we stuck on a ride for more than an hour and our laughter still cadences in my mind. Our most of joyous moments are outdoor just because he was fond of new places, new adventures as other children do. We had a lot of road trips together with our families. Anthony was not so fond of animals. He used to get afraid of them. I got to know about this truth on our road trip form Texas to Washington, when we took a break sequoia national forest in California. It was an enchanting morning and I still remember that cool and fresh breeze.

There are a lot of such memories. Too many. The time spent with him was remarkable due to many reasons. We had resonance in ideas and activities. Probably the biggest reason is that time, our childhood. Because when you are kid, you are just unaware of lot of issues like social, economical, public relations etc. Though, the end is very sorrowful. Anthony is not with me now. He died at very young age and his brother told me that. There family was suffering from mental illness and this took away Anthony from me as well. Nonetheless, the time he spent with me, would always be remembered by me as most precious thing.

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