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Female Bonding and Friendship: Persuasive Essay

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Friendship is described as a platonic relationship between two or more people. Ever taken a really good look at a female vs female friendship and male vs male friendship? The relationship between same-gender friendships is very similar however, the similarities are where they differ. When it comes to friendships they all start with shared interests, keeping in contact, joking around with one another, and even fighting.

When it comes to having a friend everyone wants them to know wants to be the loner without a person to confide in. Both male-male friendships and female-female friendships are made through shared activity. However, guys’ friendships are made through the bond of sports and video games and things like having the same name. Unlike the male-male friendship females like to be a lot more personal than males. Females like to have face interactions such as going on girls’ days and talking about things that they would not share with anyone no matter how discussing or invasive the topic can be.

When a friend moves one try’s to keep in contact, but everyone knows that as time goes by so does the friendship. Male-male friendships can last time and distance because guys have video games and they do not need to see someone or talk to them to maintain a friendship. Such as Andy Cheyenne’s fiancé is in the navy and was away for two years and his best friend Danny was busy with his life they only got to play the Xbox once in a while. When Andy came home the two acted like they were never separated. Whereas a female-female friendship does not stand the test of time. For example, Cheyenne and her best friend Valentina within two months of her moving to Virginia Beach went from texting each other every day all day to almost no contact.

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Although both male-male friendships and female-female friendships jokes are something that happen it is inevitable. Nonetheless male-male jokes are more based on silly things and they tend to forget about it after the fact. They are also just-in-the-moment jokes girls are a lot more vindictive. Say that Cheyenne once did or said something embarrassing if they were surrounded by other friends Valentina would use said experience as a joke. Male-male friends are more likely to joke than females whereas ass females try to stay away from jokes when alone.

Fighting happens with everyone in all friendships it is unavoidable. Anyhow with male-male friendships when they get into a fight they get over it in a few days and will act like it never happened. Like when Andy and Danny got into a fight over a girl when they were younger they got into a fist fight and we over it a few days after the fact. Female-female friendships can end once they get into a fight it can be like World War III. Cheyenne once had a friend named Amy who like the same boy she dated spared crude rumors abound about one another they did not physically fight but they were never friends again.

Regardless of gender friendships is something that everyone needs. Whether it is someone who connected the two, staying in each other’s lives, taunting around, or having disagreements. We all need friends and we make new ones as we get older and we lose some. This is something that happens as we go through life. If a friend means a lot one will make it work no matter what interferes with the friendship.

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