Celebration Of Events During Lockdown

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The lockdown has prevented us from going out of our homes. Except doctors, police officers, bank employees and shopkeepers of some shops all other people are staying at home now. This has made the celebration of birthdays and anniversaries difficult. There are festivals throughout the year in all religions. Because of lockdown, we are unable to visit some places where we can celebrate the events. Still we have to find ways in which we can celebrate the occasions with our loved ones. Instead of grieving for the plans made earlier for celebration, think about celebrating in a different way. Let us see how we can celebrate during lockdown.

Home Decoration

We are staying at home in order to be safe from Coronavirus. Now we have enough time to look after our home and clean it. We can keep our home in an organised manner and think of interior decoration. During special occasions, we can decorate our home. That will give us a feeling of celebration which we could have got in other venues. We have to carry out home decoration with whatever things are available now. Cards can be made at home by drawing and writing in a creative manner. Old photographs can be used in the decoration of birthdays and anniversaries. Candles, lamps and lights can decorate the house for any occasion. For festivals, you can worship God by being at home. You can use any flower to make garlands and offer that to God. Home decoration will certainly give a feel of any event.

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Developing culinary skills

Lockdown has given us a good chance to learn cooking. It is because all restaurants and eateries are closed now. Even Swiggy and Zomato are not operating now. So, we are left with the only option of having home food. We cook every day for having the usual food. But on events like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals we can make some special food. We can prepare various cakes on birthdays and anniversaries. For festivals, we can make specific food items that can be offered to God. Though we cannot match the taste of the dishes cooked in restaurants, yet we can try our best. For birthdays and anniversaries, we can make as many cakes according to the availability of ingredients. Some icing can be made on cakes for writing about the particular event. Various dry fruits can be added on top of the cakes for making them attractive.

Nowadays there is no hindrance in cooking any dish. Due to the presence of numerous cooking websites and videos, anybody can prepare a dish. But the constraint imposed by lockdown is the availability of all the ingredients needed for a particular dish. In spite of that we have to cook with the available ingredients at home. We can search for dishes that we can readily make at home. Cooking is an interesting activity and it will add more excitement in the celebration of any event. Involving people who did not know cooking earlier will benefit them. On birthdays and anniversaries, we can cook the favourite dishes of our loved ones. The presence of many dishes on any occasion will certainly make it special. Food is a great way of celebrating any event during lockdown. It is because good food is a sign of great celebration.

Greetings through Internet

Though we are having social distancing due to this pandemic, yet social media is a good connection platform. We are more active on social media because of lockdown. On any special event, we can send greetings to people through Internet. We can also customize our greetings through particular websites. By sending an e-card to those away from us, we can make them happy. During lockdown, e-card can replace celebration held at venues. E-card is something that people can save in their phone and laptop, so that they can see it later.

Dress up in a special way

We cannot dress up and visit places but we can take numerous photos of ourselves by being at home. On events like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals, you can wear new dress if available. Then you can upload photos across all social media. If new dress is not unavailable, then you can apply makeup and look different. Then you can upload your photos in social media and this will give happiness.

Spend time with family

Lockdown is like a house arrest but we are lucky if we are staying at home now. Now we have sufficient time to spend with our family. On special events, a family can spend quality time together. They can play indoor games and look at old photographs together. This will enhance their bonding and they can relive old memories. On occasions, the entire family can work together while decorating home and cooking dishes. In this way they will enjoy that time and create memory of lockdown birthday or lockdown anniversary. On festivals, they can worship God together and cook the items. They can get information about the festival and know its significance.

Connect with relatives and friends

We cannot meet our relatives and friends on their birthdays and anniversaries, but we can connect with them through different mediums. You can call them on that day. To make the events better, you can have video conversation through WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and Zoom. In this way, all of you will be glad. Your bonding will be enhanced and there will be a spark in relationship. Anybody will definitely feel happy if his or her relatives and friends connect on birthday and anniversary. You can even message your relatives and friends on these events. On festivals, you can have video conversations to see how others are celebrating in their homes. Through this mode, you can get more ideas of celebration.

Engaging in social media

Social media is an amazing platform that keeps people connected in any situation. Facebook shows the birthdays of our friends so that we wish them. Social media is an enjoyment in lockdown because people can interact with each other through that. On any event, you can upload photos of the celebration that you had at your home. All your friends will see the photos and then react to it. Social media has proved to be an excellent connecting medium in lockdown. Though we are maintaining social distancing in life, yet we can be in contact through this channel. We can check social media and see how others are celebrating events.

Beating stress by indulging in celebration

We are having stress because of Coronavirus pandemic. But by celebrating events we can forget our stress for some time. Holidays are given by organisations for the festivals. Celebrating festivals and making holidays special will create distinction from one day to the next day. In a world of isolation and uncertainty, celebration means a lot. Finding moments of delight and celebrating them will give courage to face the tough times. Some events have been celebrated with great joy. Mother’s Day, Earth Day, Buddha Purnima, May Day, Ram Navami, Good Friday, Ambedkar Jayanti and Easter have been celebrated. There were digital ways of celebrating these festivals. People enjoyed themselves in the celebration of events.

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