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Movie Review of 'I Am Sam': Critical Analysis of Friends Disabilities

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Film Critic

This movie is about a man named Sam. He is diagnosed with an intellectual disability. He has a daughter named Lucy. I don't know if she is actually adopted. In the first part, Sam lives a normal life like other normal people. This is actually a good start for a movie because it depicts how these disabled people live like other normal people without being different from them. Lucy appeared in his life and he was given a great responsibility. At first, it was difficult for him to take care of Lucy because he still didn't know anything, but he was very happy to thank his neighbor Anne for help. From then on he began to adapt. For Lucy's needs, even his friends came to his rescue, and his friends were just like him. The movie is very interesting from the beginning. In my opinion, Sam has a great influence on the people in his life.

Starting with his friends, he showed a deep friendship with them. Sam valued his friends so much that Sam was always there on his karaoke nights, and even in the trial court, his friends were there. This shows that Sam is a good partner. Sam's influence is just him; He never hides his identity as a disabled person, and that is why people like him, because he is outgoing, lively, and brings happiness to people. The woman he hit But she wasn't mad at Sam, but she ignored Sam and said it was okay. But what influence did Sam have the most? Sam had an influence on Lucy. He became the loving and caring father of Lucy. He was always by Lucy's side, playing games, reporting in front of his classmates, and eating at her favorite restaurant. The sentence that impressed me the most was that when he and Lucy were reading, Lucy hesitated to read a part of the book, but Sam convinced him to read it aloud because he liked Lucy to read the book.

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The line is 'How can we be so different, but so similar?' It's like looking at the same person but with different personalities. It says a lot about people with disabilities and normal people. Thanks to her father, Lucy became a kind-hearted person. Despite their differences, Lucy did not regret that her father was different from other parents. As a disabled person, Sam encountered many difficulties, especially with Lucy. It was when Sam was fighting for Lucyu2019s custody. At first, no one accepted Samu2019s defender on the court, but Rita helped her because she didnu2019t want to be humiliated in front of others, but then she realized why Sam was really fighting. As a result of Sam fighting for their differences, he lost Lucy's custody. He knew Lucy's father himself, but he no longer knew when Lucy would be a full adult. Personally, what I learned from this movie is 'All you need is love'.

Sam may not be as smart as others. Sam may not teach Lucyu2019s equations, science, or other difficult courses, but Sam teaches her a lesson she will never learn from books: lessons about life and life. Love. I am Sam is a story that contradicts the importance of height or Wisdom in a person's life. By not pursuing a higher GPA or reading more books, we will become better people. By working hard to live with a pure heart, compassionate, respectful, and honest heart every day, we will get better. People should not be judged by who they are, but by whom They are and how they connect with others. Just like a sentence in the movie: 'A person's intelligence has nothing to do with the ability to love.' Sam shows us, love.

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