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My First Friend: Memoir Essay

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...And then when I was 13, I signed up on the website called “Mafia Online”. I could not even imagine this game can drastically change my life. I wanted just to have fun for a few hours… Instead, this thing turned into something really big and important for me. This is a very sensitive topic, my dear readers, so, I hope you forgive me if my thoughts and/or memories sound a little bit messy.

I will start from the very beginning. Yeah, for a few weeks, it was just a game, I just entered a game and had fun as I wanted to initially. Then I found my first friend there! We stopped communicating with her for a long time ago but I will always remember her. She’s shown me that thanks to the Internet we can find our true soulmates as it may be a little bit difficult when you’re surrounded only by a specific number of your classmates/colleagues/etc. Another friend of mine from there once said that “I do not understand why people consider Internet friendship to be bullshit. After all, you just can’t get rid of those who are physically near you, for example, at the university or at work… as ridiculous as it sounds. It seems I like these people, but I am not sure whether I would even talk to them if I had not been forced to. And you… I’ve chosen you myself because you're cool. And I don't care how far you are. You’re better than everyone “near” me.”

The Internet removes a little bit (okay, not a little bit, but dramatically) an age barrier between people. So, basically, I could talk on equal terms to those who were 5-15 years older, you know. The closest ones to me knew the problems and fear my parents and real friends didn’t. And that’s not because I don’t trust my parents, huh, that’s because it’s always easier to share intimate things with those who are far away. Well, to my mind, at least. They have always supported and helped me with everything that happened in my life.

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Wow, here I have to recall an interesting thing. I forgot to mention that in the beginning, my dear readers, but that is the Russian project. And the number of Ukrainians there is approximately 30-35%. The interesting thing is our Euromaidan revolution. Here the number of my Russian friends has reduced like hell; )) That was the second event that dramatically altered my thinking, by the way, but this time I’ve chosen Mafia to write about.

While I was growing up, I encountered more and more interesting people there. I wasn’t playing Mafia anymore, I just logged in to talk about everything that bothered me. I know that sounds like I was a geek or something but that’s not true. There I’ve learned a few things that cannot be taught in school, I even got my first freelance job in Mafia, lol. When I went to the University, I stopped playing Mafia at all (except for some tournaments once a year because I am a valuable team player there, you know, haha) but continued to keep in touch with almost everyone on Telegram. Oh, by the way, we used Telegram long before it became mainstream in Ukraine…

When I met my first Internet friend in real life, I thought I was going to faint. That was the girl whose quote I mentioned a few paragraphs above. I don’t know how to describe my feelings properly; I just want to tell you that Mafia taught me one of the most important things in life. That is the ability to value every single moment you have. Yeah… Because everything that’s good, will disappear sooner or later and your memories will be all you have.

I’ve met a few people from this world after that episode, I even had a boyfriend from there (who currently lives in the Czech Republic; my dear readers, don’t you even dare to get involved in a long-distance relationship, thank God, I have someone from Kyiv now), and… I can’t explain it in a way everyone understands (I mean I can’t explain how Mafia relates to this, haha), perhaps, but our life is beautiful when you can appreciate what’s given to you. I will stop writing here but I will get back to my journals really soon.

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