Science Fair Project Ideas

Science fair projects - are implementations of skills learned in class. A student is expected to research for a problem, develop possible solutions to the problem and design a test for the chosen solution.

What are high school science fair projects?

High school science fair experiments are different from the beginners, they require a high level of originality to qualify for the upper-level competition. The project should be relevant to current technology and science. It must present its benefit to the society clearly by solving a real-world problem.

The List of Good science fair projects

There several science fair ideas for students at every level. As a student, you need to choose a project you can be able to freely do it with fewer struggles. Below is a list of good science fair projects every student should think about.

Science Fair Project

Elementary science fair projects

These ideas for 4th-grade students.  They are basically an implementation of what they learned in 3rd and 4th grade. Below is a list of 10 best elementary school science fair projects:

  1. The Chemistry of Dyeing Easter Eggs.
  2. Can Crystals show color mixing?
  3. Using Hydrogel crystal as a humidity indicator.
  4. Conductors or insulator?
  5. What causes dew?
  6. Demagnetizing a magnet.
  7. Taste areas of the tongue.
  8. How to prevent soil erosion?
  9. Carbonation of soda.
  10. Seed germination.

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Science fair ideas for middle school

In 8th grade, a student is expected to implement what was learned in grade 5, 6, 7 and 8. Below is a list of project ideas for 8th-grade students:

  1. Effects of Fabric softener on different fabrics.
  2. Do human have a blind spot?
  3. The science of Electromagnetic trains.
  4. Powering a radio with solar power.
  5. Effects of music on biological systems.
  6. How to clean oxidized coins.
  7. Plants and light.
  8. The relationship between taste and smell.
  9. Is solar power dependent on temperature?
  10. Does chewing gum make you smarter?

Science Fair Project

Try your knowledge in Science Fair Project!

Science fair projects due to subjects

In high school, students are taught several subjects. Sometimes a tutor may require a student to come up with a project based on the subject he or she teaches.

Whether you got used to preparing the assignments by yourself, or prefer to do my homework for money, below are some of the subject-specific science fair project ideas:

1. Chemistry

  • a. Soluble separation solution.
  • Identifying the unknown chemical substance.
  • Making a self-made PH paper.
  • Turning milk into plastic.
  • How acids affect the rate of corrosion.

2. Electricity and electronics

  • How LED brightness varies with current.
  • Recording on a wire.
  • Using a magnet as a current detector.
  • Making a dimmer switch.
  • Smart medicine cabinet to remind patients when to take medicine

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3. Cooking and food science

  • Determining iodine content in salt.
  • Choosing the right pot.
  • Measuring how sweet your food is?
  • Measuring how much water is absorbed in dried beans.
  • How does sugar content change on the ripening of a fruit?

4. Energy and power

  • Extracting energy from ocean tides.
  • Using hydropower to lift loads.
  • Building a simple solar oven.
  • Biomass energy.
  • Converting oil to pure fuel

5. Microbiology

  • Minimizing bacteria in cooking meat.
  • How well disinfectants work?
  • Zapping Yeast with X-rays.
  • Antibiotic resistance.

How to choose what science fair project idea is yours

After researching for several science fair ideas choosing the best project that suits you can be challenging. You can get confused on what to do, where to start and where to end. 

Below are tips on how to choose the best idea for you:

  1. Do the selected ideas meet all the requirements of your teacher? Choose idea that meets all the requirements set by the teacher else it will be disqualified.
  2. Are you able to do the project? Choose idea that requires skills that were taught in class. Doing a project you have skills on will help to write my college paper smoothly.
  3. Are you able to complete it on time? Long projects may lead to late submission which may attract penalties no matter how good it is. Choose that you are sure you can complete on time.
  4. Requirements. Are you able to access all items needed in it? In some projects, you may require some items that are expensive for you are you can’t access them in one way or the other. Choose a that requires readily accessible items.

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