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Cause and Effect Essay Writing Guide For Students

11 May 2016Essay Writing Guides

Cause and effect essays are extremely popular with economists, sociologists, and linguists. Some students confuse cause/effect essays with reaction/response essay. In fact, a cause and effect type explores the reasons and the consequences of the particular situations and notions in our lives and in some literary works. In such types of writing the line of reasoning is extremely important and the causes of particular notions. Here you may not make up unsupported and unverified information. Everything should follow in the logical consequence and coherently structured. In this type of a writing, the structure is the topmost thing. It may encompass both cause and effect parts or either of them.

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How to prepare for writing?

Before starting writing your first sentences come up with the topic you are eager to develop. Use cause and effect essay outline template. Offered cause and effect essay topics will help you to make your own topic sound more engaging and thought-provoking. The writing topics may be like this: Cause and effect essay on obesity, or Global warming essay. In case, you have already been given with the topic, search for the background information for your paragraphs as well as for evidence and other details. You are supposed to study your topic inside and out to be well-versed in all the subtleties of the theme and to complete a quality, well-grounded paper. Strong cause and effect essay examples may be of a great help and source of various college essay ideas, they can be easily found online.

 The next step will be to decide whether you want to discuss causes or effect of something. Anyway, you are free to include both but the essay will be more “bulky” and complicated concerning the structure and the flow of thought and you will need much more time to fulfill it in the appropriate way.

Then it would be appropriate to make an outline because in such a way you are not going to puzzle yourself and get confused in your own thoughts. Proper cause and effect essay outline will show how many parts your paper will contain and will decide upon the main things you are going to mention in them. Make a strict plan and line all the arguments, facts in a coherent sequence to be understandable by the readers. Cause and effect essay sample will always help you.

The common cause and effect essay structure

  1. The thesis statement is the stronghold of the whole essay. Here the audience should understand what particular type your writing is: an effect, a cause, or cause and effect one. Try to insert the main idea in this one sentence.
  2. Try to arrange your statements in the logic order. You may stick to the chronological order of the notions you are describing if these are the historical events, social or political events. Sometimes it is possible to decide what causes and effects to put first. It is preferable if you include the most interesting and influential statements at the end of the essay to have a powerful ending. There are a lot of cause and effect essay topics for college students that require a particular order of the information.
  3. The conclusion should be extremely good because it will be the thing that will make an impression on the person and will shape their evaluation of your paper. In the summary, you are to restate essential parts and points by paraphrasing them and making important decisions and telling the readers what their consensuses were.

A good deal of advice!
Transition words for cause and effect essay can sound more smooth if you utilize cohesive devices. Among transition devices, we may name linking phrases, repetition, syntactic parallelism, synonyms, deixis etc. Be more objective and restrain yourself from using too many degrees of comparison where they are not crucial. Do not divide your essay into many paragraphs. The usual number of paragraphs is from three to five. Look through the found samples several times to know more about diverse writing strategies.

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