Gender Essay Topics: Overview of the Relevant Themes

When it comes to choosing the right theme for your essay, it may be quite challenging for you to find the right gender essay topics as this theme is too broad and in-depth. It goes without saying that the future success of your writing is greatly contingent on the theme you opt for. If it’s interesting, engaging, and not too broad, you won’t face great difficulties. The overriding objective of this comprehensive post is to thoroughly analyze the hottest essay topics about gender. After reading our topic samples, you’ll quickly pick the one for your work!

How to Choose Gender Topics to Write About?

As we have already mentioned, it may be difficult and time-consuming to find the right essay topic. Simply put, it is quite challenging to sift through the mud and find the gold. The web is overloaded with gender topics to write about, but if this theme is new to you, you may get confused with an array of variants. Remember that your first and foremost task is to disclose one problem that really matters for society. Let’s get back to a few insightful tips that might help you define the right topic for your future paper:

  • Always opt for the topics that you fully understand.

Although essays are usually short (up to 1000 words), this doesn’t mean you should take an unknown topic. Your goal is to cover the theme, explain how it all works, clarify an array of issues, etc. Your target audience should believe you and to achieve this in your paper, you should be no stranger to the theme.

  • Try to be more specific.

The biggest students’ mistake is choosing a too expansive theme. As we have already mentioned, essays are usually shorter as compared to research papers. Therefore, you won’t be able to cover a broad topic within this limit.

  • Choose an issue that can be seen from both sides.

For instance, if you opt for gender research topics, you need to be doubly sure that you see the issue from various perspectives. You need to be doubly sure that you have strong cases when you’ll be refuting the opposition.

  • Spend enough time gathering information.

An essay must be well-researched. Of course, you are allowed to share your opinion but you need to be doubly sure that you have scientifically proven facts that support your opinion.

Overall, when following these insightful pieces of advice, you’ll undoubtedly choose the right theme for your future paper.

What are some current gender issues?

Let’s get back to the specifics of choosing gender issues topics. Before we move on to reviewing the hottest themes, let’s take a deeper look at the current issues:

  • Gender bias in education. And that’s a serious problem so far. Around 130 million girls will never get a basic primary education. Consequently, they will also lose a chance for a better future. The main reasons are the lack of proper sanitation, child marriage, or violence in classrooms.
  • Pay gap. Financial empowerment is one of the hottest factors in keeping gender out of balance. The thing is that women and men may do the same job but they don’t receive equal pay. The men’s salary is usually higher.
  • Gender gap in agriculture. So far, nearly half of all farmers on earth are women, but unfortunately, they can’t boast as productive fields as men have. The thing is that women don’t have enough access to such resources as farm labor, seeds, fertilizers, etc. Even if they have, the income of men and women farmers is different due to the pay gap.
  • Bad access to healthcare. Every day, around 1,000 women die because of pregnancy and childbirth. It’s clear that women living in poverty can’t access high-quality healthcare. The absence of healthcare leads to a negative impact on communities.

List of Gender Essay Topics

Let’s get back to practice and review the hottest research topics:

  1. Gender Intersectionality With Race Or Class
  2. Behavioral Peculiarities Of Gender Socialization
  3. Does Gender Matter In Psychology Subject?
  4. Gender Stereotypes And Feminist Movement In The Movie Mulan
  5. Gender Issues In Children Play
  6. Motherhood As One Of The Gender Inequality Roles In The USA
  7. Themes Of Gender And Intersect In Mary Wollstonecraft Works
  8. Linguistic Sexism And Gender Culture In Standard Average European Languages
  9. Gender And Slavery
  10. The Role Of Gender In Self Presentation And Self-esteem
  11. The Correlation Of Gender And Labor
  12. Should We Use More Gender Neutral Language?
  13. The Bachelor And Regressive Gender Expectations
  14. Which Gender’s Cell Phone Has More Bacteria?
  15. Female vs. Male Athletes In Sports
  16. How Does Gender Affect Language Learning?
  17. Gender Norms Presented In Romeo And Juliet
  18. Effects Of Gender And Bilingualism
  19. Sports And Gender Inequality
  20. Gender Differences In Political Discourse
  21. Homosexual Parenting & Child: Gender Role Behaviour
  22. Professional Wrestling: Gender Biased Or Just An Illusion
  23. Race And Gender In Chess In The United States
  24. Why Aren’t Girls Choosing Maths And Science
  25. An Overview On Becoming Visible: Religion And Gender In Sociology
  26. The Politics Of Science: A Study Of The Pursuit For Gender Equality By Women In Science
  27. The Issue Of Gender And Islam
  28. Islam And The Gender Disparity In Saudi Arabia
  29. The Role Of Voice And Gender In Argumentative Second Language Academic
  30. Gender: The Entanglement Of Culture, Politics, And Sport
  31. Gender and Sexuality in the Taming of the Shrew
  32. Gender And Crime: Serial Killers
  33. Advertising, Marketing And Gender
  34. Medea: The Treatment Of Gender
  35. The Aspects Of Gender Discrimination In The Workplace
  36. Comparison Of Gender Gap In Higher Education Between India And UK
  37. William Shakespeare and Gender
  38. How Does The Play Medea Reflect Inequality Within The Male And Female Gender?
  39. Gender Plays a Role in How our Society Defines and Perceives Drug Abuse as a Crime
  40. The Influence Of Gender On Perceptions Of Intelligence

Gender Roles Essay Topics

  1. Living With Gender Roles And Stereotypes In The Story Boys And Girls
  2. Toys As Agents Of Gender Roles Socialization
  3. Japanese Culture: Religion, Healthcare And Gender Roles
  4. Gender Roles And Psychoanalysis In Big Little Lies
  5. Ambitions, Guilt And Gender Roles In Macbeth
  6. Changing Roles Of Fatherhood in The Family
  7. A Role Of Woman In A Patriarchal Society Depicted In A Doll's House
  8. Women In History Of Workforce And Gender Roles Change
  9. Women In Sports And Gender Roles
  10. Household Labor And Evolution Of Family Roles

Gender Equality Essay Topics

  1. Gender Equality In 21 Century
  2. Gender Roles And Women In Death Of Salesman By Arthur Miller
  3. Gender Equality, Diversity And Management At Workplace
  4. Women Equality: History, Discrimination And Challenges
  5. Women Rights: Equality And Gender Roles
  6. Gender Roles In Jane Eyre
  7. How Gender Equality Would Improve Economic Growth
  8. Iceland: Ways For Gender Equality
  9. Gender Equality Differences In Australia And Saudi Arabia
  10. Sexual Orientation Uniformity And Gender Equality

Gender Inequality Essay Topics

  1. Gender Discrimination In Swinburne University: History, Reasons And Solutions
  2. Gender Inequality In Media Industry
  3. Social Inequality, Gender And Race Discrimination As The Main Stoppers To American Dream
  4. The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Depression
  5. Sexual Objectification As The Main Feature Of Gender Stereotypes
  6. Gender Inequality: Sources And Consequences
  7. Gender Inequality In Education Essay
  8. Gender Stereotypes: Sources And Solutions
  9. Impacts Of Gender Inequality Against Women
  10. Transgender Discrimination At The Workplace

Gender Wage Gap Essay Topics

  1. Women And Men Compensation In Sports
  2. Gender Gap In Education And Labour Workforce
  3. Why Is There Uneven Pay Between Men And Women In Sport And Is The Gap Narrowing?
  4. Wage Discrimination At The Workplace
  5. Diversity in the Modern Workplace at Australian Organizations
  6. Gender Inequality in New Zealand
  7. How to overcome the gender wage gap
  8. What are the key reasons for the gender wage gap?
  9. Is there a correlation between the gender wage gap and sexuality?
  10. Pay discrimination in sports.

Essay Topics on Gender Stereotypes

  1. Reinforced And Questioned Gender Stereotypes In The Woman Warrior
  2. The Causes For Gender Stereotypes
  3. Defying Gender Stereotypes In The Film Billy Elliot
  4. Gender Stereotypes In Music And Their Effects On Public
  5. The Relation Of Women, Sports And Stereotypes
  6. Stereotyping And Bias In Sports
  7. Gender Gap in Math Achievement
  8. Gender Stereotyping Christmas Adverts
  9. Gender Stereotypes in The Iliad: Analysis of Thetis and Achilles
  10. Gender Stereotyping In Sports: Reasons And Effects

Specifics of Gender Essay Writing

Women and men have different roles in society and both are of utmost importance. When writing your essay, you should use only well-researched ideas based on true facts. Of course, you can share your opinion regarding the topic but the main ideas of your writing must be supported by facts.

When choosing one of these themes, you should mainly concentrate on the role of women and men in society, their statuses, and roles. Make sure you have a catchy intro, the body (that normally includes 3-6 paragraphs), and a brief summary. If you are an inexperienced writer or English is not your native language, don’t hesitate to ask professionals for essays for sale!

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