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Controversial Research Topics Guide

When you face the necessity to write a controversial research paper, it doesn’t mean that you must start with a shocking fact or something that feels disturbing. The majority of controversial topics are those that represent relevant social issues like the legalization of marijuana or religious conflicts. For example, by reading any newspaper, you will always encounter at least two controversial articles. The most frequent scenario of writing a college controversial paper relates to argumentative essays where students must provide a clear position and stand for their beliefs. Still, the most challenging part is choosing one’s topic correctly because it is already half of the task done. Controversial research topics must be clear and inspiring, reflecting your initial thoughts or ideas.

What Is a Controversial Research Paper?

The purpose of a good controversial research paper is to stir discussion and research because it does not revolve around some controversy alone. Once you choose something that will make people think and question certain morals and ideas, you should also explore opposite opinions and collect sufficient proof. It is not enough to say that something is wrong! For example, when you make a statement that video games create violent youth, you should explore not only what you think by talking about the violence in video games but also about some facts like cognitive development and the reasons why young people turn to video games. You should explore the controversy itself and help your audience form their opinion. Even when you make a statement, your claims should be well-weighted.

Therefore, it is so important to have at least five controversial research paper topics with different wording so you can choose the one that fully reflects your main idea and stance on a particular subject. Your thesis statement must be connected to your controversial topic as well because it is what an average college professor will always look for. Choosing your controversial topic, always remember about being respectful and do not approach something that you are not comfortable with. If in doubt, ask for a different subject or discuss your concerns with your academic advisor. After all, there are many ways to conduct your research without sacrificing your moral principles and religious beliefs!

List of Controversial Research Paper Topics

Here are some good research paper topics dealing to provide you with the basic idea of controversial subjects that are most relevant for college students:

In conclusion, it must be mentioned that your research must start with a deep study of various controversial topics for research paper. If something makes you feel uneasy, avoid it and focus on other things instead related to education or healthcare as an example. It should not be something shocking to be good as you are not a journalist who gets paid for it! Seriously though, research your topic well, know your strengths, provide facts, and make it interesting and inspiring.

How to Choose Controversial Topics For Research Papers Correctly?

The majority of controversial topics for research papers must be chosen through the prism of additional research and good knowledge of a chosen topic. In other words, you must know what you are talking about to sound confident and keep your tone the same throughout the paper.

  • Your Subject Must Inspire You. Even if it is something disturbing like the youth gangs in Brazil or police violence somewhere in Florida, you must know enough about the topics and be ready to provide some fresh examples. It will help your audience to relate to your research in a different way by comparing your thoughts to what they feel and know.
  • Narrow Things Down. It is vital to narrow your ideas down as you choose your controversial research topic. If something is too broad, it will make it hard to spot controversy or provide a clear opinion. It is quite often that students seem to choose those positions (sides) that are not so common. For example, writing about being a pro-arms activist while talking about school violence is not easy, which is why one must discuss something specific to make one's research valuable.
  • Provide Both Opinions. You should always provide both opinions because it is the essence of writing your research paper correctly. It should include a counter-arguments part to an even greater degree because you research a controversy. Remember to include explanations and relevant references for each opposite opinion because you are doing so not because you agree or disagree with something but because you must show why something exists and seems meaningful to certain people!
  • Include Statistical Data & Facts. Provide statistical information, surveys, and unusual facts. It will help people see that you have done some research and know your subject well! Each claim that you make should be supported with a good resource because it is what makes your controversial paper strong!
  • Avoid Plagiarism Issues. As always, writing on controversial topics, it is easy to overuse various quotes or statistics when telling a story or talking about recent media events. Don’t worry as you can receive professional research paper help that will help you do your best to paraphrase and tell about something in your own words!

Most importantly, remember that you must research similar publications and do some reading related to your controversial research paper's topic. It will help you to see how it is approached by your fellow researchers and what controversies are the most evident. The more you know, the better!

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