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Expository Essay Topics, Ideas & Writing Tips

Short Expository Essay Characteristic

The name ”expository” comes from the verb ”to expose”, meaning that in such an essay, you should dwell on something, define, and describe it. On the same note, it can be an examination or analysis of a particular issue, depending on expository essay topics you may choose. Generally speaking, an expository essay is a general term for a group of pieces that includes: cause and effect paper, descriptive essays, comparison, problem and solution and also process essay.

Expository Essay Topics

Expository Essay Tips

Please note that the above list is just an example for you to have a better understanding of an expository essay, feel free to invent something of your own! Once you’ve decided on an expository essay topic, you will probably need several tips on how to organize the process of writing as well as skilled help with an essay in general. So, here are several pieces of advice to make the process of composing a perfect expository essay easier.

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Outline the Structure

To begin with, you should think about the structure of your expository paper. For this type of work, the basic structure (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) is the most appropriate. It's better to start with the body, where your primary thoughts are going to be placed. Then, you can think of creating a gripping introduction that would make readers keep reading your paper. Finally, compose a conclusion that will summarize your write-up. It would be a good idea if you restated your main idea thus signaling that you've either solved the problem or described it (depending on the expository writing topics and purpose of your paper).

Thesis Statement

This is probably the most critical part of the expository writing. You should aim at making readers understand what you are going to discuss as well as keep them interested; they need to understand your expository writing topic. For instance, if you are going to address the illiteracy of adults, it can be like:

“It is hard to imagine that today, there are illiterate adults even in developed countries. So what are the causes of this issue? Let’s find out.”

Create the Draft

After you’ve structured your thoughts, it is time to create your first draft of expository essay. Be ready that you will rewrite it several times, though. Anyway, you’d like to expose a problem or an issue, wouldn’t you?

Give it somebody to Proofread

When you have been writing for a long time, you might miss some silly mistakes, typos, etc. Some ideas might be formulated more concisely, too. Thus, you should find someone to proofread your paper for you (by the way, this person should evaluate the choice of expository essay topics). You might also want to put it away for one day at least and take a fresh look at it later. You will be surprised at how many things you might want to change.

Get Professional Help

However, it might happen that you don’t feel like you can cope with the task on your own. In this case, of course, you could address professionals to help you out. All you need to do is to find the right ones. Whether you can’t pick up one of the topics for expository essays or just don’t know how to structure your thoughts – these people will help you out.

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Exemplary Topics for Expository Essays

Social Problems Expository Essay Topics

  1. Social Psychology: Understanding Social Problems and Improving Social Situation
  2. Unemployment as a Social Problem in Pakistan
  3. Sociological Imagination and Problems of University Students in African Countries
  4. The Social Media Impact, Mental Health Problems And Access To Weapons As The Main Reasons For School Violence
  5. Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media
  6. Social Perspective on Social Class: Conflict Theory
  7. The Factors Of Loneliness In Modern Society
  8. Problems, Reasons And Results Of Urbanization In India And The UK
  9. Social And Economic Problems Of America In 1930s In The Grapes Of Wrath
  10. Relationship Between Personal Troubles and Public Issues According to C.Wright Mills' Concept

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Ethical Issues Expository Writing Topics

  1. Is Utilitarian An Ethical Doctrine?
  2. The Aspects of Ethics in Management
  3. Ethical Dilemma: Definition And Main Characteristics
  4. Stanford Prison Experiment: The Ethical Issues
  5. Ethical Dilemma: the Scandal Of President Bill Clinton And His Intern Monica Lewinsky
  6. Space As A Source Of Ethical Challenges: Experiences In Engineering, Exploration And Academics
  7. Ethical Dilemmas On Data Privacy And Security For Social Media
  8. Assessment of Ethical and Policy Issues that Affect the Coordination of Care in Nursing Homes
  9. Ethics: Protection From Psychological Or Physical Harm
  10. The Issues of Professional Ethics

Health Expository Writing Topics

  1. Using Aspirin to Treat Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Natural Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain
  3. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Existing Methods of Its Treatment
  4. Metabolism and Ways to Increase Its Rate
  5. Basic Treatment Strategies for Leukemia
  6. Cystic Fibrosis: Cause, Rate of Incidence, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
  7. Vitamins as Nutrients Essential for Health
  8. Taking Steps to Eradicate Smallpox: Historical Analysis
  9. How Can To Use Metformin To Prevent Diabetes?
  10. Huntington's Disease: Causes, Typical Symptoms and Signs, Treatment

Topics for Expository Essays on Literature

  1. Depiction of Affection in Kidnap Poem by Nikki Giovanni
  2. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love': Theme Analogy
  3. William Butler Yeats's Poetry: Themes of a Poetry
  4. Things Fall Apart': The Importance of Adapting to Changes in a Book by Chinua Achebe
  5. White Fang': Summary & Analysis
  6. The History Boys': A Study of The Theme of Sexuality
  7. The Picture of Dorian Gray': Aesthetic Principles in the Book
  8. Tom Wolfe: The Satirist Whose Wit Hardened into Contempt
  9. ‘Why Nations Fail’: Book Review
  10. The History Boys': Attitudes Towards Women

History Expository Essay Topics

  1. Fugitive Slave Narratives: An Analysis Of American Slavery And The Fight For Freedom
  2. How Technology Has Caused Change In Bryant Seisnor’s Lifetime?
  3. Weimar Republic: Political Social And Economic Instability
  4. Language And Politics In Contemporary Central Asia
  5. What Is The Importance Of Food And Dietary Customs Within Asian Religion?
  6. How The Changes In The Middle Ages Have Influenced The Modern World
  7. The Impact Of Constantine On The Development Of Christianity During The Middle Ages
  8. Article Analysis: The Trial Of Anne Hutchinson
  9. An Overview Of Feminism In The Victorian Period
  10. Why The Population Of England Double During The Victorian Era

Science and Technology Expository Essay Topics for College

  1. The Effects of Computers on the Environment and Human Life
  2. Review of Noam Chomsky's ‘Who Rules the World?’
  3. The Concept of Movement and Its Impact on the Modern World
  4. Is the Internet a Boon or a Bane? Essay
  5. How Has the Internet Changed Our Lives? Essay
  6. Should Money Be Spent on Space Exploration? Essay
  7. States of Consciousness: What Do Dogs Dream About?
  8. Do Animals Need to Be Clever to Be Social?
  9. Characteristics And Features Of The Life Of Emperor Penguins
  10. Is the Internet Good or Bad for Society? Essay

Expository Topics on Religion and Philosophy 

  1. The Connection Between Optimism and Reality
  2. Deconstruction Theory: Its Importance in Law
  3. Analysis of the Early History of Islam
  4. Which Is The Oldest Religion In The World?
  5. Systematic Theology: What Is Humanity To Believe Concerning God?
  6. How did Muslims affect European (especially Spanish) Literature
  7. Critical Analysis of the Gospel of John: Divinity, Exorcism, Salvation and the Kingdom, Crucifixion
  8. Does Morality Depend on Religion?
  9. Domestic Abuse: Theological Analysis
  10. Concept of Second Coming in Yeats Poetry: Critical Analysis

Education Expository Essay Topics

  1. The Role And Importance Of Liberal Arts Education
  2. Why College Tuition Should Be Lowered?
  3. Is Political Correctness Morally Correct?
  4. Importance Of Education: How To Succeed In Life
  5. School Uniforms: Mental And Physical Discomfort
  6. The Concept Of Free Higher Education
  7. The Problem Of High School Shooting
  8. Why College Success Is Important
  9. STEM Education Vs. STEAM Education
  10. High School Graduation Speech

Topics for Expository Esssay on Personal Experience 

  1. Psychometric Test And My Personal Experience
  2. How Resilience Can Be Applied To A Personal Experience
  3. Personal Experience Of Going Vegan
  4. Personal Experience Of Volunteering As A Teacher
  5. Personal Beliefs, Values And Experiences
  6. The Peculiarities Of Personal Customer Experience
  7. The Concept Of Arbitration Through My Personal Experience
  8. Reflective Essay on My Experiences of Visiting Costco
  9. Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement
  10. Reflection on Work Experience in Del Paso Dental

Expository Essay Topics for College

  1. Why Community Service Is So Important For College Admission?
  2. Should College Students Athletes Be Paid?
  3. Analytical Essay on Diversity in College
  4. College Students: College Involvement and Student Satisfaction
  5. Application Of Social Media Platforms In Higher Education
  6. The Importance To Pay College Athletes
  7. The Reality Of College Sports
  8. The Effects Of Hazing Incidents In The Colleges
  9. Greek Life Isn’t Worth The Risk For College Campuses

Topics for Expository Essays about High School

  1. Should Students Dropout Of School To Take A Job Before Graduation?
  2. Studying Middle School Versus High School: Reflective Essay
  3. Features of the Education System Model in Elysian
  4. Impact of Depression on a Teenager’s High School Education
  5. Effects of Public Speaking Anxiety among Senior High School
  6. High School: The Influences of Facebook to the Youth
  7. The Effects of Social Class on High School Students
  8. Cause and Effects of Sleep Deprivation in High School Students
  9. Altruistic Behavior and Life Values of Junior High School Students
  10. The Significance Of High School Sports

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