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Creative Ideas For Writing Human Rights Essay Topics

To write a human rights paper properly, the first thing you can do is to get inspired by some creative ideas on the topic. That will help to learn all the possible angles this subject can be discussed and get you prepared for writing a compelling and outstanding essay.

Human rights essay topics always have to cover some of the burning issues regarding human right, why some states treat them differently from other ones etc. It’s useful to compare and contrast some civil liberties with others and make your personal statement.

Human Rights Essay Topics

In the remainder of the text, you will find a human rights topics list divided into subcategories that should help you find your best. You may now wonder why choosing the topic is so important. The answer is quite simple — you have to make your essay compelling to the reader and interesting from the very beginning.

Tips on Writing a Human Rights Essay

Here are 5 top tips on writing an essay on the topic:

  1. Do thorough research before writing and structure your thoughts to make the reference page of your essay. If you compile the bibliography beforehand, you will also save time and avoid getting into a disorganized mess;
  2. When your reference page is finished, make an outline of your essay. This part of your paper should be logical and detailed, because it will help you organize your essay into subheadings and paragraphs;
  3. Come up with a thesis statement. If a thesis statement is straight to the point, the reader will be able to understand what the essay will be about and understand its value prior reading;
  4. Make sure you answer all of the questions stated in the topic in your essay. If you go off the theme, you may get bad points from your professor or bore the reader because they will get lost;
  5. Make sure you understand all the relevant terminology to write a human rights essay. Start by learning relevant terms so that you use them accordingly and appropriately.

Steps on How to Choose a Proper Topic

If you want to learn which steps to follow in order to choose proper human rights paper topics, consider the following:

  • Make sure a title you’re choosing deals with topical issues for modern society;
  • Make sure you understand all the relevant terminology regarding your topic;
  • Make sure the topic is catchy and compelling to the reader;
  • Make sure there’s enough relevant material to cover the topic (check the available sources in your local library or online);
  • Make sure you understand the audience that will read your essay;
  • Make sure you use cases from real-life events to illustrate and support all of your points;

20 Human Rights Essay Topics

Here’s a list of engaging essays ideas to write about. Choosing any of them will apply to any countries and types of civil rights regulations.

  1. American disparity in payment based on gender
  2. Lgbt marriage — major problems and solutions
  3. Child labor — how does it affect healthy adults’ psychology?
  4. Lgbt rights — what are the major ones in America?
  5. The intellectual inferiority of women — a myth or not?
  6. Canadian servants and their legal rights
  7. PTSD — can child labor cause it?
  8. Married couples and physical abuse in the US
  9. UAE and issues regarding labor rights
  10. The complete history of child labor
  11. What can we expect from civil rights in America in the future?
  12. The human rights of the colonized native people
  13. Disciplining kids with force — is there an ethical basis to it?
  14. Body shaming and how to address it?
  15. The empowerment of women and whether social media play a role in it?
  16. UAE and racial discrimination
  17. African women rights: from past to nowadays
  18. Praying in the workspace — should minorities be able to do it?
  19. Representing women as equal in the roles of leadership
  20. Female leadership vs. male leadership

Argumentative Human Rights Topics

Here are some of the most interesting argumentative topics.

  1. Castration of male infants in some societies is a violation of human rights
  2. Can the state violate human rights to suit the interests of the people at a time of war?
  3. How are the rights of women and men different?
  4. Can a particular event impact civil rights?
  5. Is there such a thing as global human rights?
  6. To what extent does a tradition impact civil liberties?
  7. Free education — is that a human right that should be available to all?
  8. Individual rights and their priority in the eyes of the state
  9. Is there the right to privacy on social media?
  10. Immigration restriction — is it a violation of human rights in the US?
  11. Democracy — is it the best ideology that can protect civil rights?
  12. Owning a pet — is that a human right?
  13. To what extent can developed countries impact human rights globally?
  14. Labor rights and global trade — how are they dependent on each other?
  15. Which political regime can best protect civil liberties?
  16. Life imprisonment — a violation of human rights or not?
  17. Can torture be justified?
  18. What is the status of human rights in a capitalistic system?
  19. Surveillance cameras in public areas — a violation of civil rights or not?
  20. Should prisoners have the right to vote?

Analytical Human Rights Essay Ideas

Maybe you want to write an analytical essay that covers a topic on civil liberties. In that case, choose one topic from the following list.

  1. Rights in the workplace — which ones are the most violated?
  2. Human rights and ecological problems — what’s the connection?
  3. civil liberties in the European Commission
  4. Human rights and the European Court
  5. Adult film history and the violation of human rights
  6. Human rights and the impact of the European Convention and its principles on them
  7. Can the police prevent the violation of civil rights?
  8. Children in Taiwan and their rights
  9. Can a state be fined for violating human rights through the international community?
  10. Belarus and the violation of human rights

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Human Rights

If you want to compare and contrast particular issues and concepts regarding constitutional rights in your essay, choose one topic from the following list. They all tackle one of the burning issues. Compare and contrast:

  1. The Equality Act (2010) and the Human Rights Act (1998)
  2. Human rights and pet rights 
  3. Civil rights movements and its liberties 
  4. Serfdom and slavery
  5. Women’s rights in the 20th century
  6. The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen (1789) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
  7. The Freedom Model and the Human Rights Model
  8. Human rights in Islam and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  9. The violations of civil rights in George Orwell’s Brave New World

Human Rights Violation Essay Topics

If you’re interested in writing about the violation of civil rights in different countries, here’s a list.

  1. Violations of human rights in Burma
  2. Violations of human rights in China
  3. Violations of human rights in Syria
  4. War on Terrorism and human rights violations
  5. Violations of human rights in Iraq
  6. Is abortion a violation of human rights?
  7. Torture as a serious violation of human rights
  8. Human rights violation and international adoption
  9. Violation of human rights and the Haitian government
  10. Violation of human rights in North Korea

Civil Rights Essay Topics

The following list can help you in your research. Consider one of the topics from these 15 recommendations.

  1. Hidden Figures and the issue of the development of human rights
  2. What is an ombudsman in human rights
  3. Environmental racism — an analysis
  4. Human trafficking — why can’t we stop it?
  5. North Korea and the violation of human rights
  6. Human rights and utilitarianism
  7. Does the Bible violate human rights?
  8. African countries and civil rights
  9. Why do some nations ban LGBT relationships and marriages?
  10. How can each individual impact human rights?
  11. Watching pornography — a human right or not?
  12. Racial discrimination at work — how does it impact the productivity of employees?
  13. Bullies in school and how to deal with them?
  14. Obesity — how does it affect the professional capacity of individuals?
  15. What are the best ways to fight racism?

LGBT Essay Ideas

If you want to write about the LGBT community and its issues in many countries, choose one of the following ten topics. They will all be compelling to readers since LGBT issues are still unresolved worldwide.

  1. The legalization of same-sex marriages
  2. Homosexuality in the African-American community
  3. Same-sex marriages and the church
  4. Should the LGBT community have the same rights as everyone else?
  5. Is there domestic violence in LGBT families?
  6. Does being gay have something to do with bad parenting?
  7. Homosexuality and the Bible
  8. Is being a lesbian or gay considered a crime in some states?
  9. LGBT challenges in everyday life
  10. How does the media portray the LBGT community

Freedom of Speech Essay Topics

  1. The right to education and freedom of expression
  2. Does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights need amendments?
  3. Modern media and freedom of speech
  4. The Civil War and human freedom
  5. African Americans and racism
  6. Internet postings and freedom of speech controversies
  7. North Korea, equality, and freedom
  8. Unlimited freedom — benefits and downsides
  9. How does slavery affect freedom of speech?
  10. Does each individual have the right to speak freely?

Death Penalty Essay Topics

  1. Witnessing and execution — would you do it or not, and why?
  2. Is the death penalty a fair punishment?
  3. Death penalty and heinous crimes
  4. Juveniles and the death penalty
  5. Is the death penalty the best punishment for serial killers?
  6. Imprisonment vs. death penalty
  7. Is the death penalty moral?
  8. The death penalty — effective or not?
  9. Should the mentally ill be allowed to get the death penalty?
  10. Is there any racial bias in sentencing the death penalty to someone?

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