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Creative Ideas For Writing Human Rights Essay Topics

To write a human rights paper properly, the first thing you can do is to get inspired by some creative ideas on the topic. That will help to learn all the possible angles this subject can be discussed and get you prepared for writing a compelling and outstanding essay.

Human rights essay topics always have to cover some of the burning issues regarding human right, why some states treat them differently from other ones etc. It’s useful to compare and contrast some civil liberties with others and make your personal statement.

Human Rights Essay Topics

In the remainder of the text, you will find a human rights topics list divided into subcategories that should help you find your best. You may now wonder why choosing the topic is so important. The answer is quite simple — you have to make your essay compelling to the reader and interesting from the very beginning.

Tips on Writing a Human Rights Essay

Here are 5 top tips on writing an essay on the topic:

  1. Do thorough research before writing and structure your thoughts to make the reference page of your essay. If you compile the bibliography beforehand, you will also save time and avoid getting into a disorganized mess;
  2. When your reference page is finished, make an outline of your essay. This part of your paper should be logical and detailed, because it will help you organize your essay into subheadings and paragraphs;
  3. Come up with a thesis statement. If a thesis statement is straight to the point, the reader will be able to understand what the essay will be about and understand its value prior reading;
  4. Make sure you answer all of the questions stated in the topic in your essay. If you go off the theme, you may get bad points from your professor or bore the reader because they will get lost;
  5. Make sure you understand all the relevant terminology to write a human rights essay. Start by learning relevant terms so that you use them accordingly and appropriately.

Steps on How to Choose a Proper Topic

If you want to learn which steps to follow in order to choose proper human rights paper topics, consider the following:

  • Make sure a title you’re choosing deals with topical issues for modern society;
  • Make sure you understand all the relevant terminology regarding your topic;
  • Make sure the topic is catchy and compelling to the reader;
  • Make sure there’s enough relevant material to cover the topic (check the available sources in your local library or online);
  • Make sure you understand the audience that will read your essay;
  • Make sure you use cases from real-life events to illustrate and support all of your points;

20 Human Rights Essay Topics

Here’s a list of engaging essays ideas to write about. Choosing any of them will apply to any countries and types of civil rights regulations.

  1. Necessity of a Balance between Liberty and Equality for the Normal Functioning of Society
  2. Human Rights: Right to Liberty and Security
  3. Abortion: My Body, My Choice
  4. Feminism Beyond the Binary
  5. Essay About the Benefits of Surveillance Cameras in Public Places
  6. Data Mining and Its Security
  7. The Shocking Position of Honduras Regarding Abortion
  8. Are Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?
  9. Essay on Human Rights in China
  10. Liberty and Freedom in My Life
  11. Essay on Abortion Laws in Texas
  12. Equality and Justice Essay
  13. Abortions Should not Be Banned Essay
  14. A Fetus Is not a Person Essay
  15. Relationship between Equality and Justice Essay
  16. Equality between Man and Woman Essay
  17. What Is Freedom Essay
  18. Actors in Child Protection: Interplay between the Roles of Police Officers and Social Workers
  19. Discussion of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Individual Rights: Analytical Essay
  20. The Meaning of National Women Party

Argumentative Human Rights Topics

Here are some of the most interesting argumentative topics.

  1. Abortion Argumentative Essay: Thesis
  2. Assisted Suicide Pros and Cons Essay
  3. Individual Rights: Definition and Examples
  4. Constitutional Provisions Safeguarding Child Rights
  5. The Issue of Definition of Modern Freedom
  6. Freedom is Never Given: Methods of Protest Reflected in Modern Paradigms
  7. Essence of Economic Freedom By Plato
  8. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protests
  9. Why Governments Need to Recognize Indigenous People and Ethnic Minorities
  10. The Idea of Liberty in Diverse Situations
  11. The Human Rights Problem Faced by The Indigenous People All Around The World
  12. The Lingering Effects of Residential Schools on Indigenous People
  13. The Separation of Church and State: An Essay
  14. Web Du Bois' Theory of Dual Consciousness and Racial Inequality
  15. The Significance of Women in the Reformation of Progressive Era Society
  16. Jane Addams' Contributions to Society
  17. Impact of Big Data on Freedom and Privacy
  18. Impact of the American Revolution on American Society
  19. Patsy Mink's Route to Title IX’s Victory
  20. Purpose of Emma Watson's and Malala Yousafzai's Speeches

Analytical Human Rights Essay Ideas

Maybe you want to write an analytical essay that covers a topic on civil liberties. In that case, choose one topic from the following list.

  1. Rights of Aboriginal People and Vision of Just Society in Canada: Analytical Essay
  2. Analysis of Deontology with Reference to Abortion: Analytical Essay
  3. Why Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay
  4. The Principle of Individual Rights: Analytical Essay
  5. Balance of Community Values and Individual Rights: Analytical Essay
  6. Marxism with Human Rights
  7. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Her 'Fighting' for Equality
  8. The Path to the Movement Toward Independence
  9. The NAACP v. Alabama Case and Its Implications for Maintaining Privacy in US
  10. Equality and Diversity Models in the Context of Disability

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Human Rights

If you want to compare and contrast particular issues and concepts regarding constitutional rights in your essay, choose one topic from the following list. They all tackle one of the burning issues. Compare and contrast:

  1. Reconstruction Era and New Freedom Struggle for Black Americans
  2. Reconstruction and Women’s Rights Movement
  3. Men and Women Are Equal Essay
  4. Aboriginal Rights, Then and Now: Analysis of Boer War
  5. Personal Writing About The Idea of Freedom and Self-Sufficiency
  6. Colonizers and Exploitation of Indigenous Americans
  7. Coercive Patriotism in America and Lack of Freedom
  8. Review of US History: the Changing Role of Female, the Manifest Destiny, and the Reason World War II Broke Out
  9. The History and Current Outcomes of Slavery in the United States

Human Rights Violation Essay Topics

If you’re interested in writing about the violation of civil rights in different countries, here’s a list.

  1. Human Rights Violation in China
  2. Human Trafficking: Srime And Human Rights Violation
  3. Problem Of Privacy Violation In Modern Society
  4. Capital Punishment As A Violation Of Human Rights
  5. Ethics and Privacy Violation
  6. Intellectual Property Rights Violation in the UAE and Laws to Protect Against It
  7. The Holocaust: Catastrophic Violation Of Human Rights
  8. China’s Violation Of Human Rights; The Uighur Muslims
  9. Domestic Violence Against Women As A Violation Of Human Rights
  10. Racial Profiling As A Violation Of Civil Rights

Civil Rights Essay Topics

The following list can help you in your research. Consider one of the topics from these 15 recommendations.

  1. Malcolm X And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As Civil Rights Leaders
  2. How Martin Luther King Jr. Used His Political Power For All Of The Right Reasons
  3. Athlete Muhammad Ali And Fight For Civil Rights
  4. Effect of Malcolm X on the African American Civil Rights Movement
  5. Malcolm X's Way Of Life: Research Paper
  6. Malcolm X As an Aggressive Civil Rights Leader: Critical Analysis
  7. Link Between The Civil Rights Movement In America And The Fight For Rights And Freedoms In Australia
  8. Frederick Douglass A True Groundbreaking Civil Rights Figure
  9. Racial Profiling As A Violation Of Civil Rights
  10. How Far was Malcolm X the Most Significant Black Campaigner for Civil Rights in America?
  11. Main Activities and Achievements of the China Hand Laundry Alliance
  12. Whether Woodrow Wilson Helped or Hindered Civil Rights of African American?
  13. Bullies in school and how to deal with them?
  14. Obesity — how does it affect the professional capacity of individuals?
  15. What are the best ways to fight racism?

LGBT Essay Ideas

If you want to write about the LGBT community and its issues in many countries, choose one of the following ten topics. They will all be compelling to readers since LGBT issues are still unresolved worldwide.

  1. The Issue Of LGBT Communities Discrimination
  2. The Contributions Of Gay Liberation Front To LGBT Society
  3. LGBT Rights: Discrimination And Equality
  4. The Current Status Of The LGBT Community In China
  5. Challenges LGBT Face And Their Solutions
  6. LGBT Community In Malaysia
  7. Views Of The Republican Party On Gay Marriage
  8. LGBTQ Human Rights In Canada
  9. Ethiopian LGBTQ+ Rights As Legal Human Rights
  10. LGBT Discrimination In Australia

Freedom of Speech Essay Topics

  1. Freedom of Speech as One of the Most Essentials Americans Rights
  2. The Threat to Freedom of Speech
  3. Restrictions on Freedom of Speech
  4. Liberalism and Freedom of Speech
  5. Hate Speech Legislation in Sri Lanka
  6. Freedom of Speech in UK
  7. Pros and Cons of Free Speech on the Internet
  8. Social Media and Freedom of Speech
  9. Draconian Laws in Malaysia and Restrictions on Freedom of Speech
  10. Effect of Censorship in Social Media on Free Speech

Death Penalty Essay Topics

  1. History And The Forms Of Capital Punishment In The US
  2. Death Penalty from Ancient Era To Twentieth Century
  3. Death Penalty: Catholic Church And Islamic Teachings
  4. The Innocent And The Death Penalty
  5. The Death Penalty: Outdated And Ineffective Punishment
  6. Death Penalty As A Very Good Deterrence
  7. Reasons For The Abolishment Of The Death Penalty
  8. Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished Essay
  9. Death Penalty: Pros and Cons Essay

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