Top Immigration Research Paper Topics Ideas to Choose From

Since the topic of immigration involves more than one discipline, it's necessary to make an interdisciplinary approach to your research by focusing on history, economics, politics, environmental issues, socio-cultural issues, and healthcare aspects. As you are dealing with various countries, choosing immigration research paper topics plays a vital role in your success as one must choose the correct wording and narrow things down. You must find relevant sources, statistical data, and set the scene for your paper. It will help you to avoid plagiarism as you make statements and support your arguments correctly.

What is Immigration Research Paper?

An immigration research paper will either deal with a particular pair of countries or take a global approach. Depending on your course and research paper type, you may come up with assumptions or focus on a title that reflects certain similarities of some problem. The most important is to discuss the causes of immigration. It may range from economical reasons and armed conflicts to political persecution and forced immigration because of environmental issues. As you are writing immigration research, start with a hook sentence that represents an interesting or unusual fact. Implement statistical data, add inspiring information, and provide examples as you explore your subject.

How to Choose an Immigration Topic?

A good immigration topic is the one that inspires you and can be narrowed down to avoid touching upon every subject without proper analysis. Since immigration is a wealthy source of information, you can consider looking through political science topics to gain a better idea of the latest events or research issues in your local community by studying demographics. The majority of successful immigration research topics deal with a particular problem or a social group as it's easier to explain what immigrants are mentioned as the sample group. So, what are good research topics about immigration? The ones that provide good examples and remain relevant not only to one country but to the world, too. Take a closer look at hundreds of examples that we have presented for you.

Top 10 Immigration Research Topics

The challenges of immigration became even more evident these days as the world is facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the armed conflicts that take place all over the world. As the travel restrictions are being lifted, many countries are not ready to manage the issues related to immigration.

  1. Challenges of North Korean Refugees in South Korea
  2. Immigration Discrimination In Canada: An Essay
  3. Australia for Asylum Seekers and Refugees: An Essay
  4. The Refugee Problem in Honduras
  5. Positive Effects of Immigration Essay
  6. Immigrant Experience Essay
  7. The Cherokee Nation: The History of Their Survival
  8. Puritans History and Immigration to The New World: Descriptive Essay on Pilgrims
  9. Similarities Between Australia and the US Regarding Immigration Laws and Policies

130 Immigration Research Paper Topics

As the problems of immigration are being researched, there are many socio-cultural and economic issues that are always at play. Before you choose your immigration subject, do your best to narrow things down and focus on sources, stats, surveys, and other types of data to support your claims. Here are some immigration topics to write about:

  1. History of The Cherokee Removal and The Trail of Tears
  2. Homo Sapiens and Early Human Migration
  3. Migration Promotes at the Cauvery Delta Zone in Thanjavur District
  4. Diaspora and Culture: Indian Immigration and Integumentary Anxiety
  5. Scott Russell Sanders' Position on Human Migration
  6. America's Social, Political, and Economic Rise in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
  7. The Indus River: from the Past to the Present
  8. Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears: Analytical essay on Cherokees
  9. The Background of the Chinese Immigrants
  10. Chinese Immigrants In Texas
  11. The Principle of Non-refoulement under International Refugee Law
  12. Findings in Relation to the Burden of Measles in Migrant Population: Analytical Essay
  13. The Struggle Of Immigrants In America: Discrimination
  14. Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Crimes in Rohingya Camps
  15. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Free and Illegal Immigration
  16. Difference between Germany and UK’s Refugee Policy
  17. The Refugees In Europe: State Policy VS Human Rights
  18. The Effects of Refugee Camps
  19. East African Refugee Crisis
  20. Objective and Subjective Participation of Migrant and Refugee Children
  21. The U.S and Ethiopian Refugee
  22. Caring about Migrant Care Workers through Ethics of Justice and Ethics of Care
  23. Migrant & Refugee Crisis Issue
  24. Struggle and Survival: Life of a Refugee
  25. Barriers and Facilitators Impacting Refugee Women in Australias Access To PPH
  26. Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers
  27. The Aspects of Australia's Refugee Crisis
  28. The Right to Refugee Asylum and Eventual Repatriation
  29. The Contemporary Challenges of Refugee Protection
  30. Domestic And Supranational European Responses To The Syrian Refugee Crisis
  31. The International Failure to Help the Syrian Refugee Crisis
  32. Effects Of Immigration: Analysis Of Articles And Opinion Essay
  33. Syrian Refugee Crisis: Research On Immunization Rates Of Syrian Refugees
  34. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Policy Analysis Paper
  35. Public Library Services for Immigrants
  36. Importance Of DREAM Act For DACA Recipients
  37. Approaches Of Presidents To Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals: Comparative Essay
  38. Immigrants: Theoretical Analysis Of The Concept
  39. Economic And Social Challenges For Migrant Workers During Covid- 19 Pandemic
  40. Life Of Migrant Workers In The Terms Of Coronavirus Pandemic
  41. Internal Migrant Children And Left-behind Children In China
  42. Vietnamese Refugees In Inside Out And Back Again
  43. Hasna Henna As A Metonym To Rohingyas Refugees
  44. The Issue Of Exploitation Of Migrant Workers
  45. Muslim Afghani Women Refugees In Delhi
  46. Negative Impacts Of Border Wall On Americans And Mexicans
  47. The Necessity Of Lawyer In Immigration Processes
  48. The Border Wall In The USA As A Waste Of Money
  49. Greece: European Paddock For Refugees
  50. Border Wall Between USA And Mexico: Consequences
  51. Why Americans Are Against DACA.
  52. Undocumented Students Challenges In The United States: DACA As A Solution
  53. The Reasons Immigrants Choose America To Move
  54. Refugees Effects On Economy, Employment And Social Infrastructure In Host Countries
  55. Immigration: Moving From A Poor Economy To A Rich One
  56. Postpartum Depression In Immigrants And Refugees
  57. Syrian Female Refugees At Risk For Mental Health Issues In Canada
  58. Refugee Crisis In Australia
  59. America Was Made By Immigrants
  60. Pros And Cons Of Australian Immigration Policy
  61. The Challenges Immigrants Face
  62. ISIS Activity And Syrian Refugees
  63. Reforming American Immigration Act Of 2019: Main Ideas And Opponents
  64. The Economic Efficiency, Ecological Impacts And Humanitarian Repercussions Of Border Wall In The USA
  65. Moving To America Or Canada: Pros And Cons
  66. DACA As One Of The Immigration Programs In The USA
  67. Immigrant Contributions To American Success
  68. Immigration To US: The Problems That People Face
  69. The Perspectives And Government Actions Of Immigration Reforms For Muslims And Hispanic.
  70. The Immigrants Issues In Capitalist America And Authors Aims In The Book The Jungle
  71. Moving To America: Legislative And Social Issues
  72. Immigration Issues While Moving To America
  73. Race, Gender, Social Class And Language Prejudice To Immigrants
  74. The US DACA Immigration Reform
  75. Syrian Refugee Rights Under Human Rights
  76. Reasons, Consequences And International Treaties On Stateless Refugees: The Example Of Syrian Kurds
  77. The Idea Of Identity Among Immigrants In America In The Novel The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao
  78. Ethnic Contributions To America: Food, Religion And Culture
  79. Syrian Refugees Impact On The European Migrant Crisis
  80. Moving To America: Muslims Immigrants
  81. Do Undocumented Immigrants Provide Positive Or Negative Benefits?
  82. A Protracted Situation And Refugee Economies In Uganda
  83. Refugees Challenges In Their Cultural Identity
  84. US-Mexico Border Wall: Pros And Cons
  85. Modern Immigration To The United Kingdom
  86. Better life opportunities: how justified are these? 
  87. Environmental factors displacement. 
  88. Family reunification challenges in the UK vs the United States. 
  89. Immigration as an employment opportunity.
  90. Exchange students and subsequent immigrations: the pros and cons. 
  91. The benefits of cultural migration in the European Union. 
  92. Remittances: Haiti case study. 
  93. The use of mobile apps as a way to provide a safer migration (Migration App).
  94. The use of illegal screening methods during an immigration process.
  95. Defining the benefits of being a Global Citizen. 
  96. World Migration Report analysis: bias and political preferences.
  97. Higher income levels: is such immigration ethical?
  98. Immigration from Saudi Arabia: money vs politics. 
  99. Foreign students: why topics on immigration become popular among exchange learners?
  100. Russians and Ukrainians travel to Mexico: through the lens of an armed conflict. 
  101. Women's participation in immigration and domestic violence.
  102. Global Detention Project: how can migrants protect themselves online?
  103. Overpopulation issue: why do social institutions often ignore the problem? 
  104. Life in the countryside vs life in the city for immigrants from the African countries. 
  105. Occupational crisis: an increase in goods and services. 
  106. The problem of unequal distribution of job opportunities versus living space. 
  107. Canada's governmental policy and the attitude to immigrants.
  108. Pressure on public services and bullying cases against migrant children. 
  109. Illegal immigration: what are the most common causes for lack of legalization?
  110. Creation of a professional profile: how does recognition help to fight the migrant crisis.
  111. Immigration as an escape route: why do people from Ukraine seek better opportunities?
  112. The use of IT specialists and the role of economic development in Brazil.
  113. Migration lottery: pros and cons of the practice. 
  114. Healthcare and accessibility problems when dealing with returnees. 
  115. The role of the host country's income and political situation for immigrants. 
  116. Why not every person can be counted as a migrant in the United States?
  117. The use of legal advisors when applying for immigration.
  118. Population aging and the use of young labor power in the EU.
  119. The cultural fall of the German population happens due to an intercultural crisis.
  120. Athletes and the political asylum cases. 
  121. Gender neutrality and sexual persecution in Muslim countries. 
  122. Integration of children in immigrant families. 
  123. The cultural shock: what are the measures to adjust to a new culture? 
  124. The language learning courses online: how reliable are these for immigrants? 
  125. An ethical aspect of immigration through the lens of Chinese people. 
  126. Forced migration and help from the local communities. 
  127. Should we educate middle school children about immigrants and their hardships? 
  128. People with disabilities and immigration challenges. 
  129. The long-term effect of immigration on the global community.

Legal Immigration Essay Topics

As you might know, there are at least four main types of immigrants, which include citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants. Anyone who is recognized and recorded in a lawful form for permanent residence is considered a legal immigrant. Here are some good immigration topics for research paper dealing with a lawful practice:

  1. The Peculiarities Of Immigration Policy In The USA
  2. The Maltreatment Of Immigrants In U.S. Immigration Custody
  3. The Plan Of Becoming A Successful Lawyer
  4. Immigration, Boarders and American Dream
  5. The Importance Of Immigration Laws In The USA (DAXA, TPS And DED)
  6. Strengths And Weaknesses Of Immigration Policies In Both Canada And The US
  7. Overpopulation And Immigration As Global Issues Causing The Community Change
  8. The Negative Consequences Of Immigration For Latin American Children
  9. Why DACA Is An Important Immigration Law In The USA
  10. Bipartisan Approach Of Immigration Reform In The USA
  11. Nationality Act: what changes must be implemented in 2022? 
  12. Legal immigrants vs undocumented immigrants in the field of education. 

Illegal Immigration Research Paper Topics

The challenges of illegal immigration represent the main problem not only for law enforcement officers and the national security of the various countries but also involves frequent abuse of human rights of the most vulnerable. Consider checking criminal justice research paper topics and continue with these examples that will help you start with a specific mindset:

  1. Political Issue: Illegal Immigration In America
  2. The Increase Of Illegal Immigrants In Malaysia
  3. Illegal Immigration: Should it be Legal?
  4. Illegal Immigration And Human Trafficking: It's Time To Get Serious
  5. Unjust Criminalization of Mexican Immigrants
  6. Should Illegal Immigrants Be Granted Residency Argumentative Essay
  7. Illegal Immigration And Drug Trafficking: Implication Of Manpower Export
  8. Illegal Immigration: Internal Conflict With The Idea Of Freedom And Opportunities
  9. Major Issue Of Social Inequality: Illegal Immigrants On American Lands
  10. Development Of People Smuggling And Illegal Immigration Over Time
  11. Criminal record screening of illegal immigrants. 

Worldwide Immigration Topic Ideas

Starting with an idea to becoming a global citizen to various issues related to holding more than one passport, the questions about immigration for research paper often relate to issues of worldwide immigration. These are usually researched by sociologists and political sciences college students. Check out these helpful topics for inspiration:

  1. The moral responsibility challenges of the world regarding immigration. 
  2. Short-term outcomes of immigration in Canada. 
  3. Arms sales and armed conflicts as the cause for immigration. 
  4. Refugee health problems through the lens of vaccination. 
  5. The roots of nationalism: how do migrants affect the spikes of national interests? 
  6. Global Immigration Crisis: forced displacement problems. 
  7. Second World War as the primary reason for major immigration. 
  8. Refugees and immigrant rights: the peculiarities of Muslim countries. 
  9. Poverty and food insecurity: global initiatives planned for 2022-2025. 
  10. International economic disparity: what are the causes of violations. 
  11. Legal immigration system of the European Union. 
  12. Asylum processing changes through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Environmental Migration Topics

One of the important factors in relation to immigration is the environment and problems that are associated with water and air pollution and the presence of chemicals in the soil. Examples would include the Balkan crisis and certain parts of Japan, Mexico, and African countries.

  1. Human Migration in Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology: Models, Methods and Challenges
  2. Understanding Animal Lives is Important in Conservation Efforts
  3. The Problem of Ocean Pollution Today
  4. Impact Of Climate Change On Honey Bee
  5. Environmental Effect on Development of Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Social Security and Migrant Welfare in the UK
  7. Climate Change: An Epidemic Faced by the Indigenous and Global Population
  8. Implications of Free Trade for Businesses as a Result of UK Leaving the EU
  9. Climate changes and adaptation of the migrants from the African countries. 
  10. Global warming and environmental refugees problem. 
  11. Are bad environmental conditions of life considered a reason for immigration? 
  12. Migration of animals through the lens of environment.

Immigration in the U.S. Research Questions

The United States is considered the most generous country of the world in relation to immigration as it includes work permits, Green Card, and many other global initiatives that are not met elsewhere. Therefore, there are certain immigration essay topics that are related to immigration in the U.S.:

  1. The history of the Green Card lottery. 
  2. The origins of Mexican immigration in the United States. 
  3. Becoming an exchange student in the U.S.: pros and cons. 
  4. The peculiarities of screening for immigration in the USA. 
  5. Great Recession and Latin America’s immigrants. 
  6. Immigration laws in the United States: are they fair? 
  7. Political bias in the coverage of migrant crisis by the American media. 
  8. Joe Biden's office: changes anticipated in immigration laws. 
  9. Why immigration reforms must be taken in the United States? 
  10. The role of immigrants from Poland in the United States. 
  11. Religions immigration: what are the benefits of church reuniting? 
  12. Operation Gatekeeper: negative consequences. 
  13. Why did Operation Scheduled Departure fail? 
  14. The origins of Operation Copper Cactus: national security issue. 
  15. The American Rule of Law: immigration as the element of political power.

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