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Top Immigration Research Paper Topics Ideas to Choose From

Since the topic of immigration involves more than one discipline, it's necessary to make an interdisciplinary approach to your research by focusing on history, economics, politics, environmental issues, socio-cultural issues, and healthcare aspects. As you are dealing with various countries, choosing immigration research paper topics plays a vital role in your success as one must choose the correct wording and narrow things down. You must find relevant sources, statistical data, and set the scene for your paper. It will help you to avoid plagiarism as you make statements and support your arguments correctly.

What is Immigration Research Paper?

An immigration research paper will either deal with a particular pair of countries or take a global approach. Depending on your course and research paper type, you may come up with assumptions or focus on a title that reflects certain similarities of some problem. The most important is to discuss the causes of immigration. It may range from economical reasons and armed conflicts to political persecution and forced immigration because of environmental issues. As you are writing immigration research, start with a hook sentence that represents an interesting or unusual fact. Implement statistical data, add inspiring information, and provide examples as you explore your subject.

How to Choose an Immigration Topic?

A good immigration topic is the one that inspires you and can be narrowed down to avoid touching upon every subject without proper analysis. Since immigration is a wealthy source of information, you can consider looking through political science topics to gain a better idea of the latest events or research issues in your local community by studying demographics. The majority of successful immigration research topics deal with a particular problem or a social group as it's easier to explain what immigrants are mentioned as the sample group. So, what are good research topics about immigration? The ones that provide good examples and remain relevant not only to one country but to the world, too. Take a closer look at hundreds of examples that we have presented for you.

Top 10 Immigration Research Topics

The challenges of immigration became even more evident these days as the world is facing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the armed conflicts that take place all over the world. As the travel restrictions are being lifted, many countries are not ready to manage the issues related to immigration.

  1. Muslim immigration vs Eastern European immigration challenges.
  2. Covid-19 and vaccination through the lens of global legislation.
  3. How have immigration healthcare rules changed since 2019?
  4. Diversification of immigrants by the social hubs online.
  5. The pros and cons of the piecemeal immigration reform.
  6. Visa permissions and landmark integration problems.
  7. Fake immigration stories and lack of verified information online.
  8. Fiscal changes in the United States and refugee cap changes by Biden's administration.
  9. Media analysis of immigration and community shelters.
  10. Status of Ukrainian refugees in the EU vs the United States.

130 Immigration Research Paper Topics

As the problems of immigration are being researched, there are many socio-cultural and economic issues that are always at play. Before you choose your immigration subject, do your best to narrow things down and focus on sources, stats, surveys, and other types of data to support your claims. Here are some immigration topics to write about:

  1. Protection of minors in immigration.
  2. Access to education and the language barrier issues.
  3. Childcare protection on a global level: what legislation is involved.
  4. The cases of sexual abuse and neglect of women awaiting immigration in refugee centers.
  5. The paperwork bias when immigration papers are being involved.
  6. Clarity of temporary residence statuses in the United States.
  7. Socio-cultural conflicts and mediation for conflict management.
  8. How do local communities help maintain diaspora bonds?
  9. The challenges of food shelters and logistics for immigrants.
  10. First-generation college students vs learners coming from abroad.
  11. The attitude to Muslim immigrants.
  12. The cases of violence and police reports related to foreign citizens applying for permanent residence.
  13. Racism profiling and discrimination cases.
  14. Economic elements and their role for immigration officers.
  15. Religious and ethnic backgrounds: their role in country's acceptance.
  16. Denmark vs Norway: what rules must be met to enter the country?
  17. The blacklists of the countries where immigration issues take place.
  18. The Yemen conflict: how do European countries react?
  19. Law enforcement and their take on immigration.
  20. The children of illegal immigrants: what legal protection is available?
  21. What are the cultural aspects that must be considered?
  22. Academic merits as the reason for permanent residence right.
  23. College students and the translation of diplomas.
  24. Are political beliefs considered a reason for deportation?
  25. Work permits: how are these distributed in the UK?
  26. Tax contribution issues and the integration of Muslims in Western society.
  27. English language learning: a discrimination issue.
  28. The challenges faced by people coming from Russia.
  29. The pros and cons of border restrictions after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  30. Skilled immigrants as the menace for American workers.
  31. The role of recruiting companies and personal safety.
  32. Citizenship test questions: Is this a legal practice?
  33. The use of dual citizenship for residence application.
  34. American Green Card: pros and cons.
  35. The role of being married for the residence permit in the USA.
  36. Statistical portrait of the modern immigration: analysis data.
  37. Immigration to the United States in the 1800s.
  38. The necessary steps to receive legal status in the United States.
  39. The Nationality Act of 1965.
  40. Temporary Protected Status: cons and pros.
  41. International conflicts vs internal conflicts in the EU.
  42. Climate change and the role of migrants in Germany and Austria.
  43. Economic disparities between the EU countries: labor issues.
  44. The measures taken at the external borders in 2021: pros and cons.
  45. The role of irregular arrivals and train connections.
  46. The importance of Switzerland as a country filled with immigrants.
  47. European Immigration Crisis of 2015: the causes.
  48. The cultural aspect of the integration of expats.
  49. Moving to the EU for American citizens.
  50. Higher salaries and better government support: the myths.
  51. The international migration and security issues of the last two decades.
  52. Tallmeister and the attitude to national identity threats.
  53. Canada vs Iceland: migrant acceptance and attitudes.
  54. The role of Australia in the immigration crisis.
  55. The attitude to Asian migrants in the United States.
  56. Sub-Saharan Africa: the racial prejudice and abuse.
  57. Why did Germany become most affected by the migrants?
  58. The pros and cons of IT specialists for immigration.
  59. The attitude to expats by the citizens of Portugal.
  60. The criminal code applied to migrants in Spain vs Mexico.
  61. The attitude of wealthy citizens to immigrants in the UK.
  62. The immigration helps to strengthen destination countries: an analytical essay.
  63. The challenges of forced migration in Ethiopia.
  64. 281 million immigrants: the historical research.
  65. Vaccination and the role of Covid-19 for the decrease of migrants in the United States.
  66. The ethical aspects of building a national wall border.
  67. How do media and TV impact our attitude to immigrants?
  68. Social media helps to increase our awareness of immigration's problem.
  69. Amnesty International: what rules are being followed.
  70. Protection of basic human rights and the global exchange system.
  71. Political aspect of UNESCO: analysis of bias in migration reports.
  72. The failure of European immigration system: the causes.
  73. Demographic challenges and the economical aspects.
  74. Social life and the justification of workplace conflicts.
  75. United Nations Population Fund: what funding programs are available.
  76. The role of Oxfam America and their life-saving initiatives. 
  77. The line between refugees in the European Union and migrants. 
  78. Personal security issues faced by Mexican immigrants in the United States. 
  79. The reasons to leave the United Kingdom: immigration to Spain.
  80. The politics of the United States by Bill Clinton’s administration in relation to immigrants.
  81. What do anti-immigration populists have as their main argument in 2022?
  82. The definition of economic migrants for the global immigration crisis. 
  83. Vulnerability factor and protection of minor ethnicities. 
  84. Global Migration Group: the political causes of immigration. 
  85. The cause-and-effect of armed conflicts in Israel and Palestine. 
  86. Persecution as the reason for immigration. 
  87. Better life opportunities: how justified are these? 
  88. Environmental factors displacement. 
  89. Family reunification challenges in the UK vs the United States. 
  90. Immigration as an employment opportunity.
  91. Exchange students and subsequent immigrations: the pros and cons. 
  92. The benefits of cultural migration in the European Union. 
  93. Remittances: Haiti case study. 
  94. The use of mobile apps as a way to provide a safer migration (Migration App).
  95. The use of illegal screening methods during an immigration process.
  96. Defining the benefits of being a Global Citizen. 
  97. World Migration Report analysis: bias and political preferences.
  98. Higher income levels: is such immigration ethical?
  99. Immigration from Saudi Arabia: money vs politics. 
  100. Foreign students: why topics on immigration become popular among exchange learners?
  101. Russians and Ukrainians travel to Mexico: through the lens of an armed conflict. 
  102. Women's participation in immigration and domestic violence.
  103. Global Detention Project: how can migrants protect themselves online?
  104. Overpopulation issue: why do social institutions often ignore the problem? 
  105. Life in the countryside vs life in the city for immigrants from the African countries. 
  106. Occupational crisis: an increase in goods and services. 
  107. The problem of unequal distribution of job opportunities versus living space. 
  108. Canada's governmental policy and the attitude to immigrants.
  109. Pressure on public services and bullying cases against migrant children. 
  110. Illegal immigration: what are the most common causes for lack of legalization?
  111. Creation of a professional profile: how does recognition help to fight the migrant crisis.
  112. Immigration as an escape route: why do people from Ukraine seek better opportunities?
  113. The use of IT specialists and the role of economic development in Brazil.
  114. Migration lottery: pros and cons of the practice. 
  115. Healthcare and accessibility problems when dealing with returnees. 
  116. The role of the host country's income and political situation for immigrants. 
  117. Why not every person can be counted as a migrant in the United States?
  118. The use of legal advisors when applying for immigration.
  119. Population aging and the use of young labor power in the EU.
  120. The cultural fall of the German population happens due to an intercultural crisis.
  121. Athletes and the political asylum cases. 
  122. Gender neutrality and sexual persecution in Muslim countries. 
  123. Integration of children in immigrant families. 
  124. The cultural shock: what are the measures to adjust to a new culture? 
  125. The language learning courses online: how reliable are these for immigrants? 
  126. An ethical aspect of immigration through the lens of Chinese people. 
  127. Forced migration and help from the local communities. 
  128. Should we educate middle school children about immigrants and their hardships? 
  129. People with disabilities and immigration challenges. 
  130. The long-term effect of immigration on the global community.

Legal Immigration Essay Topics

As you might know, there are at least four main types of immigrants, which include citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants. Anyone who is recognized and recorded in a lawful form for permanent residence is considered a legal immigrant. Here are some good immigration topics for research paper dealing with a lawful practice:

  1. Green Card holders vs Lawful Permanent Residents in the United States. 
  2. Migration human rights in Germany: Turkish citizens vs migrants from Arabian countries. 
  3. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: the steps one must take before coming to Canada. 
  4. Marrying an American citizen: what rights does it provide? 
  5. Legalization of migrant children: from education to healthcare services. 
  6. Foreign-born people: what defines a legal immigrant in the United Kingdom? 
  7. Naturalization and the challenges of legal immigrants. 
  8. Deportation issues: political bias and religious conflicts. 
  9. U.S. citizen children and the deportation of parents: violation of human rights. 
  10. Expatriation processes and the immigration status. 
  11. Nationality Act: what changes must be implemented in 2022? 
  12. Legal immigrants vs undocumented immigrants in the field of education. 

Illegal Immigration Research Paper Topics

The challenges of illegal immigration represent the main problem not only for law enforcement officers and the national security of the various countries but also involves frequent abuse of human rights of the most vulnerable. Consider checking criminal justice research paper topics and continue with these examples that will help you start with a specific mindset:

  1. Violation of the immigration laws: lack of knowledge vs intention. 
  2. The challenges of being a non-legal immigrant. 
  3. The definition of legal admissions and the waiting times in the EU. 
  4. Illegal aliens in Canada vs the United States: legal protection. 
  5. Deportation process: what ethical procedures and cultural factors must be considered? 
  6. Language barriers as the reason for failed legal admissions. 
  7. Unbiased attitude to illegal immigrants in the United States: exploring the land factor. 
  8. Multinational migrant-smuggling networks: case study analysis. 
  9. Spike in the crime rates and the link to illegal immigrants. 
  10. The peculiarities of illegal immigration in the 1990s. 
  11. Political rhetoric through the lens of the immigration crisis. 
  12. Criminal record screening of illegal immigrants. 

Worldwide Immigration Topic Ideas

Starting with an idea to becoming a global citizen to various issues related to holding more than one passport, the questions about immigration for research paper often relate to issues of worldwide immigration. These are usually researched by sociologists and political sciences college students. Check out these helpful topics for inspiration:

  1. The moral responsibility challenges of the world regarding immigration. 
  2. Short-term outcomes of immigration in Canada. 
  3. Arms sales and armed conflicts as the cause for immigration. 
  4. Refugee health problems through the lens of vaccination. 
  5. The roots of nationalism: how do migrants affect the spikes of national interests? 
  6. Global Immigration Crisis: forced displacement problems. 
  7. Second World War as the primary reason for major immigration. 
  8. Refugees and immigrant rights: the peculiarities of Muslim countries. 
  9. Poverty and food insecurity: global initiatives planned for 2022-2025. 
  10. International economic disparity: what are the causes of violations. 
  11. Legal immigration system of the European Union. 
  12. Asylum processing changes through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Environmental Migration Topics

One of the important factors in relation to immigration is the environment and problems that are associated with water and air pollution and the presence of chemicals in the soil. Examples would include the Balkan crisis and certain parts of Japan, Mexico, and African countries.

  1. The World Bank initiatives for the global immigration crisis. 
  2. Climate change events: from droughts to flooding. 
  3. Forced displacement of population in Mexico. 
  4. Degradation of the local environment in Germany: are immigrants to blame? 
  5. Land conversion challenges and waste management. 
  6. Water consumption by illegal immigrants in the United States. 
  7. Adaptation and the cultural aspects that affect the soil. 
  8. The use of chemicals by the immigrants as a part of their home culture. 
  9. Climate changes and adaptation of the migrants from the African countries. 
  10. Global warming and environmental refugees problem. 
  11. Are bad environmental conditions of life considered a reason for immigration? 
  12. Migration of animals through the lens of environment.

Immigration in the U.S. Research Questions

The United States is considered the most generous country of the world in relation to immigration as it includes work permits, Green Card, and many other global initiatives that are not met elsewhere. Therefore, there are certain immigration essay topics that are related to immigration in the U.S.:

  1. The history of the Green Card lottery. 
  2. The origins of Mexican immigration in the United States. 
  3. Becoming an exchange student in the U.S.: pros and cons. 
  4. The peculiarities of screening for immigration in the USA. 
  5. Great Recession and Latin America’s immigrants. 
  6. Immigration laws in the United States: are they fair? 
  7. Political bias in the coverage of migrant crisis by the American media. 
  8. Joe Biden's office: changes anticipated in immigration laws. 
  9. Why immigration reforms must be taken in the United States? 
  10. The role of immigrants from Poland in the United States. 
  11. Religions immigration: what are the benefits of church reuniting? 
  12. Operation Gatekeeper: negative consequences. 
  13. Why did Operation Scheduled Departure fail? 
  14. The origins of Operation Copper Cactus: national security issue. 
  15. The American Rule of Law: immigration as the element of political power.

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