Beginners Guide on International Relations Essay Topics

Students who decide to study International Relations can help significantly in managing politics when they finish their studies. Choosing the right topic to deal with is essential, as it tackles one of the most burning issues.

International relations essay topics can sometimes be given by teachers, usually in lengthy lists that students can choose from. All of these assignments require outstanding research and a prolonged reading activity from the student and that's why you may ask "how can I write my essay with all these complicated guidelines?" and therefore seek out professional help on essay writing services such as Edubirdie.

These students must act as professional researchers in their local library and online to try and solve some unresolved issues from the past. Therefore, choosing just the right topic is essential as it can unlock and find solutions for burning issues from the past and apply them to the present and future.

This way, students of International Relations become politicians in a way, as they address and analyze deeply rooted problems and causes for conflict between nations.

What is an International Relations Essay?

The essence of an essay on the subject is that it aims to expand the students’ knowledge and further educate them. It is an essay where students convey great ideas from analyzing past events, and solutions are offered to be applied to the future of a nation.

They’re not just about finding a solution - they’re about finding the best solution. If you consider the Nuclear Deal of Iran, which you know the importance of, and have a written essay with an in-depth analysis of it, you may come to a better understanding of why it took place.

In such cases, the cause and effect essay topics are the best. You analyze the causes, see what effects they made, and write an essay covering the main reasons for why it happened precisely the way it did.

The structure of this type of paper is conventional and includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction
    Includes some key issues, the problem to be discussed and the outline of the essay stages.
  2. Main Body
    Has subheadings that break the entire essay into thematic sections. Includes key definition, facts, analysis and further discussion. Here is where all arguments are to be supported by the sources.
  3. Conclusion
    Summary of the key points (in other words). Includes analytical conclusion and your final opinion.

Also, you may come and will come to a better understanding of what can be done to prevent such an event from ever occurring again. Choosing the right topic for International Relations isn’t always easy, which is why you can read the tips below followed by a 200-example list of essay topics.

Tips for Choosing International Relations Topics for an Essay

The following three tips should help each individual choose the best topic for your future writing.

  1. Convey and combine ideas you already learned from your teacher and choose a topic you will be able to cover with the knowledge you already have at hand.
  2. Choose a topic connected to a burning issue from the past but can connect to the present.
  3. Choose a topic that requires research you can find online or in your local library.

200 International Relations Essay Topics

Here’s a list of 200 creative and helpful essay topics for international relations:

  1. America and its allies will benefit from rising China
  2. Globalizations from a socio-economic point of view
  3. Origins, objectives, and development of Al Qaeda
  4. The conflict between America and Russia
  5. The foreign policy of America
  6. Cold War and American hegemony
  7. The Iranian revolution and the influence of America on it
  8. “Soft Power” Joseph Nye - analysis
  9. The foreign policy of America - analysis
  10. The importance of domestic policies and its relation to word’s situation
  11. International trade legislation and anti-dumping as its necessary part
  12. The analysis of decision making in foreign policies
  13. International Relations, concepts, and study in the Caribbean
  14. American involvement in Peru Tacna-Arica and Chile
  15. Economy, politics, and history of China
  16. Relations between China and Australia
  17. International Relations in colonial times
  18. Trade with Japan and Matthew Perry
  19. Realist and constructivist perspectives on Darfur and Rwanda genocide
  20. The global concept of security
  21. The theoretical critique of constructionism
  22. The 2014 crises - Ukraine and Crimea
  23. Darwin’s evolutionary theory and International Relations
  24. Communication across cultures
  25. Conflicts between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots in Cyprus
  26. International students and their impact on world’s education system
  27. Cooperation between world’s countries and their dynamics of change
  28. The war of the Pacific and the early American-Chilean relations
  29. The dispute between Japan and China over Senkaku Island - effects
  30. Indonesian official tourism website - analysis
  31. International Relations and ethics
  32. China’s intervention in the African Continent - challenges
  33. Youth Movement Protest - analysis
  34. The future of the English language
  35. World’s security committee and disarmament
  36. International Relations and gender
  37. American - German relations
  38. Communication on a global level
  39. International Relations and globalization
  40. Regional Institutions and globalization
  41. The new world group and Guyana
  42. Bilateral relations through history
  43. American foreign policy and South Sudan destabilization - effects
  44. How can we achieve world peace?
  45. International Relations - why do people choose to study them?
  46. The impact of World’s Organizations on the US
  47. International Relations and human nature
  48. Human rights on the global discourse
  49. The complete analysis of the humanitarian intervention
  50. Relations between world’s countries, realism, and idealism
  51. How does globalization affect people?
  52. International Relations and the impact of the Great Depression on them in the 1930s
  53. Public relations - analysis of world’s affairs
  54. A complete analysis of global businesses
  55. All about international communication
  56. The UN and its global governance
  57. Intercultural Relations’ international journal
  58. A comprehensive analysis of global businesses and their impact on the world economy
  59. Global Politics and International Relations
  60. The three theories of International Relations
  61. World Politics and its influence on an average citizen
  62. Are International Relations a form of a moral compass?
  63. International Relations from a realist and liberalistic point of view
  64. Joseph S. Nye and Robert O. Keohane and their theory about world’s politics
  65. Midterm International Relations
  66. Asian business model and its influence on the global market
  67. Djibouti International Relations
  68. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the global affairs
  69. Will there be more global businesses within the next 100 years?
  70. Questions and answers about world’s politics and global businesses
  71. Humanitarian intervention and word’s situation
  72. The theories and liberalism of International Relations
  73. The main theorists of International Relations
  74. Terrorist attacks on September 11 and how they influence the world
  75. International politics and hierarchy change
  76. How humans perceive politics in past and present
  77. America, Lebanon, and Beirut and the impact on the rest of the world
  78. Engagement of Japan with China - what to expect in future
  79. Why have populists become the reality of 21th century political arena?
  80. International security on the example of different countries
  81. World’s trade and globalization
  82. Arabic and Chinese international relations - investigation and analysis
  83. All about the affair Iran-Contra
  84. Foreign direct investment and Ireland’s attractiveness
  85. Did the desire for oil drive the US foreign policy in the Middle East?
  86. India - an emerging power or not?
  87. The UN and analysis of whether Turkey is ready to be a part of it?
  88. Analysis of the future relations between China and America
  89. All about the foreign policies of Latin America
  90. Did mainstream global businesses exclude the diversity of issues and voices?
  91. We must end the war before the war ends us
  92. Using foreign policies to maximize national security
  93. Turkey versus Afghanistan
  94. International Relations and the negotiations related to it
  95. International Relations as a framework to compare Liberalism and Neo-Realism
  96. All about the migrant flow from Nepal to Qatar
  97. A realistic interpretation of Korea’s world’s politics
  98. Geopolitics - an overview
  99. America and Russia during the Early Cold War - misperceptions and perceptions
  100. The South African Government and the policy brief addressed to it about Intervention
  101. Is the power of politics overestimated?
  102. The Sea Region and its power
  103. Overseas military bases and their common problems
  104. An analysis of Public Diplomacy
  105. The three types of realism - offensive, structuralist, and classical
  106. Constructivism and realism
  107. The Cold War - realism and liberalism
  108. The 1994 Rwanda Genocide and realism
  109. American and Iranian relations
  110. What will global politics face in the near future?
  111. Feminism and its influence on global politics and the perception of peace
  112. Korean War - a detailed review
  113. Saudi Arabia and its oil - benefits for the country
  114. An analysis of the Scottish Separatist Movement
  115. Will UK citizens regret Brexit within the next 50 years?
  116. The Russia-Ukraine conflict and whether the United States should get involved
  117. The embargo on Cuba - should America lift it?
  118. The United Nations Security Council and whether veto power should be abolished
  119. World’s politics and the participation of South Africa
  120. Declining significance of sovereignty and why such cases still take place
  121. Is there a chance to prevent war on the diplomatic level?
  122. The Mathias Risse and Thomas Pogge debate - summary
  123. Naming the Island - why is it so important for the Communist Party of China?
  124. Terrorism and its global spread
  125. The UN and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  126. Haiti, Bosnia, and Somalia cases and their impact on the American foreign policy
  127. Islam and its changing nature
  128. The historical background of the Civil War in Sudan
  129. The Soviet Union and its collapse - analysis
  130. Is the Columbian Exchange a huge step towards globalization or not?
  131. What Would the world look like if there was only one country?
  132. Authoritarian and democratic states and their contrasting development
  133. Why are nuclear weapons equally dangerous and needed?
  134. All about Democratic Peace Theory
  135. Human trafficking in South Africa and its devastating effects
  136. American political and economic policies regarding Nafta, Wto, Balance of Trade and EU
  137. Imperialism and its effects
  138. A Via Media - all about the English School
  139. Matteo Legranzi about the changing Middle East - Economic coordination, security, and diplomacy
  140. How does Brexit influence other countries and their politics?
  141. An analysis of the Good Neighbor Policy
  142. What are the most significant causes of War?
  143. The impact of International Relations and climate change on the Philippines
  144. Global business and their impact on Zambia and China
  145. Modern liberalism and its main features
  146. How vital are military ethics in War?
  147. Saudi Arabia and the importance of their oil
  148. United Nations Security Council and its importance
  149. Intergovernmental authority - all about its development
  150. The order and disorder of the International System
  151. Thomas Massaro and his description of the Just War Theory
  152. Did the feminist approaches arrive late regarding International Relations Theory?
  153. Economic future of Hong Kong
  154. How does the maturation of war develop?
  155. World politics and the negative impact of realism
  156. International System and the New Sovereignty
  157. Global politics and the effects of the Nixon Doctrine on them
  158. How can humanity use historical facts to prevent losses in future?
  159. How crucial are the problems of Oversea Military Bases?
  160. The UN and its process of reformation
  161. Globalization and the approach towards it
  162. The notion of gender and its influence on global cooperation
  163. Indian and Chinese raise - analysis
  164. American Policy Stance for Iraq
  165. International Relations - a realist approach
  166. The UK and the UN relations
  167. Global politics and the role of diplomacy in the 19th century
  168. How crucial are the functions of the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations?
  169. Second Industrial Revolution and world’s politics during that time
  170. Skeptic theory of morality and period of its main influence
  171. Relations between America and the UN
  172. International Relations - a structural theory
  173. Theories of past that took place in modern politics
  174. The UK and the United Arab Emirates
  175. The American Agency of International Development
  176. Theory and foreign policy: any differences?
  177. International theory and its three traditions
  178. The impact of the Zimmerman Telegram on America in WWI
  179. Creation of Israel and Truman
  180. Turkey - between Islam and the West
  181. South Africa and its labor relations, unemployment, and trade unions
  182. Why do global politics influence each country separately?
  183. Defense Policies and America
  184. American foreign policies in the past and present
  185. Chile and Peru and the involvement of America
  186. How important is energy independence for America?
  187. China and America - in conflict or cooperation?
  188. The forthcoming between China and America
  189. The Russo-Ukraine War
  190. Prospects for cooperation and conflict regarding water in the Middle East
  191. Djibouti - a road to a more substantial foothold
  192. International Political Administration - its strengths and weaknesses
  193. Security concerns and the Western states
  194. China or Russia? - which is a more significant threat to American National Security
  195. Why should I study International Relations?
  196. Why is power in the center of realist perspectives?
  197. The pact of non-aggression in 1939 - why did the Soviet Union sign it?
  198. What are the benefits of a good neighbour policy?
  199. How imperialism affected global politics and trade
  200. The Gulf and its Internal Relations


Understanding what this type of paper is about and its importance can help an individual see that choosing the right essay topics for international relations is essential. The tips listed above and the lengthy list of topics should help each individual look for the best International Relations topics.

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