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Medical School Application Process

10 May 2016Essay Writing Guides

If you are faced with the challenge to make your application for the medical school stand out you definitely need to know the common “tricks” to be the one who will get the place. Admission Committees are usually less interested in your GPA and MCAT results unless they are too poor. The Admission Committee craves to see your ability to assess and express yourself. They are usually interested in your motivation and ambitions to proceed with further studies. Every school and university have the list of what they need in their prospective students on their web pages. What matters is your essay for medical school application (skim through the medical school application essay sample) that you prepare beforehand as well as letters of recommendation, personal statement, reflective essay, your professional experience, and internships if you already have and interview responses. The committee needs to know what you are going to pursue in your life.

What is a medical school application?

A medical application is a student’s “CV” to be enrolled in one of the medical courses at the university or medical school. It is a document that encompasses all your achievements and experience in the medical field. Your undergraduate script is also important because it will show how successful you were during the previous years of studies. The application is also targeted to reveal your social activity that is why the more you were involved in extracurricular activities the better it is for your reputation. Before applying to the school you have chosen see all the necessary documents you are supposed to submit.  Always watch changes to admission requirements and restrictions!

Useful medical school application tips

There are a lot of medical school application essay examples that you can read and examine but here you will find some valuable pieces of advice that can be your stepping stone into a successful future!

  1. State your medical experience. This will be a great plus and advantage for you to list all the practices and internships you have ever had at diverse hospitals, hospices, clinics, Sometimes it happens that you may find a part-time position in the health care institutions. Preceptorship has also become a widespread notion among young future doctors. Being a volunteer is a noble role that is why aim at becoming a volunteer to include that in your application paper.
  2. Research projects will be a good addition to your application. It is usually not obligatory to have research experience but still, it is a good plus in your application process. The Committee will see that you are interested in developing your scientific knowledge through surveys. In such a way you will have an image of the mature student who is a determined professional in their beginnings. Research reveals your analytical skills and the ability to develop your own ideas and thoughts based on the previous theories and achievements by other scientists. Research papers will also help you in your future endeavors to become Master or even get Ph.D. in medicine.
  3. Despite being a good professional in medicine and have high results in your studies the Committee appreciate if you are a versatile personality which means you are involved in social life and attend diverse social events and take part in extracurricular activities especially sports. If you have some achievements in the extracurricular activities go ahead and point that out in your application, you will definitely get extra points for that!
  4. Loyalty to long-term projects and volunteering may be very valuable in case you are obsessed with the idea to be a student in one of the best medical schools.

And one more thing! Do not forget to read and look through a medical school application sample to be more well-versed in submitting your primary or secondary applications medical school.

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