85+ Suggested War Essay Topics for Your Research

Essays on war & conflict can be portrayed from different perspectives. Thus, your paper may deal with the war in terms of politics, heroism, or describe its impact on ordinary people’s life. Besides, you might be asked for a more precise topic for your History class essay, for instance, about diplomacy, tactics, propaganda, weapons, as well as the causes and effects such conflicts have.

War Essay Topics

Whether your research paper is about WWI, WW2, Civil, Vietnam or Iraq War, you first need to decide what period to describe and approach to use and then to choose some specific war essay topics for your writing. To be certain that your topic is just right, make sure that:

  1. Your topic is not too broad (for instance, it concentrates on WW2 in general);
  2. Your topic is not too narrow (if it deals with one political figure only);
  3. You can find some research material online including videos, thematic websites, etc), it means that your subject is topical and discussed;
  4. You can find books about your topic in your local library;
  5. The topic is catchy and interesting (not only for your professor but for other students as well);
  6. The topic covers one of the burning issues in history;
  7. You can answer the question of the topic (if any) in the essay.

Covering all these seven steps is vital if you want to come up with a great topic, as it’s a half-way to a successful academic essay. After all, we all write essays intending to resolve some burning issues and catch the reader’s attention.

✍️ Tips for Writing a War Essay

College students who are required to create an essay on this topic should first be well acquainted with the historical background of the conflict they intend to write about. Secondly, they should make sure that essays are informative and cover the causes, consequences, and deprivation that the war caused.

To write a good war essay, consider the following tips:

  • Do extensive research on the topic before you start writing your essay. The easiest thing you can do is simply google your desired topic and check whether there are discussions and materials on the topic available. You’ll need to make your topic argumentative, so make sure there are enough reliable sources you can use when writing your essay.
  • Choose a compelling topic that will grab the reader’s attention. Once you’ve done research you might want to change the angle of your topic slightly and then move on to creating an outline for your writing.
  • Start your essay from the main body. We recommend starting with the main problems your future essay will be concentrated on. Provide arguments, support them with evidence and corresponding citations, and make emphasis on structuring your paper properly.
  • “Frame” and proofread you final essay. Introduction and conclusion sections frame your writing making it complex and complete. Writing then at the very end will help you to concentrate more on the context of your writing and include only those aspects that matter. Then, proofread your essay, making sure it has a nice flow.

📝 List of 30 General War Essay Topics

Here’s a list of 30 creative topic ideas that can help you understand what to write about. They are listed in no particular historical or chronological order:

  1. African-American Experience in American West: Civil War and Reconstruction.
  2. Analysis of Jeffery Amherst's Activity during French and Indian War.
  3. Analysis of the Results of the French and Indian War for Native Americans.
  4. Declaration of Independence Exploration in West: Impact of French and Indian War on British Colonies.
  5. Role of French and Indian War in Life of George Washington.
  6. The French and Indian War As a Major Historical Event in America’s History.
  7. Role of French and Indian War in American Revolution.
  8. The Rise Of Youth Culture After Great Depression Followed By World War II.
  9. Sufferings and Challenges of Australia's First World War Veterans.
  10. What Were Underlying Causes of World War 1.
  11. Conflict between South and North Korea.
  12. Unremembered Victory.
  13. Differences Between Korean and Vietnam War.
  14. Immediate Cause of the Korean War.
  15. Korean War and Vietnam War Compare and Contrast.
  16. The Military History of the Korean War.
  17. To What Extent was Stalin Responsible for the Korean War?
  18. Could the Bomb Have Been Avoided?
  19. How Did the Atomic Bomb Changed the World?
  20. Should the USA Have Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan?
  21. Reasons Why Atomic Bomb Was Necessary.
  22. Propaganda in Different Wars.
  23. Constructing a Collective Palestinian Identity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel.
  24. Six Day War between Palestine and Israel.
  25. The Israeli Palestinian Conflict.
  26. Effects of Nuclear Weapons.
  27. Evolution in Weaponry and Changes in Warfare.
  28. What is Nuclear Weapons?
  29. Israel and Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  30. Usefulness of Nuclear Weapons under Sino-soviet Case.

📜 Civil War Research Topics

The topics dedicated to this historical period are probably the most popular ones. The Civil War was a stepping stone that showed just how much the place and time influence people’s views and how different opinions on this can sometimes make a solid ground for some major conflicts.

  1. Daily Life Of Civil War Soldier: Routine And Distractions.
  2. What Technology Was Used During The Civil War.
  3. The Civil War: Conflict Between The North And The South.
  4. The Reasons That Causes Of The American Civil War.
  5. What Damage Was Caused During The Civil War.
  6. The American Civil War and the Black Lives Matter.
  7. Top Five Battles Won by the North.
  8. The Preconditions of the American Civil War.
  9. Joshua Chamberlain's Heroic Participation in the Civil War.
  10. A Critical Analysis of the Causes of the Civil War of 1861.
  11. Abraham Lincoln's Major Achievements.
  12. The Killer Angels': Killer Angels and The Cultural Civil War.
  13. Reasons of Slavery in Civil War.
  14. How Did Slavery Cause the Civil War.
  15. Was Reconstruction a Success or Failure?

📖 Cold War Paper Topics

  1. American Propaganda during the Cold War.
  2. Did America Win the Cold War?
  3. How Did Competing Ideologies During the Cold War Affect Guatemala?
  4. How did Military Spending Influence the End of the Cold War?
  5. How Did the Cold War Affect Domestic Policy?
  6. How Did the Cold War Affect the Growth of Technology in the United States?
  7. Lasting Effects of the Cold War.
  8. Positive Effects of the Cold War.
  9. Pros and Cons of the Cold War.
  10. Reasons Why Cold War was Not a War.

Vietnam War Essay Ideas

  1. Differences Between Korean and Vietnam War.
  2. How Did the Vietnam War Impact the United States Culturally?
  3. Korean War and Vietnam War Compare and Contrast.
  4. Pros of Vietnam War.
  5. Social Effects of the Vietnam War.
  6. The Main Impact of The Vietnam War.
  7. Vietnam War Pros and Cons
  8. Was the Vietnam War Justifiable?
  9. Was Vietnam War Necessary?
  10. What Advantage Did the American Military Have in the Vietnam War?

🌎 World War I Essay Topics

  1. Causes of The World War I.
  2. How Did Changes After World War I Affect American Life?
  3. How did World War 1 Change the World?
  4. The Invisible Soldiers of World War I.
  5. The Nature of Warfare During World War 1.
  6. The Significance of German Imperial Ambition in the Origins of the First World War.
  7. Was German Unification Inevitable?
  8. Was World War 1 Inevitable?
  9. World War I: A Catalyst for Artistic Progress.
  10. Importance of Animals in World War I.

🌍 World War II Essay Topics

When you choose to write about World War 2, always check the dates and the facts. Remember that it is an important topic to explore, which is why you can compare and check with how it is explored in Europe or in Russia to get more information. Remember to provide citations for each resource used.

  1. Differences and Similarities Between World War 1 and World War 2.
  2. Economic Implications of World War II.
  3. Positive and Negative Effects of World War 2.
  4. The Role of Women in World War Two.
  5. Was World War 2 a Good War?
  6. Was World War 2 Inevitable?
  7. What Factors Led to the Outbreak of World War 2?
  8. World War II Impact on USA.
  9. Comparisson of Technology in World War I and World War II.
  10. Representation of Holocaust and World War II in The Book Thief.
  11. Critical Analysis of Audrey Flack’s World War II (Vanitas): Evaluation of Painting from an Art History Perspective.
  12. England in the Second World War.


- What are some examples of powerful war research topics?

A research essay topic can be considered successful in case it is topical and well-researched. Historical events have a tendency to repeat from time to time, so that modern politicians and ordinary people can treat them as valuable lessons. A powerful topic is the one that can help us understand our past and make an output for the future; the impact of conflicts on our history, propaganda approaches, things that cause wars are some nice examples of timeless topics.

- What's the best way to start a war essay?

The beginning of each lengthy essay should clearly state what major concerns the essay will cover. If you are making a comparison between WW1 and the Cold War, you should tackle both in the introduction and focus on each of them separately in the body of the essay. In case your topic is connected with the importance of technological progress on weapons, make this statement in the paper’s intro.

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