List of African American Scholarships for 2020

While there are numerous reasons why high school seniors may approach diverse scholarship opportunities in the United States, very few students are aware of specific academic help, which is aimed at ethnic minorities. Since there are universities and colleges that are historically black, scholarships for African Americans represent not only financial aid packages but act as cultural diversity research. Even if a particular college does not list information for African descent applicants, researching organizations helps to reveal available options related to chosen subjects.

Starting with the National Association of Colored Women Council that focuses on scholarships for African American women students to BET Network Internships, an organization that helps African American students to find an internship, there are many ways to receive financial assistance. Want to get more information? Our research proposal writing service is the best choice. Get your research proposal!

Scholarships for African American Students 

1. ACHE Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship 

This foundation is named after Albert Dent, the first African American to join the American College of Healthcare Executives. Acting as financial assistance for African American students that pursue Healthcare disciplines, it addresses tuition costs, loans, and various expenses. An individual must be enrolled full-time in MHA, MPH or MBA in Healthcare Administration or similar programs.

2. NACME Scholars Program 

Standing for National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, it offers academic help as the scholarships for black students (as well as Latin and Native American) enrolled in engineering or computer science disciplines. The payments are being made through two installments per each academic year. Include full contact information with updated resume. 

3. Blacks at Microsoft (BAM) Scholarship 

Unique scholarship for being black male students majoring in data science, engineering or business management. An applicant must have an intention to attend a four-year course to earn a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Data Science, Computer Studies, Marketing, Finance or Business Administration. Scholarship essay writing is important regardless of subject and university. That is why it’s recommended to use professional help from scholarship writers and ensure the quality of your essay.

4. The Association of Black Psychologists (ABPSI)

Main eligibility factor is evidence of excellence and full-time enrollment in psychology graduate or undergraduate program. If you are the one committed to a future career in Psychology with a focus on research work in the African-American community. You can aquire some pro tips for completing some of your most essential works with the research paper service platforms. ABPSI is a unique financial aid opportunity with an internship, dissertation resources, and relevant career options.

5. The National Black Nurses Association Scholarships

These are the annual scholarships for black female students who pursue nursing careers. Application requirements include NBNA membership or being a member of a local chapter branch. If there is no chapter available within a 50-mile range of a person’s current location, one can join as a direct member. A student filling an application should be in BSN, AD Diploma, LPN or LVN nursing course. Good or excellent academic results are encouraged. Students must have at least one year of studies remaining. Two-page personal statement essay is required.  

6. UNCF Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Award 

It is aimed at African American full-time juniors, enrolled at any American college or university with a four-year curriculum. Speaking of application requirements of scholarship for African American students, applicants must have at least a 3.3 GPA points with a readiness to spend two summers for an internship at Merck’s research facilities or other research institutions. Students have to know how to make bibliography, conduct subject research, complete thesis proposal and deliver speeches. The scholarship help also includes boarding along with billable fees. 

7. CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship 

This aid focuses on African American and other minority students who pursue a degree in culture and performing arts. It is applicable for theater studies, music, dance, marching bands, circus artists. The applicants must be enrolled in a full-time course in a college and university. Strong leadership skills and participation in charity, volunteering, and community services are highly encouraged. 

Additional African American Scholarships Information 

  • The National Association of Colored Women Council Scholarship - one of the best black women scholarships resource that lists detailed information sorted by region, associations, subject or clubs all throughout the United States. 
  • Coca-Cola Foundation First Generation HBCU Scholarship - financial assistance for the freshman students that attend one of pre-selected HBCU colleges or Predominantly Black Institutions. It consists of 47 schools network. With an annual $5,000 award, it covers tuition costs, on-campus room, boarding, and the textbooks. 
  • How to Apply for Scholarship - a great website that tells of general requirements when applying for financial aid, which will be helpful for most situations. Check these rules to ensure that nothing is missed as you collect information for an application.
  • The National Society of Black Engineers - once an engineering student is a member of the society, there are black scholarships available. Calculate your GPA level to see whether you are eligible.
  • List of HBCU schools by the U.S. State - look through the list of over 100 schools with brief details, using an interactive map or searching by state. If you do not see particular school listed, look up Predominantly Black Schools as a possible option. 

If you find yourself struggling with a difficult financial situation, family commitments or realize that studying and working at the same time does not let you achieve academic excellence you strive for, applying for African American scholarships is a great way to receive additional help. Belonging to minorities, turning to communities and diverse organizations for African Americans helps to connect with cultural heritage and make a positive difference in your local community. Also, if you're asking yourself "where should I type my essay", there is a college application essay writing service that is ready to assist with any question you have concerns. These can also help with the completion of an application, resume, and even CV.

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