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Competitive Business Essay Topics Ideas to Write Successfully in 2023

Choosing business essay topics may sound like a challenging task since one may have to narrow things down a little bit to stand out from the competition or follow an already existing prompt provided by the college professor. The trick here is to work with a topic that you know well, dealing with an inspiring subject that can be researched and supported with a list of sources, unusual facts, or statistical information. Since business writing can be divided by subject, take a look at our helpful list and let our top business essay ideas become a starting point for your next assignment!

List of Business Essay Topics

Business Essay Topics

The most popular topics these days may deal with anything from Bitcoin's impact on the world's economy to artificial intelligence in consumer relations brand awareness challenges. Choosing your topic, think about something that can be supported with the facts or statistical information. By doing so, you will be able to support your arguments.

  1. What are the origins of copycat products?
  2. The causes of the Black Friday consumerism phenomenon.
  3. The role of technology in frequent bank merging in 2023.
  4. Sustained growth and the use of artificial intelligence for analysis purposes.
  5. The role of Brexit for the United States and foreign business relations.
  6. How can business diversity be achieved?
  7. Should schoolchildren in the United States be taught business basics?
  8. The loss of productivity during Covid-19 times.
  9. Business strategy matters: from soft leadership to utilitarian control methods.
  10. The negative business experience at Amazon Inc: case study writing (you can choose any other company).

Business Management Essay Topics

The role of business management cannot be underestimated these days since it is the field where the control of different processes takes place. It is not only the role of an average manager per se because it studies anything from planning to quality of customer services. Here are some interesting business topics to consider:

  1. The challenges of online advertising for non-technology-related businesses.
  2. The culture of business planning applicable to small or privately-run companies.
  3. The use of specialized software for business prognosis.
  4. How could customer service be improved with the help of Zoom conferences.
  5. E-Commerce and logistics during pandemic times.
  6. The role of mediation in the resolution of employment conflicts.
  7. How can green energy technology help businesses explore environmental ethics?
  8. The pros and cons of innovative management methods.
  9. Consumer loyalty in the United States vs the United Kingdom.
  10. Financial aspects of business management in the field of mechanical engineering.

Human Resources Essay Topics

You might have heard about human resources management as you were looking for employment or studied the role of HR analysis in organizations. It is exactly what should act as the foundation of your topics. Here are some good HR resources business topics to write about:

  1. The remote recruiting practices during Covid-19 times.
  2. How to calculate the average cost of human resources training?
  3. The changes in the labor markets during Trump's presidency.
  4. How does strategic HR management differ from the HR planning stage?
  5. Is equal employment opportunity balance possible to achieve?
  6. African Americans and racial bias in the field of HR management hiring.
  7. The pros and cons of AI-based technology in job analysis.
  8. Bullying in the workplace: case study experience.
  9. The role of staff training and learning: the responsibilities of the HR manager.
  10. The health advocacy programs in the United States: legal business analysis.

Organizational Behavior Essay Topics

The list of topics you should start with may include analysis of motivation, the behavior of employees and the leaders, distribution of power, and the peculiarities of interpersonal communication.

  1. The role of motivation and social media for correct perception of job objectives.
  2. The use of artificial intelligence in the reduction of bias.
  3. The role of business contractors and the historical aspect of power distribution in the United States.
  4. An impact of globalization on corporate culture practiced both online and on-site.
  5. Why is Corporate Social Responsibility a concept that does not work?
  6. The role of leadership for the success of startup business ideas.
  7. People with disabilities: how to reduce psychological pressure.
  8. Sexual harassment in the workplace: why it is rarely reported in the USA.
  9. Group training and mental help services in large organizations.
  10. How to be a successful boss: the fear, power, and mutual understanding.

Business Ethics Essay Topics

It is one of the most widely discussed subjects these days, which is why numerous college students, regardless of their course, choose this field for their essays. Some ideas to help you start:

  1. Should social media access be restricted in business environments?
  2. The role of the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges of monopoly.
  3. Should patriotic campaigns and learning sessions be a part of business education?
  4. The role of fashion and clothes in the business field.
  5. Should people of color be given more recognition or will it have an opposite effect?
  6. How to achieve workplace trust and mutual respect when working remotely?
  7. Obeying the company's rules when they go against basic human principles: right or wrong?
  8. Responsibility of business leaders: how to achieve psychological balance.
  9. Yoga training and meditation in the modern business environment.
  10. How to set an ethical behavior example when working online.

Supply and Demand Essay Topics

In simple terms, such topics focus on an explanation of demand for a particular product with the plans and estimation of how something can be supplied. The business essay ideas to consider may include:

  1. The pros and cons of organic food supplies in middle schools in the United States.
  2. Frozen food manufacturing and supplies: how should logistics be handled.
  3. The recycled products storage and business ethics in the United States.
  4. Why creative packaging helps to create a higher demand for products aimed at children.
  5. The role of China in international logistics.
  6. What compromises are acceptable in the field of supply and demand.
  7. Top reasons why outsourcing is obligatory in the fashion industry.
  8. How to find a specific niche for daily products.
  9. The role of social media and Instagram influencers in massive changes in the supply-and-demand field.
  10. Home make-up services: how do they affect the demands and quality standards of professional beauty salons?

Business Law Essay Topics

Contrary to popular belief, business law essay subjects are not only chosen by Law students or those who deal with accounting. It is often encountered by those who major in Political Sciences and Sociology. Here are some topics related to legislation:

  1. Analysis of the intellectual property laws in the USA.
  2. The pros and cons of cloud services used for business purposes.
  3. Why business formation laws are useless for online businesses.
  4. The Black Lives Matter's impact on current employment laws for African Americans.
  5. Obamacare system through the lens of pensions and benefits law.
  6. Disability Act legislation in Australia vs the United States.
  7. The matters of national security and commercial paper handling.
  8. Why the use of outsourcing takes away legal responsibilities.
  9. Secured Transactions: why electronic payments should have more legal control?
  10. The legal responsibilities of transnational corporations: Corporations Law.

Entrepreneurship Paper Topics

Without a doubt, it is one of the easiest and most challenging topics at the same time because it will always depend on what subject you would like to explore. It can be anything from the moral qualities of the modern entrepreneur to business relations with Arabic or Asian partners.

  1. The role of honesty in the online promotion of video games.
  2. How has social responsibility's perception changed during the last two decades?
  3. Working in an unethical business environment: From Walmart to Amazon.
  4. Leadership practices that are essential for successful entrepreneurship in 2023.
  5. The phenomenon of TikTok and marketing to young people.
  6. How does the movie industry affect our understanding of how a business environment works?
  7. How does technology affect the way how we deal with business failures.
  8. Free online courses as a way to develop entrepreneurial skills.
  9. The gender bias factor in the field of sports marketing.
  10. The definition of business credibility.

International Business Essay Topics

The majority of subjects dealing with international business essay writing include various comparisons or analysis cases that explore how things are handled or executed differently. For example:

  1. Perception of American businesses by Chinese entrepreneurs.
  2. The employment screening tests in the United States vs the United Kingdom.
  3. The role of foreign military operations for the business elites.
  4. How have import and export supply-and-demand practices changed during the Covid-19 times?
  5. The changes in business ethics through the lens of social media.
  6. An analysis of British business schools: a case study writing.
  7. The role of international cooperation for global business safety.
  8. English business school of thought vs American business strategies.
  9. The legacy of American business theorists.
  10. The things to know when doing business in the United Arab Emirates.

Value Essay Topics

An essay on values is an important topic for college students and educators as it helps to highlight our moral qualities as we research. See these value essay topic ideas:

  1. Should tobacco advertisements be forbidden since it influences the children?
  2. Is advertising to minors morally acceptable?
  3. The values and their role in building up a strong human character.
  4. The values of the 1950s vs modern values.
  5. Business profit methods and the value of environmental safety practices.
  6. Business decision making: how do education and personal skills affect our final decisions?
  7. The value theory and philosophy of needs by E. Kant.
  8. Covid-19 and distribution of vaccines throughout the world.
  9. The value of human interaction in the business environment.
  10. How can business integrity be defined in businesses that take place online.

Immediate Business Help Available

If finding a good business essay topic still sounds overly challenging or you need a reliable business plan writing service, there is no need to despair because our experts are here for you. Regardless if you need to come up with an argumentative thesis, find sources, or have a business specialist proofread your draft, do not think twice as there are ways to make things great. It is only natural to get stuck at times, which is why we work hard at offering unique solutions that will work for you and will match your writing style!


How do I choose a business research topic?

It should be related to your main course and represent something that can be narrowed down for research purposes. Come up with an outline, thesis statement, and find a list of sources that can support your arguments.

What are the 3 best topics for a business essay?

Since the best is always subjective and may not fit everyone's taste, the safest bet is to choose what is truly popular. Some good business essay topics include business ethics and corporate responsibility, social media marketing, and the resolution of business conflicts. The most important thing is to choose something that inspires you!

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