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100 Fascinating Engineering Research Paper Topics for You to Choose From

In the modern age of technological advancement, there are multiple interesting engineering research paper topics for you to choose from. However, their variety can also be a problem – picking the right one can be challenging if you want to deliver a quality paper.

In this article, we offer a list of relevant and exciting research paper topics engineering students will find easy to research and fun to write.

How to Choose Engineering Topics for Research Paper

Engineering Research Paper Topics

Selecting one of the right engineering essay topics is critical to getting a good grade. Here are the steps and tips that can help you make the right choice from the list of topics:

  • Brainstorm for ideas – if you don’t have a list of suggested topics, you would have to get creative to come up with interesting engineering research topics that are relevant to your assignment and the field as a whole;
  • Choose a title you understand the material on – engineering topics can get extremely complex and complicated, so make sure that you’re able to understand the theme of your choice;
  • Ensure there are enough resources on the subjects – while writing an essay on an obscure topic can result in interesting material, it can get too challenging if there aren’t many information sources on it;
  • Be flexible in your decision – don’t limit yourself to questions you’re well versed in, focus on what will make your essay interesting and will impress your grader.

List of Engineering Research Paper Topics

Engineering directly deals with the application of scientific principles. That’s why there are numerous specifics to this field that you cannot find anywhere else. Here are the topics that deal with them:

  1. Engineering and micromanufacturing
  2. The development of engineering in the Western culture
  3. Engineering economy
  4. Foundations of engineering and its relationship with science
  5. Specifics of engineering materials
  6. Engineering and managing complex systems
  7. The importance of reliability in engineering
  8. Complex problems of nuclear engineering
  9. The role of probability and statistics in engineering
  10. Problems of engineering education and how to improve it
  11. The concept of optimization in engineering
  12. Engineering and quality control
  13. The specifics of measurement and data analysis in engineering
  14. The use of optical methods in engineering analysis
  15. The problem of corrosion in engineering
  16. The use of nanotechnologies in modern engineering
  17. Value analysis and engineering
  18. The use of AI and machine learning in engineering
  19. Modeling methods in engineering
  20. Engineering and maintenance

Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

While the foundation for genetic engineering has been laid decades ago, the field has become a subject of controversies and debate in recent years. Here’s what you can discuss on it:

  1. The ethics of genetic engineering
  2. The importance of genetic engineering in modern agriculture
  3. Enhanced biofuel production with the help of genetic engineering
  4. CRISPR-Cas as one of the main tools of genetic engineering
  5. Genetic engineering and antibiotic production
  6. The politics of genetic engineering around the world
  7. Myths and real risks of genetic engineering
  8. Genetic engineering and sustainable food production
  9. Potential of the combination of genetic engineering and conventional breeding
  10. Genetic engineering in the fight against pollution

Civil Engineering Research Topics

  1. The impact of civil engineering on our daily lives
  2. The use of neural networks in civil engineering
  3. Vegetation and civil engineering
  4. Inspection methods of civil engineering elements
  5. Micromechanics of different composites used in civil engineering
  6. The role of uncertainty in civil engineering modeling
  7. The use of infrared thermography in civil engineering
  8. Advanced materials and adhesives used in civil engineering
  9. The importance of risk assessment in civil engineering
  10. Civil engineering and sustainability

Mechanical Engineering Research Topics

  1. Mechanical engineering and non-linear oscillations
  2. Gamification of the mechanical engineering education
  3. Methods for reliable and sustainable design
  4. How to reduce the development time of mechanical engineering designs?
  5. The importance of proper material selection in mechanical engineering
  6. The use of mechatronics and microcontrollers in mechanical engineering
  7. German mechanical engineering industry as a global standard
  8. Prototyping and modeling methods in modern mechanical engineering
  9. The use of numerical computation methods in system design
  10. How has the development of mechanical engineering impacted Western civilization?

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

  1. Technology and operations management in industrial engineering
  2. Popular optimization algorithms in industrial engineering
  3. Industrial engineering tools and methods for productivity improvement
  4. The view on health and safety in industrial engineering
  5. Main principles of industrial psychology
  6. The social aspect of industrial engineering
  7. Benefits and problems of industrial robotics
  8. Methods of integrated supply chain management
  9. Evaluation and review methods in industrial engineering
  10. The use of biocatalysts and nanomaterials in the industrial setting

Research Paper Topics on Software Engineering

As computers play an increasingly big role in our lives, software engineering becomes ever more popular. The potential ideas include:

  1. Economics of software engineering
  2. Experimental methods of software engineering
  3. Major differences between theory and practice in software engineering
  4. Models of software engineering
  5. Industrial software engineering
  6. The importance of testing in software engineering
  7. Collaboration in software engineering
  8. The use of software engineering in security
  9. Embedded software engineering: specifics and problems
  10. Software engineering management methods

Research Topics on Security Engineering

  1. The use of patterns in security engineering
  2. The specifics of cloud security engineering
  3. Security engineering of complex or distributed systems
  4. Privacy and security engineering
  5. The importance of security requirements analysis
  6. Security engineering in the automotive industry
  7. Security analysis: modeling and testing
  8. An economic perspective on security engineering
  9. Adaptive security methods
  10. The use of attack graph model in network security engineering

Electrical Engineering Research Topics

  1. Can general relativity impact electrical engineering methods?
  2. Integration of computer science in electrical engineering
  3. Electronic control systems in mechanical engineering
  4. The concepts of energy and information in electrical engineering
  5. Nonlinear optimization in electrical engineering
  6. Optimal dielectric materials for electrical engineering
  7. Differential evolution in electrical engineering
  8. Quantum electrodynamic in electrical circuits
  9. Benefits of optimization in electrical engineering
  10. Polymers and nanomaterials in electrical engineering

Biomedical Engineering Topics

  1. The use of conducting polymers in biomedical engineering
  2. Biggest accomplishments in modern biomedical engineering
  3. The use of IoT in biomedical engineering
  4. Biomedical engineering and 3D-printing
  5. The importance of carbon-based nanomaterials for biomedical engineering
  6. Methods and technologies of tactile sensing
  7. Strategies for nerve repair using biomedical engineering
  8. Medical imaging in biomedical engineering: X-ray, terahertz imaging, spectrography
  9. Biological materials and their potential in biomedical engineering
  10. Piezoelectricity in biomedical engineering systems

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