130+ Environmental Essay Topics That Will Earn You High Grades

Environmental issues are as relevant as ever, so there is a high chance that your teacher or instructor might assign you a paper on the topic. However, choosing a unique and interesting topic on the subject is rather hard, as a lot of environmental essay topics have been explored over and over again.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you with this problem. Take a look at some of the most relevant and timely environmental issues essay topics you can explore to get a high grade on your assignment.

Environmental Essay Topics

Popular Environmental Essay Topics

  1. Physical, Natural Environmental Issues Affecting the Food Industries
  2. Reduction of CO2 from Atmosphere Resulting In a Better Future
  3. Importance of Atmosphere Essay
  4. Heating of the Atmosphere
  5. Water Sanitation in the Ancient World
  6. Drinking Water and Sanitation
  7. Plastic Garbage
  8. Geologic Time and the World Ocean: Diving a Bit Deeper
  9. Exploration of the Global Ocean Through Ocean Mapping
  10. Wall-E': Environmental Issues
  11. Plastic Pollutants: Uncovering the Impact on Marine Biodiversity and Potential Solutions
  12. The Global Impact of Air Pollution from Heavy Metals
  13. The Toxic Legacy of Electronic Waste: Exploring the Environmental and Health Hazards
  14. The Dangers of Bioaccumulation: How Persistent Organic Pollutants Threaten Wildlife and Human Health

Climate Change Essay Titles

Climate change is one of the most talked-about environmental issues. This makes it a great theme for an essay, as there are a lot of resources available to pull information from. Here are some of the environment essay topics that relate to the current state of the climate change discussion:

  1. Detection and Attribution on Climate Change
  2. Bhutan and its Foreign Policy in Response to Environment and Climate Change
  3. Policy Responses to Climate Change
  4. Climate Change as One of The Biggest Global Health Threats in 21st Century
  5. Are Humans Responsible for Climate Change?
  6. Polar Bears and Climate Change Essay
  7. Why is Climate Change Important? Essay
  8. Biotech Benefits Drought and Salinity Resistant Crops
  9. The United States Participation in Fighting with Climate Changes
  10. The Effect of Climate on The Crops and Farmers in India
  11. How are Human Activities Responsible for Climate Change? Essay
  12. The Issue of Climate Change in South Park
  13. Carbon Finance as a Solution of The Protection of Environment
  14. Climate Change Will No Longer Be Silences
  15. Climate Change as a Real Issue Across America
  16. The Multiple Climate Change Indicators of Global Warming
  17. Climate Change: The Effects, Challenges and Mitigation
  18. Analysis of The Causes of Climate Change
  19. Overview of Climate Change Effects and Strategies to Control It

Ecology Essay Topics

Ecology is an established branch of science that studies the relationships between living organisms and the environment they live in. So, questions about the environment are inevitably related to ecology as well. Some of the topics relevant to ecology you can choose from are:

  1. To What Extent Surfing Communities Engage In Ecological Action That Respond To 21st Century Environmental Problems?
  2. Ecology And Environment: Social Science
  3. Methods For Modelling In Ecology And Conservation Biology
  4. Ecology Of Medicinal Plant
  5. Evolution And Ecology Of Corona Viruses
  6. Deserts of the United States: Reproductive Ecology
  7. Assessment of My Ecological Footprint
  8. Ecological Impacts of the Probable Extinction of Biological Indicators
  9. The Essence Of Bronfenbrenner's 'Ecological Theory'
  10. Assessment of The Ecological Problem Arising from Air Pollutants
  11. The Contribution Of Genetics To Our Understanding Of Ecological Problems
  12. An Analysis Of Socio-Ecological Systems And The Hadza
  13. Ecological pH Testing And Its Effects
  14. Analytical Essay on Ebola Virus: Ecological and Social Factors
  15. Software simulations and modeling in ecology
  16. The problems of invasion ecology and how they can be avoided
  17. The future of tropical and rainforest ecology
  18. The ecology of human disease
  19. Diversity and stability in ecology
  20. Ecology changes after major damaging events

Global Warming Topics

  1. Consequences of Global Warming Essay
  2. Carbon Emission Effects and Global Warming Laws
  3. Global Warming: Harmful Impact on the Polar Bears
  4. The Kyoto Protocol: First Framework for Fighting Global Warming
  5. Economic Model for Global Warming
  6. Iron Fertilization: Solving Global Warming
  7. Global Warming Impact on Animal Species Disappearing
  8. Essay About Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
  9. What Are the Harmful Effects Of Global Warming
  10. How Global Warming Changed Earth's Environment

Environmental Science Essay Topics

Environmental science is specifically dedicated to solving environmental issues. If you choose from this list, you will pick a problem solution topic, which will make you seem more pragmatic:

  1. Reasons Why the Goverment Should not Invest in Oil Exploration
  2. Uses of Solar Energy in Daily Life Essay
  3. The Main Advantages of Renewable Energy
  4. Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages Essay
  5. Solar Energy and Its Impact on Health
  6. Scaling-up Renewable Energy and CO2 Capture Technologies: A Review
  7. Renewable Energy: The Green Road Towards 2025 and Beyond
  8. Understanding Animal Lives is Important in Conservation Efforts
  9. Few Ways of Carpooling and Its Advantages
  10. Environmental Benefits of Carpooling
  11. Animal Extinction Due to Human Actions
  12. Carpooling: The Best Solution for Traffic We Have
  13. Applicability of Incentive Zoning Within Built Up Areas in South African Context
  14. Pollution and Recycling Essay
  15. Essay on the Current Solid Waste Management System in Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Sustainability Topics for Essays

Sustainability is a critical topic about the environment conservation. It plays a major role in our society, especially in the discussions around big corporations and manufacturers. Some of the topics related to the issue are:

  1. Blockchain's Potential to Improve Environmental Sustainability
  2. Critical Appraisal of Sustainability in the Construction Supply Chain
  3. Report on Energy Sustainability
  4. Knowledge Organisation Sustainability
  5. Importance of Environmental Sustainability Essay
  6. The Four Pillars of Sustainability
  7. The Use of Renewable Energy Sources
  8. The Ford Motor Company as an Example of Sustainability
  9. The Nature of Sustainable Development's Concept
  10. Sustainability Pros and Cons
  11. My Plans to Save Humanity: 'Path of Sustainability'
  12. Sustainability in South Africa
  13. Sustainability in Accounting Profession
  14. Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Issues
  15. Sustainability and MTEQ

Nature and Environment Essay Topics

Some of the essay topics you can choose to focus on nature itself, its dynamics, and interesting facts about it. Some of the themes you can discuss are:

  1. Mars Exploration Mission: Martian Atmosphere Studies
  2. What Can Ocean Trash Do? Essay
  3. Importance of Indian Ocean in the Economic, Geopolitic and Strategic
  4. Essay About Lake Baikal
  5. Why Should We Protect the Earth
  6. Why is the Sun Important To the Earth?
  7. Why are Biomes Important to Life on Earth
  8. What Type of Volcano is Kohala?
  9. Water VS Soda
  10. The Importance of Minerals in Your Drinking Water

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

If you want to spark a discussion around the subject, these essay topics will definitely help you:

  1. Influences Of Environment On Behavior
  2. Identifying The Need Of Social Change In Environment
  3. Reflection on the Human Sensorium and Aesthetics as an Ideal Basic for Conservation and Environmentalism
  4. Hunting vs. the Eco-System
  5. Why Zoos Should be Banned?
  6. The Need for Federal Agencies Funding Towards Wildlife Conservation
  7. Recycling of Materials: Entrepreneurship Assignment
  8. Green Building with Concrete
  9. What is Human Resource Management

Environmental Issues Essay Topics

  1. The Clinical Waste Management in Cameroon
  2. India's Policy of Conservation Forest
  3. Improvement of Forest Practices With Forest Certification
  4. The Law on Hazardous Waste Management System
  5. Four R’s of Recycling in Modern Understanding
  6. Americans Should Consume Fewer of The Global Resources
  7. History of Wildlife Conservation in The USA and Canada
  8. Joseph Desjardins' Perspective on The Rapid Growth of Population and Our Responsibilities to Future Ancestors
  9. Essay on Water Conservation and Water Quality
  10. Nanotechnology and Environment

Environmental Law Topics

Fortunately, we as a society have started to care more about the environment, you can even often see environment conservation as one of the social issue essay topics. This is why there is more and more legislation around the subject. You can choose one of these topics as a theme for your essay:

  1. The Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR): Argumentative Essay
  2. The Problem of Environmental Pollution: Fresh Water
  3. Can international environmental law be effectively enforced?
  4. Environmental law vs corporation lobbyism
  5. The participation of non-governmental organizations in environmental law development
  6. How to encourage compliance with international environmental law norms?
  7. The ignorance of the general public on the question of environmental law
  8. How to spread the successful green policies from developed countries onto the rest of the world?
  9. What should be a priority of international environmental legislation?
  10. The impact of scientific activism on the environmental law

Human Impact on the Environment Essay Topics

  1. Why Plastic Water Bottles Should be Banned?
  2. Human Impact on the Natural Environment
  3. The Protection of the Environment is a Basic Human Duty
  4. Vehicles Pollution
  5. The Solution of Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest
  6. The Main Risks of Deforestation
  7. Should We Bring Extinct Species Back From the Dead?
  8. Human Activities as Drivers of Insect Extinction
  9. Effects of Pollution on Human Health Essay
  10. Deforestation and Climate Change

Technology Saving Environment Essay Topics

  1. Essay on Electronic Waste Management
  2. Natural Sources: Green Energy
  3. Green Architecture Application in Hong Kong
  4. Nuclear Waste Management Essay
  5. Green Technology - a Key to Eco Friendly Environment
  6. Airliners and Contrail Effects on Climate Change
  7. Solar Power as the Best Source of Energy
  8. Renewable Energy: Solar Energy As a New Fuel
  9. Renewable Energy Sources Overview
  10. Neural Network Models for Prediction of Deforestation: A Survey

Environmental Essay Topics for College Students

  1. The Cause and Effect of Deforestation Essay
  2. Simulation of Traffic Flow to Analyze the Vehicle Behaviour on a Multi Lane Motorway
  3. Responsibility Not to Cause Environmental Damage
  4. Renewable Energy in South Africa
  5. Philippine Traffic Crisis: Reflection and Suggestion
  6. Is Renewable Energy Really Green and Beneficial? Essay
  7. How Can We Protect our Earth?
  8. Essay on Increasing Pollution in Cities
  9. Environmental Issues Inflicted by Tourism in Cancun
  10. Could Europe be Powered by Renewable Energy? Essay
  11. The Role of Microplastics in Marine Ecosystems
  12. Pesticides and Pollinators: Assessing the Impact of Chemicals on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  13. Microbial Resistance and Environmental Toxins: A Hidden Crisis of Antibiotic Pollution
  14. Mitigating Biodiversity Loss in Urban Environments: Innovative Strategies for the Future
  15. The Intricacies of Soil Contamination: Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Chemical Pollutants

In Conclusion

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to make the first step – to choose one of the relevant environmental essay topics. We can also help you make the next step as well. Contact our writing service right now, and we’ll assist you with creating a 100% unique text from one of our professional writers of your choosing.

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