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130+ Environmental Essay Topics That Will Earn You High Grades

Environmental issues are as relevant as ever, so there is a high chance that your teacher or instructor might assign you a paper on the topic. However, choosing a unique and interesting topic on the subject is rather hard, as a lot of environmental essay topics have been explored over and over again.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you with this problem. Take a look at some of the most relevant and timely environmental issues essay topics you can explore to get a high grade on your assignment.

Environmental Essay Topics

Popular Environmental Essay Topics

  1. The causes of volcano activity in 2022
  2. Thermal energy control: what politics and institutions are involved in the United States?
  3. The analysis of the current radioactive situation in the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
  4. The pros and cons of ecotourism
  5. The concept of food justice and the role of genetically modified additions
  6. Poor environmental quality in Australia’s rural areas: bio-accumulation issues
  7. The negative impact of chemicals on endangered species in Wyoming, USA
  8. Electric cars as the way to address diesel emissions: pros and cons
  9. The legal protection of climate refugees in the United States
  10. The renewable energy methods: the use of solar energy as a way to reduce environmental damage

Climate Change Essay Titles

Climate change is one of the most talked-about environmental issues. This makes it a great theme for an essay, as there are a lot of resources available to pull information from. Here are some of the environment essay topics that relate to the current state of the climate change discussion:

  1. Is adaptation to climate change possible?
  2. The difference between the impact of climate change on urban and rural territories
  3. Climate change impact on human physiology
  4. Historical reaction to global changes in climate
  5. The demographic impact of climate change
  6. How much transport evolution has impacted climate change?
  7. Climate change and agriculture: a complex relationship
  8. How much can individual human choice impact climate change?
  9. Climate change representation in media
  10. Evolution of public views on climate change
  11. The connection between climate change and global disasters
  12. How does climate change affect biodiversity?
  13. The economic damage of climate change
  14. Diseases that could come from the climate change
  15. Climate change impact on different social groups
  16. Climate change response that has the most potential in averting the crisis
  17. Water and food security in the context of climate change
  18. Climate change effects on the marine life
  19. Regional-specific impacts of climate change
  20. Tourism and entertainment in the climate change discussion

Ecology Essay Topics

Ecology is an established branch of science that studies the relationships between living organisms and the environment they live in. So, questions about the environment are inevitably related to ecology as well. Some of the topics relevant to ecology you can choose from are:

  1. Mathematical and laboratory ecological models
  2. Ecology and society interactions
  3. A close look at the evolutionary ecology
  4. Can any general laws be highlighted in ecology?
  5. The importance of pattern studying in ecology
  6. The political presence of ecology
  7. Ecology and optimization: indivisible concepts
  8. The impact of ecology on urban planning
  9. Ecology of cities
  10. Aging process as an ecological concept
  11. Energy crisis and ecology
  12. How our food needs have reshaped the ecology?
  13. Specifics of marine ecology
  14. Ecology and tourism: helpful or harmful?
  15. Software simulations and modeling in ecology
  16. The problems of invasion ecology and how they can be avoided
  17. The future of tropical and rainforest ecology
  18. The ecology of human disease
  19. Diversity and stability in ecology
  20. Ecology changes after major damaging events

Global Warming Topics

  1. Should biodiversity be taught in middle schools as a part of global warming education?
  2. Climate change initiatives and ocean pollution in 2022
  3. The role of the world's scouting in the prevention of climate change dangers
  4. The political aspect of global warming, mentioned in presidential debates
  5. Deforestation problem in Brazil: Amazon Forests case study
  6. Volcano activity in 2022: a clear sign of global warming?
  7. Natural gas drilling controversy: from Eastern Ukraine to the United States
  8. Logistics during Covid-19 and meeting the objectives of the global warming prevention plan
  9. Power plants in the United States and carbon dioxide emissions
  10. The causes of ocean temperatures increase through the lens of global warming

Environmental Science Essay Topics

Environmental science is specifically dedicated to solving environmental issues. If you choose from this list, you will pick a problem solution topic, which will make you seem more pragmatic:

  1. Principles of environmental management
  2. How green and sustainable are biofuels?
  3. A look at the impact of aerosols on the environment
  4. Science of fisheries and the most sustainable approach to them
  5. Why are botanic gardens the best instruments for climate change research?
  6. Environmental applications of graphene and nanocomposites
  7. The use of plants as heavy metal filters for water sources
  8. Problems of wastewater treatment and personal care products
  9. The importance of environmental literacy in society
  10. The problem of biodegradability of aging chemicals
  11. The importance and limitations of the carbon footprint as a sustainability indicator
  12. Organic pollutants and their impact on vegetation
  13. Spectroscopy as a tool for environmental analysis
  14. How does migration change with extreme events?
  15. Cause and the potential effect of heavy metal pollution in China

Sustainability Topics for Essays

Sustainability is a critical topic about the environment conservation. It plays a major role in our society, especially in the discussions around big corporations and manufacturers. Some of the topics related to the issue are:

  1. Microalgae use in the sustainable production of biological fuel
  2. Design strategies for the sustainable textile industry
  3. Economical advantages of sustainable businesses
  4. Use of sustainability in marketing
  5. Solar electricity: how to achieve maximal sustainability
  6. Potential sustainable hydrogen sources
  7. Achieving sustainable food production through fisheries and livestock management
  8. Sustainable chemical production through biological processes
  9. How to minimize machine energy consumption for potential sustainability?
  10. How to balance sustainable production and consumption?
  11. Key indicators of the sustainability of business
  12. How to maintain sustainability with business growth?
  13. Is global sustainability achievable?
  14. Sustainability of e-learning and working remotely
  15. Pros and cons of innovation for sustainability

Nature and Environment Essay Topics

Some of the essay topics you can choose to focus on nature itself, its dynamics, and interesting facts about it. Some of the themes you can discuss are:

  1. GMO benefits and potential dangers
  2. Conservation biology and how human activity impacts the ecosystem
  3. Future global biodiversity scenarios
  4. Human impact on the landscape and the resulting change of environment
  5. Human overpopulation and its impact on the environment
  6. Change in the migrational ecology of birds
  7. How do the tree varieties change throughout the world?
  8. The importance of forestation in urban areas
  9. The role of trees in landscape preservation and landslide prevention
  10. The complex relationship between plants and society
  11. Communication and intelligent behaviors in plants
  12. Plants’ role in the global economy and international trade
  13. Animals in captivity: ethics and biological impact
  14. The diversity of marine animals based on how deep they live

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

If you want to spark a discussion around the subject, these essay topics will definitely help you:

  1. Can humans be considered the most impactful factor of climate change?
  2. Is nuclear energy trustworthy enough to rely on for carbon footprint reduction?
  3. How green the electric cars really are?
  4. Does hunting have a lasting environmental impact?
  5. Can civilization survive by using only renewable sources of energy?
  6. Is climate change overblown in its proportions?
  7. Can a personal choice of recycling compete with the impact of global corporations?
  8. Can quality public transportation reduce the carbon footprint?
  9. Can solar panels be a sustainable source of energy on a homeowner scale?
  10. Are humans a primary reason for natural disasters?

Environmental Issues Essay Topics

  1. An ethical aspect of overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea
  2. Waste production challenges in Iceland and Faroes
  3. Should genetic modification of crops be forbidden? Pros and Cons of this practice
  4. How can biotechnologies and eco-energy affect population growth and the list of increased needs?
  5. The use of AI technologies for the prevention of water pollution in the engineering sector
  6. Acid rain: how fair is an analysis of the causes that deal with ecological damage?
  7. International trading agreements and the problem of deforestation in the Czech Republic
  8. Urbanization vs rural lifestyles: what balance could be found to address the most urgent ecological issues?
  9. Ozone layer depletion in China and transparency of the reports
  10. The definition of biodiversity through the lens of globalization and technology

Environmental Law Topics

Fortunately, we as a society have started to care more about the environment, you can even often see environment conservation as one of the social issue essay topics. This is why there is more and more legislation around the subject. You can choose one of these topics as a theme for your essay:

  1. An impact of Kyoto Protocol on pollution levels
  2. Conflicts on an international level in environmental law discussions
  3. Can international environmental law be effectively enforced?
  4. Environmental law vs corporation lobbyism
  5. The participation of non-governmental organizations in environmental law development
  6. How to encourage compliance with international environmental law norms?
  7. The ignorance of the general public on the question of environmental law
  8. How to spread the successful green policies from developed countries onto the rest of the world?
  9. What should be a priority of international environmental legislation?
  10. The impact of scientific activism on the environmental law

Human Impact on the Environment Essay Topics

  1. The intensity of human impact on nature, from the early history to modern times
  2. The spread of nano plastic across the world – reasons and consequences
  3. The effect of pesticides on soil, plants, and human health
  4. Human impact on biodiversity and what it could lead to
  5. Can human-created environments replace human-altered ones?
  6. How deep does human impact on marine life go?
  7. Could nature return to the norm after human extinction?
  8. The impact of heavy metal mining on the environment
  9. Have humans impacted every corner of the Earth – environmental impact on the Antarctic
  10. Impact of military conflicts on conservation efforts

Technology Saving Environment Essay Topics

  1. Energy-saving innovations as a conservation effort
  2. Remanufacturing engineering and its efforts in energy- and resource-saving
  3. IoT use for resource management
  4. Evolution of wind- and solar energy sources to the point of sustainability
  5. Use of biofiltration to control the air pollution level
  6. The potential of a worldwide sensor system to detect and research climate and pollution fluctuations
  7. The use of artificial intelligence to determine the water quality and potential pollution source
  8. Green technology advantage in market competition
  9. The rise of green technology in China and India – reasons and consequences
  10. New in wastewater-filtering – multi-soil-layering

Environmental Essay Topics for College Students

  1. The role of science education in environmental conservation efforts
  2. Cognitive practices that boost environmental awareness through the underlying cause determination
  3. How can societal awareness of the environmental law help with its enforcement?
  4. What environmental education practices can lead to the best results?
  5. Why are college students the most active members of the environment conservation communities?
  6. How does public environmental awareness shift the behavior of individuals?
  7. Effectiveness of promotion of environmental issues through museums and botanic gardens
  8. Underlying philosophical questions behind human-nature interactions
  9. Mathematical model of the climate change historic evolution
  10. The role of social media in the discourse of the environmental issues

In Conclusion

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to make the first step – to choose one of the relevant environmental essay topics. We can also help you make the next step as well. Contact our writing service right now, and we’ll assist you with creating a 100% unique text from one of our professional writers of your choosing.

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