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Essay Topics About Animals to Help You Brainstorm Ideas

From middle school to college, we are often required to write all kinds of essays. This includes persuasive, informative, argumentative, and other types of essays. Animal essays can be in any of these categories, but the point is the same - their focus is on exciting topics concerning living creatures.

Luckily, there are a lot of animals essay topics, and many of them are controversial. But coming up with a good topic isn’t always that easy. It’s essential to have the correct facts to support your claims while hitting that “sweet spot” where all people will have an opinion on the topic.

This can often be difficult if you love animals because you’re emotionally involved, and everything about these creatures is important to you. That’s why we’ve decided to share some advice and topic suggestions with you.

Finding the Right Essay Topics about Animals 

Humans and living creatures have a long history together. That’s why there are so many different topics to explore. You can talk about zoos, animal rights, human interaction with them, as well as whether any living creatures should be used for testing, and so much more.

If you’re wondering how to write a persuasive essay, here are some tips that can help you come up with the right topic and come up with a proper structure for your animal essay. 

  • Ensure there’s enough research!

All of the topics connected to worlds’ living things you choose need to have the right information to support your claims. Ensure whether there’s enough research for a topic and, more importantly, useful facts that will give your credibility. 

  • Understand the topic! 

When you come up with a topic, take a deeper look into it. What will it have to cover? What is the relevant information for that topic? How many words will it need? Take the time to understand what this topic will encompass. 

  • Find a question that hasn’t been answered! 

Think about a topic that interests you and you don’t know the answer to. This will make the whole process more interesting for you. At the same time, it will make it easier to include relevant information in your essay. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it will help you kill with your essay.

List of Essay Topics about Animals

To help you brainstorm a topic for your essay, we’ve gathered a list of 170 topics. These topics can work really well, but it’s crucial to rely on your intuition and interests when choosing one. You must be sure that you’ll be able to write the paper.

  1. Medical testing on animals is morally and ethically wrong 
  2. Animal euthanization is the right thing to do when
  3. Zoos are bad for living things that aren’t endangered 
  4. Why keeping living creatures in cages is cruel 
  5. How zoo ecosystems work and why they are bad 
  6. Service dogs: a new way for integrating living creatures with humans 
  7. People who are lonely benefit a lot from animal companions 
  8. Why are dolphins so friendly to humans? 
  9. Is it moral to keep pets at home? 
  10. Why protecting bees should be our top priority 
  11. Why do we need to make animal cruelty criminal 
  12. Humans are causing extinction of numerous species worldwide  
  13. How domestic animals wouldn’t exist without humans 
  14. Species that humans have wiped out 
  15. Animals species that wouldn’t exist today without humans 
  16. Is it ok that we treat cats and dogs as better creatures? 
  17. Do other living beings think as we do? 
  18. Which mammals are the smartest in the world 
  19. Eating other creatures to survive is a natural thing 
  20. How hunting can actually be fun 
  21. Things you should consider before getting a pet 
  22. Are pets missing out or living a great life? 
  23. We should all feel obligated to report animal abuse 
  24. Teaching younger generations about the importance of other living beings 
  25. Having a pet is a thing of style with most people 
  26. Caring for living things has become “cool,” but rarely who really cares 
  27. Why is veterinary care so expensive 
  28. Animals have been institutionalized like humans 
  29. Why it’s better to adopt a dog than buy one 
  30. The responsibility of being a pet owner in the 21st century 
  31. We are treating other beings as products and fashion 
  32. Should humans control creatures’ ecosystems? 
  33. Why do we love dogs so much?
  34. Dogs are better pets than cats! 
  35. Zoos can also be good for animals!
  36. What makes pet birds so special compared to other beasties 
  37. Things to know before getting a pet parrot 
  38. Should everyone be able to own a pet? 
  39. Reasons why it makes sense to become vegan 
  40. Things vegans get wrong about the meat industry 
  41. Types of tigers that still exist in the world 
  42. Why eating dogs is simply wrong 
  43. The forest wildlife of China 
  44. How much we really know about sharks and how they live 
  45. Differences between wolves and foxes 
  46. Is keeping a bird in a cage the right thing to do? 
  47. Beasties medicine and wellness is mostly about money 
  48. How animal testing has helped the human race 
  49. Laika: how a dog helped humanity learn about space 
  50. Different types of cats that people have as pets 
  51. The relationship between animals and humans 
  52. Are all creatures really equal? 
  53. Why are some living things more equal than others? 
  54. The dark side of animal experimentation and how to avoid it 
  55. What it means to treat living creatures humanely 
  56. Animal circuses should be shut down entirely 
  57. How people use their beasties to make money 
  58. Why do all living creatures deserve to have their rights 
  59. Rare species that live in the US 
  60. Nobody should be able to use any living creature for profit
  61. Why is it’s ok to have an animal that makes money 
  62. Animals have the right to live their lives 
  63. Which living things are on the verge of extinction right now? 
  64. Do zoos do more bad or good for animals? 
  65. The adverse effects of species extinction 
  66. Teaching kids to be kind to living creatures makes them better people 
  67. How strong is a gorilla compared to humans? 
  68. Why do dogs have such a powerful sense of smell? 
  69. How strong would our bite be if we had dog jaws? 
  70. The fantastic water life ecosystems and how they’re connected 
  71. Animal cruelty must be completely forbidden 
  72. Contributing to the extinction of animals must be punishable 
  73. Why is bullfighting a bad thing 
  74. Different types of deer that exist 
  75. Bears of North America and their differences 
  76. How are cats from Africa different from the US cats? 
  77. Why are foxes becoming more popular as pets? 
  78. Hunting sports are a culture that needs to be shut down 
  79. What are exotic pets and how to take care of them 
  80. How human medicine has helped other beings 
  81. The causes of irrational fear of spiders 
  82. Predators aren’t evil; they just want to survive 
  83. Neutering animals is a good thing; here’s why 
  84. Why it’s essential to save the Giant Pandas 
  85. How the horn market has endangered rhinos 
  86. Sacrificing living things in religious rituals is wrong 
  87. Best pet birds for beginners to start with 
  88. Interesting facts about parrots you didn’t know 
  89. How having a pet dog changes your life 
  90. Fight the industry by boycotting animal products 
  91. Cosmetics testing on animals is a big problem 
  92. Snow Leopards are endangered and need our help 
  93. Different types of personalities dogs can have 
  94. How therapy dogs actually help people 
  95. Ways dogs can injure their eyes while running outside 
  96. Should we eat animal meat in our workout nutrition? 
  97. Why are zoos the equivalent of prisons for other living creatures
  98. What motivates people to become veterinarians
  99. Is it possible to protect all the animals in the world?
  100. Living things in Christianity and their role in religion 
  101. How some of the largest mammals in the world survive 
  102. What is animal welfare, and how does it work?
  103. All living things in the world should have equal rights
  104. How vultures stop the disease from spreading around the world 
  105. Some of the biggest mistakes pet owners make regularly 
  106. The role of birds in soil fertilization, pest control, and pollination 
  107. How dogs give emotional and physical support to their owners 
  108. Why are elephants such majestic creatures despite their size 
  109. The negative consequences on ecology when species become extinct 
  110. Everyone has the responsibility to report animal abusers when they catch them in an act 
  111. The adverse effects of water pollution on all aquatic life and their ecosystems 
  112. How the penguins were able to increase their numbers in a large amount 
  113. How animal population explosion can actually be bad 
  114. There’s no reason to care for animals and their numbers 
  115. Why whaling should be banned legally across the whole world 
  116. Animal testing is worth the medications we’re getting 
  117. Wild things should not be kept in captivity ever 
  118. Ways we can help beasties and humans coexist 
  119. The most venomous creatures in the world 
  120. Animals that kill the most humans every year 
  121. The deadliest creatures in the world and their survival mechanisms 
  122. Potential alternatives to experimenting on animals and wildlife 
  123. Caged living things often self-mutilate themselves, and here’s why 
  124. How are animal immune systems different from human immunology 
  125. Animal experimentation has helped develop several vaccines 
  126. Is it more ethical to use living things in the military? 
  127. Number of beings that have been used for experiments 
  128. How does keeping our beasties closed affect them psychologically 
  129. How has public opinion changed towards animal rights 
  130. Why is hunting legal in some countries 
  131. Endangered animals can be saved by putting them in natural habitats 
  132. There isn’t enough willpower for conserving animal species 
  133. Lots of actions for conserving rare species are just marketing 
  134. Not enough critically endangered species are being protected 
  135. Breeding endangered wild things in artificial habitats 
  136. Politicians talk about animal rights only to score points 
  137. Undeveloped countries care less about animal rights 
  138. Laws about animal rights are often poorly designed 
  139. How technology has harmed animals globally 
  140. How technology has helped creatures around the world 
  141. International conventions are ineffective in helping creatures 
  142. Tribal people need to hunt living creatures to survive 
  143. The state should protect all living things 
  144. Animal dissection helps people learn about animals 
  145. Dissection of living creatures should be banned 
  146. Using physical force to training dogs is good 
  147. Animal fights should be banned globally 
  148. People shouldn’t care about dog breeds when getting a pet 
  149. Most common spider breeds people keep as pets 
  150. Why are lions “kings of the jungle?” 
  151. Animals with the most amazing talents 
  152. Wearing leather is a normal thing!
  153. We should all stop wearing clothes made out of animals 
  154. What does it mean to raise beasties under humane conditions?
  155. Why is the meat industry harmful to the world? 
  156. Why are people afraid of frogs? 
  157. Abused dogs are often aggressive towards people 
  158. All cats love boxes, including big wild cats 
  159. How different are domestic dogs compared to wolves? 
  160. People who throw their dogs out on the street should be punished 
  161. Should we control how people are taking care of their pets? 
  162. Animal farms are necessary for humanity to survive 
  163. Ways we can altogether remove meat from our diet 
  164. Is it ok to turn carnivore pets into vegans? 
  165. How the human race has exploited chicken throughout history 
  166. Should all dangerous dog breeds be banned? 
  167. Are some dog breeds naturally dangerous? 
  168. How dog owners make their pets aggressive towards others 
  169. Deadliest snakes from all continents 
  170. Keeping dogs chained for most of the day is unethical!

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Animal testing is a must but can be improved 
  2. Zoos are terrible from every perspective 
  3. Particular species that must be used for testing and experimentation 
  4. The dangerous effects of humans on beings’ life 
  5. Punishments for animal abuse are still too mild 
  6. Forest cutting has terrible consequences on wildlife 
  7. All of us need to respect living creatures and their role
  8. Human lives are more important than living creatures’ ones
  9. Global warming is destroying different animal ecosystems 
  10. If we don’t make any changes, more species will go extinct 
  11. Living things shouldn’t be used for entertaining humans 
  12. Animal fashion needs to be banned globally 
  13. Testing cosmetics products on living things should be banned 
  14. We care for beasties selectively, and that’s a problem 
  15. Lots of people don’t really care about animals 

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Why we should be more conscious about other living beings 
  2. Teaching children to be kind to all living creatures should be an imperative 
  3. People should eat animals if they want to 
  4. It’s better not to have a pet if you won’t take care of it 
  5. Birds are cooler than cats and dogs 
  6. Getting a pet for kids teaches them responsibility 
  7. We can’t save all the creatures in the world 
  8. There’s no way to convince everyone to care about beasties 
  9. Some people are simply annoyed by animals 
  10. Having a pet can be annoying at times 
  11. Some people get pets to show off 
  12. Farmers know more about living creatures than people from the city 
  13. Why you should consider stopping eating meat 
  14. Having good intentions towards animals isn’t necessarily what’s good for them! 
  15. Not all living things need human protection!


Go through our list of animal essay topics to find inspiration. Take the time to choose the right subject, and we guarantee you will write a better essay. Not only this, but it will actually be fun!

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