Essay Topics About Animals to Help You Brainstorm Ideas

From middle school to college, we are often required to write all kinds of essays. This includes persuasive, informative, argumentative, and other types of essays. Animal essays can be in any of these categories, but the point is the same - their focus is on exciting topics concerning living creatures.

Luckily, there are a lot of animals essay topics, and many of them are controversial. But coming up with a good topic isn’t always that easy. It’s essential to have the correct facts to support your claims while hitting that “sweet spot” where all people will have an opinion on the topic.

This can often be difficult if you love animals because you’re emotionally involved, and everything about these creatures is important to you. That’s why we’ve decided to share some advice and topic suggestions with you, so you can learn how to write my essay for me without any problems.

Finding the Right Essay Topics about Animals 

Humans and living creatures have a long history together. That’s why there are so many different topics to explore. You can talk about zoos, animal rights, human interaction with them, as well as whether any living creatures should be used for testing, and so much more.

If you’re wondering how to write a persuasive essay, here are some tips that can help you come up with the right topic and come up with a proper structure for your animal essay. 

  • Ensure there’s enough research!

All of the topics connected to worlds’ living things you choose need to have the right information to support your claims. Ensure whether there’s enough research for a topic and, more importantly, useful facts that will give your credibility. 

  • Understand the topic! 

When you come up with a topic, take a deeper look into it. What will it have to cover? What is the relevant information for that topic? How many words will it need? Take the time to understand what this topic will encompass. 

  • Find a question that hasn’t been answered! 

Think about a topic that interests you and you don’t know the answer to. This will make the whole process more interesting for you. At the same time, it will make it easier to include relevant information in your essay. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it will help you kill with your essay.

List of Essay Topics about Animals

To help you brainstorm a topic for your essay, we’ve gathered a list of 170 topics. These topics can work really well, but it’s crucial to rely on your intuition and interests when choosing one. You must be sure that you’ll be able to write the paper. Choosing the right essay topics about animals can be challenging, but our personal statement writing service can help you craft an engaging and impactful essay that highlights your passion and expertise.

Animal Rights and Ethics Topics

  1. The moral implications of animal testing in cosmetics.
  2. Should animals have the same rights as humans?
  3. The ethical considerations of keeping animals in zoos.
  4. The debate over hunting for sport: Conservation tool or cruelty?
  5. Animal labor: The use of animals in entertainment industries.
  6. The impact of factory farming on animal welfare.
  7. Ethical dilemmas in medical research using animals.
  8. The legality of animal fights: Tradition vs. animal rights.
  9. The morality of using animals for educational dissections.
  10. Veganism as an ethical stance against animal exploitation.
  11. The role of animal rights organizations in legislation.
  12. The ethics of pet breeding practices.
  13. Animal rights in the fashion industry: Fur and leather debate.
  14. The controversy over animal euthanasia in shelters.
  15. The ethical implications of genetic modification of animals.
  16. The use of animals in military and police work.
  17. Animal rights vs. cultural traditions and practices.
  18. The ethics of wildlife photography and observation.
  19. The impact of animal rights on food industry practices.
  20. Ethical considerations of animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Wildlife Conservation Essay Topics

  1. The role of national parks in wildlife conservation.
  2. The effects of climate change on biodiversity.
  3. Strategies for combating wildlife trafficking and poaching.
  4. The importance of coral reefs and efforts to save them.
  5. Conservation challenges for migratory species.
  6. The impact of deforestation on wildlife habitats.
  7. Marine conservation: Protecting oceanic biodiversity.
  8. The role of zoos in conservation and species preservation.
  9. Rewilding: Restoring natural habitats and reintroducing species.
  10. The plight of endangered species: Causes and solutions.
  11. The impact of invasive species on native wildlife.
  12. Conservation genetics: Using science to save species.
  13. The role of community-based conservation efforts.
  14. The impact of pollution on wildlife health and habitats.
  15. The significance of wildlife corridors in conservation.
  16. The challenges of conserving urban wildlife.
  17. The role of technology in wildlife conservation.
  18. The importance of global treaties in wildlife protection.
  19. The impact of ecotourism on conservation efforts.
  20. The role of education in promoting wildlife conservation.

Animal Behavior and Cognition Essay Topics

  1. The intelligence of dolphins and their communication methods.
  2. Bird migration patterns and the mysteries behind them.
  3. The social structures of wolf packs.
  4. Animal emotions: Do animals feel like humans?
  5. The cognitive abilities of primates compared to humans.
  6. The phenomenon of animal play: Purpose and benefits.
  7. The mating rituals of different animal species.
  8. Animal problem-solving skills and tool use.
  9. The impact of domestication on animal behavior.
  10. Communication methods in the animal kingdom.
  11. The role of pheromones in animal behavior.
  12. Parental care strategies in the wild.
  13. The effects of captivity on animal behavior.
  14. Navigation and homing instincts in animals.
  15. The study of animal personalities.
  16. Behavioral adaptations for survival.
  17. The role of memory in animal behavior.
  18. Social learning and imitation in animals.
  19. Territorial behavior and its ecological impact.
  20. The influence of environmental changes on animal behavior.

Human-Animal Interactions Essay Topics

  1. The benefits of pet ownership on human health.
  2. The history of domestication of animals.
  3. The role of animals in therapy and rehabilitation.
  4. Ethical considerations of pet ownership.
  5. The impact of service animals on individuals with disabilities.
  6. Cultural differences in human-animal relationships.
  7. The psychological effects of losing a pet.
  8. The growing trend of urban farming and its implications.
  9. The role of animals in human societies throughout history.
  10. The impact of pets on child development.
  11. The legal status of animals as property or sentient beings.
  12. The phenomenon of internet-famous pets and their influence.
  13. The challenges of wildlife encounters in urban areas.
  14. The role of animals in human rituals and traditions.
  15. The impact of human activity on wildlife populations.
  16. Ethical considerations of pet cloning.
  17. The debate over keeping exotic animals as pets.
  18. The role of animals in educational settings.
  19. The psychological benefits of human-animal bonding.
  20. The impact of animal-assisted interventions in healthcare.

Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine Essay Topics

  1. Advances in veterinary medicine for wildlife conservation.
  2. The challenge of antibiotic resistance in veterinary practice.
  3. The role of vaccines in preventing animal diseases.
  4. Ethical considerations in euthanasia of animals.
  5. The impact of nutrition on pet health.
  6. Emerging diseases in wildlife and their implications for humans.
  7. The importance of spaying and neutering pets.
  8. Rehabilitation techniques for injured wildlife.
  9. The role of veterinary forensics in animal welfare cases.
  10. The impact of parasites on animal health.
  11. Zoonotic diseases: Transmission from animals to humans.
  12. The use of technology in veterinary medicine.
  13. The challenges of veterinary care in rural areas.
  14. Animal welfare standards in veterinary practice.
  15. The role of genetics in animal health and disease.
  16. The ethical implications of animal testing in veterinary research.
  17. The importance of mental health care for animals.
  18. The impact of environmental toxins on animal health.
  19. The role of alternative medicine in veterinary care.
  20. The challenges of diagnosing and treating exotic pets.

Animals in Agriculture Essay Topics

  1. The impact of livestock farming on the environment.
  2. Ethical considerations of factory farming practices.
  3. The role of animals in sustainable agriculture.
  4. The impact of genetic selection on livestock health and welfare.
  5. The challenges of disease management in livestock farming.
  6. The benefits and drawbacks of organic farming for animal welfare.
  7. The role of bees in agriculture and efforts to protect them.
  8. The impact of climate change on livestock and crop production.
  9. The use of technology in improving agricultural efficiency and animal welfare.
  10. Ethical considerations of animal slaughter for food.
  11. The role of aquaculture in meeting global food demands.
  12. The impact of agricultural policies on animal welfare.
  13. The challenges of maintaining biodiversity in agricultural practices.
  14. The role of livestock in rural economies.
  15. The impact of feed production on environmental sustainability.
  16. The ethical implications of hormone and antibiotic use in livestock.
  17. The role of animals in permaculture systems.
  18. The impact of livestock grazing on land management.
  19. The challenges of transitioning to cruelty-free animal products.
  20. The future of lab-grown meat and its implications for agriculture.

Endangered Species and Extinction Essay Topics

  1. The causes and consequences of animal extinction.
  2. Conservation efforts for critically endangered species.
  3. The role of captive breeding programs in species preservation.
  4. The impact of habitat destruction on biodiversity.
  5. The challenges of protecting marine species.
  6. The role of international law in combating wildlife trafficking.
  7. The impact of climate change on endangered species.
  8. The ethics of de-extinction: Bringing extinct species back to life.
  9. The role of zoos in endangered species conservation.
  10. The impact of human population growth on wildlife habitats.
  11. The challenges of reintroducing species into the wild.
  12. The role of community conservation efforts in protecting endangered species.
  13. The impact of invasive species on native wildlife.
  14. The role of technology in monitoring and protecting endangered species.
  15. The importance of genetic diversity in conservation efforts.
  16. The impact of pollution on endangered species.
  17. The role of ecotourism in supporting conservation efforts.
  18. The challenges of balancing human needs and wildlife conservation.
  19. The role of education in promoting awareness of endangered species.
  20. The future of endangered species: Hope and challenges.

Animal Intelligence and Emotion Essay Topics

  1. The evidence of emotional experiences in animals.
  2. The intelligence of crows and other corvids.
  3. The concept of animal consciousness and self-awareness.
  4. The emotional bonds between animals and humans.
  5. The problem-solving abilities of octopuses.
  6. The use of language and communication in animal species.
  7. The capacity for grief and mourning in animals.
  8. The implications of animal intelligence for ethical treatment.
  9. The role of play behavior in animal cognition.
  10. The intelligence of elephants and their social structures.
  11. The emotional lives of farm animals.
  12. The cognitive abilities of marine mammals.
  13. The impact of environmental enrichment on animal welfare.
  14. Animal intelligence: Comparing across species.
  15. The role of memory in animal behavior.
  16. The capacity for empathy and altruism in animals.
  17. The implications of animal intelligence for conservation efforts.
  18. The study of animal intelligence: Methods and challenges.
  19. The impact of captivity on animal cognition and emotion.
  20. The future of research in animal intelligence and emotion.

Animals and Climate Change Essay Topics

  1. The impact of climate change on polar bear populations.
  2. The role of animals in mitigating climate change effects.
  3. The impact of ocean acidification on marine life.
  4. The challenges of climate change for migratory species.
  5. The adaptation strategies of animals to climate change.
  6. The role of wildlife in carbon sequestration.
  7. The impact of melting ice caps on arctic fauna.
  8. The effects of extreme weather events on animal habitats.
  9. The role of conservation efforts in protecting species from climate change.
  10. The impact of drought on terrestrial wildlife.
  11. The challenges of habitat shifts due to climate change.
  12. The impact of climate change on biodiversity hotspots.
  13. The role of animals in ecosystem resilience to climate change.
  14. The impact of rising sea levels on coastal habitats and species.
  15. The effects of climate change on predator-prey dynamics.
  16. The challenges of conserving climate change-affected coral reefs.
  17. The impact of climate change on infectious disease patterns in wildlife.
  18. The role of animal behavior in adapting to changing climates.
  19. The impact of deforestation on climate change and wildlife.
  20. The future of wildlife conservation in the face of climate change.

Animals in Literature and Mythology Topics

  1. The symbolism of animals in world mythology.
  2. Animals as characters in children's literature.
  3. The role of animals in folklore and fairy tales.
  4. The depiction of animals in classical literature.
  5. Animals as metaphors in modern literature.
  6. The cultural significance of mythical creatures.
  7. The representation of animals in indigenous stories.
  8. Animals in religious texts: Symbolism and significance.
  9. The role of animals in dystopian literature.
  10. The portrayal of human-animal relationships in novels.
  11. The symbolism of animals in poetry.
  12. The depiction of animals in science fiction and fantasy.
  13. The role of animals in conveying moral lessons in literature.
  14. The representation of extinct and mythical animals in literature.
  15. The use of animal narrators in storytelling.
  16. The portrayal of animal intelligence and emotion in literature.
  17. The impact of anthropomorphism in children's literature.
  18. The role of animals in illustrating cultural values and norms.
  19. The depiction of animals in war literature.
  20. The future of animal representation in literature and media.


Go through our list of animal essay topics to find inspiration. Take the time to choose the right subject, and we guarantee you will write a better essay. Not only this, but it will actually be fun!

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