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Popular Fashion Research Paper Topics Ideas and Examples

Fashion research paper topics are sometimes hard to come up with, as this subject is a popular context that changes rapidly. Still, we are all surrounded by trends in our daily lives – we always wear clothes that express our unique sense of style, so there is actually a lot to write about here.

Trends are not stable, so to keep up with the latest mode, it's better to know the background and appeal to tendencies that have taken place previously. Choosing the right topic is essential, as it will help to define the angle of developing your ideas and demonstrate your skills in analytical thinking and creative approach at the same time.

Topics about fashion are not limited to discussing clothes only. This subject is also about music, movies, art, and makeup. Those tendencies that were popular in the particular period affect the style and culture of the entire generations, so every topic on the subject has the potential to become something more than simply about trends. Continue reading to learn some tips on how to choose the most engaging fashion essay topics.

Tips on How to Choose Interesting Research Paper Topics about Fashion

Here are our topic recommendations of how to choose the topic that will be appealing for you:

  • Define a specific niche.
    Narrow down your search by defining whether you’ll be writing about stylistic trends for kids, teenagers, adults or seniors. Besides, you might be focusing on modern fashion or on some particular period.
  • Design an engaging title.
    The subject itself allows you to be as creative as possible. Try to engage a reader right from the title of your paper.
  • Make a prior research.
    Google the topic you’re interested in, look for some sources you can use to support your ideas in the college library. Search for some celebrities’ examples and pictures you can add to enhance your writing.
  • Think about the main message of your research.
    Every new writing should bear some value. Think about the main statement of your work. Is there any new approach you would like to share with your readers? Each essay should have its own unique idea.

To help you choose some nice options for your research, we’ve composed a list of 110 paper topic ideas dedicated to style for you to get inspired. College students who are into fashion and want to analyze some of the 2022 trends will have no trouble finding a compelling topic to write about from the list below. Feel free to modify those you find the most suitable to make them more precise and personalized.

We’ve made sure that all topics from the list you’ll find below are relevant for those who have connected majors. The ideas we share are either somehow connected to present trends or serve as an analysis of stylistical ideas from the past. Those old ones are essential for understanding modern culture as well, as they can change our modern-day perceptions and views. Besides, all trends have a tendency to reappear from time to time due to the fact fashion is cyclical.

What should be included in fashion research?

A student who starts writing on the task is expected to have an academic approach in developing the topic and rely on historical facts and information worthy of inclusion in the research paper. Prior writing, we recommend analyzing recent trends in clothes and connecting them to history, business, science, or art. This step will help to choose some relevant research paper topics on fashion.

List of 100 Fashion Research Paper Topics

Want to write a research paper on the subject but lack the proper title? Here’s a list of 100 creative fashion research topics for you to get inspired.

  1. To what extent does globalization affect an individual’s style, and how does it differ from country to country?
  2. Why do people always want to imitate fashion trends in developed countries rather than the poorer ones?
  3. How does technology impact the world of fashion?
  4. Are people who live in villages less conscious about style than people who live in rich and urban areas?
  5. Do the price and the brand of clothes define the quality of it?
  6. Should fashion strive for comfort and simplicity rather than too much makeup, and why?
  7. Why is fair skin considered to be a definition of beauty in some countries?
  8. The evolution of fashion – from the Middle Ages to the present
  9. The mid-eighteenth century and the types of clothes people wore
  10. Why do the clothes from the eighteenth century seem outdated in our modern age?
  11. Why do women have a sharper fashion sense than men?
  12. Why do some outdated clothes become trendy again?
  13. In the past, alcohol was unethical – why is it a fashion trend now?
  14. What’s more trendy – a picnic day for a birthday party or a party in the club?
  15. How much does music influence fashion?
  16. Is there a favorable body image in fashion, and why?
  17. The 21st century and retro style
  18. Modern democracy and dress codes
  19. Can a fashion trend stick around for more than a year in a particular area?
  20. A comparison of fashion trends in urban areas vs. approaches in rural areas
  21. How do different traditions define stylistic patterns, and why do they define it differently?
  22. Can we define a person’s style based on what they wear?
  23. How much do looks impact an individual’s confidence?
  24. The impact of the western style on the evolution of fashion trends
  25. The younger population and appearance trends
  26. How important is fashion for the working population?
  27. People from fashion industry and their lifestyle
  28. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are an essential part of appearance; why?
  29. How vital are trendy gadgets to the younger generations?
  30. Why is it fashionable to be more mechanical than emotional in our modern age?
  31. Trying to look stylish but being classified as a joker
  32. Wearing trendy but uncomfortable clothes – where is the connection?
  33. To what extent is it considered normal to spend money on trendy clothes?
  34. What’s more important – to feel comfortable or to look stylish?
  35. Talking to our grandparents – they never think about fashion, but they are stylish, how?
  36. Chic appearance in the context of more broad aspects of life
  37. Can we relate style to money?
  38. Why is fashion a commonly misunderstood term of our population?
  39. How do we classify different types of styles – modern vs. classical?
  40. Why are the poor bullied for their appearances?
  41. How does fashion impact the individual’s temperament?
  42. Peer pressure and trendy styles among children
  43. How much does an individual’s style reveal about their personality?
  44. The Elizabethan Era sensibilities and clothing
  45. Style and function – maintaining a balance
  46. The cycles of fashion – analysis
  47. Fashion weeks in different countries and their importance
  48. Chic appearance and gender roles
  49. How important is marketing for style?
  50. The influence of the military on fashion
  51. Fashion and social agendas
  52. Trendy accessories – how important are they?
  53. Versace and its influence on world’s clothes
  54. Coco Chanel and her impact on generations
  55. Jane Austen and her impact on style and contemporary design
  56. How important is style and dress code in the business world?
  57. An analysis of retro fashion trends
  58. High fashion and the role of natural fur in it
  59. Modern society and the importance of garments
  60. How does culture impact clothes design?
  61. The German culture and Weimar fashion
  62. School uniforms in England
  63. The shopping habits of men vs women
  64. The Chinese culture and the fashion of men
  65. Photography and fashion – how close-knit are they?
  66. How important are social networks for brand marketing?
  67. Paris as one of the epicentres of style
  68. The appearance of women in the US
  69. How much does fashion impact our daily lives?
  70. Does each culture shape its stylistic trends?
  71. The medieval times and style
  72. The Western World and their manner of dressing up
  73. The Eastern World and fashion
  74. Some of the most radical changes in the fashion industry
  75. Why do new styles of clothing spread very quickly?
  76. The style of ethnic tribes from past till present
  77. Popular brands’ advertising campaigns and sexism
  78. Fashion advertising and racism
  79. How to define whether a style is retro?
  80. Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry – analysis
  81. The Cold War and luxury fashion trends
  82. The cultural ideas of the 80s looks
  83. The impact of Sex Pistols on the rise of punk style
  84. The houses of Stuart and Tudor in England and fashion
  85. The 60s and the style of Hippies
  86. New York, London, and Paris – what city is a heart of vogue
  87. Flesh and fur ethics in fashion
  88. Most successful models and their paths
  89. What’s the best marketing for a new stylish brand?
  90. Subcultures and fashion
  91. Can we forecast new trends and how?
  92. Should comfort exceed style, and why?
  93. A conceptual analysis of fashion
  94. The definition of style – what do we mean when we say one looks trendy?
  95. Beyonce and her influence on outfit trends
  96. Working from home – does it influence our perception of fashion?
  97. Department stores and boutiques as best marketing tools for brands
  98. How does fashion impact the psychology of teens?
  99. Taylor Swift as the role model of many young women
  100. The fancy style of celebrities on the red carpet: overview

Research Paper Topics on Fashion Design

If you want to narrow down your options for a research paper on design, the choices are a bit more straightforward. Here’s a list of the ten most interesting ideas that deal with trendy designs.

  1. Does fashion mean wearing uncomfortable clothes, and why is that wrong?
  2. From past till present – the evolution of how women's clothes looked like?
  3. Globalization – is it something that can influence clothes design?
  4. The most recognizable designs celebrities use in their outfits
  5. Why are the majority of clothes designed for catwalks, not for everyday life?
  6. Outfits of the rich vs. clothes of the poor – how their designs differ
  7. Can you climb up the social ladder with the aid of fashion?
  8. Does wearing brandy clothes say you have good taste?
  9. If something is considered trendy, should you wear it just because society says so?
  10. Fashion among different cultures and races

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