Popular Fashion Research Paper Topics Ideas and Examples

Fashion research paper topics are sometimes hard to come up with, as this subject is a popular context that changes rapidly. Still, we are all surrounded by trends in our daily lives – we always wear clothes that express our unique sense of style, so there is actually a lot to write about here.

Trends are not stable, so to keep up with the latest mode, it's better to know the background and appeal to tendencies that have taken place previously. Choosing the right topic is essential, as it will help to define the angle of developing your ideas and demonstrate your skills in analytical thinking and creative approach at the same time.

Topics about fashion are not limited to discussing clothes only. This subject is also about music, movies, art, and makeup. Those tendencies that were popular in the particular period affect the style and culture of the entire generations, so every topic on the subject has the potential to become something more than simply about trends. Continue reading to learn some tips on how to choose the most engaging fashion essay topics.

Tips on How to Choose Interesting Research Paper Topics about Fashion

Here are our topic recommendations of how to choose the topic that will be appealing for you:

  • Define a specific niche.
    Narrow down your search by defining whether you’ll be writing about stylistic trends for kids, teenagers, adults or seniors. Besides, you might be focusing on modern fashion or on some particular period.
  • Design an engaging title.
    The subject itself allows you to be as creative as possible. Try to engage a reader right from the title of your paper.
  • Make a prior research.
    Google the topic you’re interested in, look for some sources you can use to support your ideas in the college library. Search for some celebrities’ examples and pictures you can add to enhance your writing.
  • Think about the main message of your research.
    Every new writing should bear some value. Think about the main statement of your work. Is there any new approach you would like to share with your readers? Each essay should have its own unique idea.

To help you choose some nice options for your research, we’ve composed a list of 110 paper topic ideas dedicated to style for you to get inspired. College students who are into fashion and want to analyze some of the newest trends will have no trouble finding a compelling topic to write about from the list below. Feel free to modify those you find the most suitable to make them more precise and personalized.

We’ve made sure that all topics from the list you’ll find below are relevant for those who have connected majors. The ideas we share are either somehow connected to present trends or serve as an analysis of stylistical ideas from the past. Those old ones are essential for understanding modern culture as well, as they can change our modern-day perceptions and views. Besides, all trends have a tendency to reappear from time to time due to the fact fashion is cyclical.

What should be included in fashion research?

A student who starts writing on the task is expected to have an academic approach in developing the topic and rely on historical facts and information worthy of inclusion in the research paper. Prior writing, we recommend analyzing recent trends in clothes and connecting them to history, business, science, or art. This step will help to choose some relevant research paper topics on fashion.

List of 100 Fashion Research Paper Topics

Want to write a research paper on the subject but lack the proper title? Here’s a list of 100 creative fashion research topics for you to get inspired.

  1. Six Best Fashion Periods Throughout History.
  2. The History of Fashion Essay: from 1900 to Present.
  3. Monopolistic Competition in the Clothing Industry.
  4. Negative Consequences Of Fashion Consumerism On Environment.
  5. Fast Fashion Essay: Reasons Why It is a Problem.
  6. Fashion Development in Paris And Australia.
  7. How The War Influenced The Fashion Industry.
  8. Valentino’s Wild Africa: The Fine Line Between Fashion And Cultural Appropriation.
  9. The Problem Of Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Industry.
  10. Between Cultural Appropriation And Cultural Appreciation In The Fashion Industry.
  11. Fashion During The Aztec Period.
  12. Coco Chanel Essay: Impact on the Society in the 20th Century.
  13. The Slender and Obese: Body Image Representation in the Fashion Industry.
  14. Fashion Influencers: Impact of Fashion Industry and Models on Younger Generations.
  15. Indigenous Fashion in India.
  16. African Cultural Identity in Fashion.
  17. Fashion and Art: Critical Overview of Oscar-Claude Monet's Artworks.
  18. Operation Strategies Standing behind Success of Zara Fashion Brand.
  19. Marketing Research in Practice: H&M, It's Marketing Environment and Product Life Cycle.
  20. IT Technologies Used on All Production Levels of Zara: Challenges and Opportunities.
  21. Operational Analysis of Zara Fashion: Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommendations.
  22. The Importance Of Ergonomics In Cosmetology.
  23. Back Pain As The Main Drawback Of Cosmetologists Work.
  24. Cosmetology: The Professional Skill Or Practice Of Beautifying The Face, Hair And Skin.
  25. How Fast Fashion Manipulates People.
  26. Fast Fashion and Its Impact on the Fashion Industry.
  27. H&M, Zara, Benetton Firms Supplying Fast Fashion.
  28. Future Trends of Fast Fashion in Third World Countries.
  29. The Meaning Of Tattoos Discrimination.
  30. The Issues With Tattoos In The Modern Society.
  31. Should Teens Be Allowed To Do Tattoos And Piercing.
  32. The Meaning Of Tattoos In The Modern World.
  33. Abstract Art in Tattoo.
  34. A Defualt in the Makeup Industry.
  35. Fiza Khan As the Best Makeup Artists in Jaipur.
  36. Makeup Revolution - How Beauty Influencers Started a New Revolution.
  37. Beauty Contest Setting up Non Achievable Beauty Standards In The Society.
  38. Are We Living in Barbie's World with Beauty Standards She Created?
  39. Beauty Defined by Society.
  40. Beauty Pageant in Bulaklakan.
  41. Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned.
  42. Beauty Pageants: Helping to Shape Future Leaders.
  43. Beauty Standards Cause Health Problems.
  44. Beauty Standards Should Be Changed.
  45. Children Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned.
  46. Eurocentricity of Modern Beauty Standarts.
  47. External Beauty and Its Influence on Teenagers' Self-Esteem.
  48. Limited Media Perception of Beauty and Its Influence on Female Population.
  49. Physical Beauty Vs Inner Beauty.
  50. Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants.
  51. Social Media and Beauty Standards.
  52. True Meaning of the Word 'Beauty'.
  53. Unrealistic Beauty Standards Lead to Unrealistic Standards of Life.
  54. Western Cultures Unattainable Standard of Beauty.
  55. Dance To Live Or Live To Dance.
  56. The History Of Jazz Dance.
  57. Ballet Vs. Modern Dance.
  58. To What Extent Does Celebrity Endorsement Impact Consumer Purchase Intentions And Brand Attitude?
  59. The Peculiarities Of Internet Shopping: Benefits And Risks.
  60. Shopping Habits After Coronavirus Lockdown.
  61. Online And Offline Shopping.
  62. Online Shopping Vs in Store Shopping.
  63. Shopping At Walmart vs. Shopping At Local Stores.
  64. Effects Of Customer Attitude On Online Shopping.
  65. New Photography and Painting.
  66. Dress Code In Schools As A Female Sexism.
  67. Dress Code Gender Discrimination.
  68. The Importance Of Dress Code At Different Occasions.
  69. Dress Code For Teacher's Success.
  70. Reasons For Dress Code.
  71. The Relation Between Subcultures And Street Style.
  72. Why Are School Uniforms Uncomfortable.
  73. Facebook And Its Role In Interfering In Journalism.
  74. The Rise Of Youth Culture After Great Depression Followed By World War II.
  75. How Marketing And Advertising Make Us Feel That We Lack Something.
  76. Implementation Of Uniforms In Public Schools Solves Many Problems.
  77. Child Labour In The Fashion Industry.
  78. Case Study of Gucci: Analysis of Luxury Brand Management.
  79. Gucci Target Market.
  80. Representation of Females in the Art and Design Industry: Analysis of Fashion Models.
  81. Color Essay.
  82. The Impact Of School Uniforms On School Students.
  83. Eating Disorders In The Fashion Industry.
  84. The Luxury Industry during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  85. The Influence of Pop Art and Minimalism on Graphic Design in the 21st Century.
  86. The Relation Between Subcultures And Street Style.
  87. Role And Importance Of Brand Ambassador.
  88. Influence Of Advertisement On Brand Awareness.
  89. Brand Elements and Personality.
  90. An Advertising Trend No Brand Branding.
  91. Ambassador: The Iconic Car Of India.
  92. Media’s Influence on Adolescents Body Image.
  93. Dress Code for Citizenship Ceremonies in Australia.
  94. Public School Dress Codes and Gender Bias.
  95. Freedom of Dress: the Aspect of Chinese Traditions.
  96. The Dress Influence On Self Identity.
  97. Cultural Appropriation At Music Festivals In Terms Of Style, Place And Popular Culture.
  98. How Hip Hop Culture is Influencing Chinese Youth Culture through Music, Fashion and Entertainment?
  99. Representation of Females in the Art and Design Industry: Analysis of Fashion Models.
  100. Perfectionism of Model As the Essence of Modeling Business.

Research Paper Topics on Fashion Design

If you want to narrow down your options for a research paper on design, the choices are a bit more straightforward. Here’s a list of the ten most interesting ideas that deal with trendy designs.

  1. Admissions Essay to Become a Fashion Designer.
  2. Descriptive Essay on Fashion Designing in 2021.
  3. Development of Trends in the Discipline of Fashion Design.
  4. Essay about My Dream Job Fashion Designer.
  5. Reflective Essay on the Lack of Senior Fashion Designers.
  6. Application of Virtual Reality for Interior Design Modelling.
  7. In Trend and Out Trend Decorating Styles in Interior Design.
  8. Design Process.
  9. Brand And Anti-brand Communities.
  10. The Importance Of Dress Code At Business Interview.

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