Problem solution essay: the best strategies for compelling writing

how to write problem solution essay

In today’s fast-paced world, it's important to recognize and address big challenges successfully. Problem solution papers are a way to carefully look at these issues and offer effective strategies to solve them. Whether you’re a student aiming to improve your academic performance or someone who wants to improve things, learning how to write a problem solution essay is helpful. In this article, we’ll talk about these papers in detail. We’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to produce content confidently and cover everything from making a strong thesis to making suggestions that make sense.

What is a problem solution essay? 

Before considering its details, structure, and tips, let’s explore the problem and solution definition. This term means academic writing that aims to identify a specific issue and propose one or more solutions to address it. Similar to an engineering essay or any other academic work, it typically has a structured organization and covers the following aspects: 

  • Outlining the problem and providing background information; 
  • Delving into the issue's causes and effects;
  • Presenting evidence to support the analysis; 
  • Exploring possible ways to solve the issue; 
  • Summarizing the proposed solutions and their potential effectiveness.

Where is it used?

This essay type is commonly employed in academic settings, particularly in disciplines like Social Sciences, Economics, Public Policy, and Environmental Studies. It is often assigned as homework in high school and college courses. You may also encounter different problem solution essay topics in standardized tests like the SAT, IELTS, and GRE.

Essential peculiarities

Understanding the unique features of a problem solution paper is key to effectively tackling this genre of writing. They include:

  • Focus on a specific problem: These essays center around a clearly defined issue that requires attention and action. This feature makes them different from DBQ format papers.
  • Proposal of solutions: Unlike other types of writing that may focus solely on analysis, problem solution essays require the writer to propose practical methods to address the identified challenge.
  • Logical structure: It typically follows a logical problem solution essay structure, progressing from identifying the difficulty to offering the ways to overcome it, supported by evidence and analysis.
  • Persuasive argumentation: Writers must present persuasive arguments to convince readers of the urgency of the issue and the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solutions.
  • Action-oriented approach: The ultimate goal of this writing is to inspire action and change, whether at the individual, community, or policy level. Therefore, the proposed solutions should be actionable and realistic.

How to write a problem solution essay: outline & examples

Completing academic papers of this kind requires a structured approach to tackle an issue and provide viable suggestions effectively. Let’s explore a detailed outline with problem and solution examples to guide you.


Example: “The issue of homelessness continues to plague many urban areas worldwide.”

  • Provide context to help readers understand the significance of the problem. You can do it using the following approaches:
        a) Provide a true-life story illustrating the issue.
        b) Share your personal experience.
        c) Present a scenario highlighting the urgency of the issue.
        d) Use statistics to depict the severity.
        e) Offer a detailed explanation supported by facts.
        f) Explore the problem’s history.
        g) Use a frame story to introduce and resolve the issue.
        h) Paint a vivid picture with sensory details.
        i) Reference media to exemplify the problem’s significance.

Example: “With the rising cost of living and insufficient affordable housing options, homelessness has become a pressing concern in cities across the globe.”

Problem analysis:

  • When thinking about how to start a problem solution essay, you should understand it’s also crucial to identify the root causes contributing to the problem. 

Example: “Factors such as unemployment, lack of affordable housing, and mental health issues contribute to the cycle of homelessness.”

  • Discuss the widespread effects of the problem on individuals and communities. 

Example: “Homelessness not only affects individuals’ quality of life but also strains social services and exacerbates urban poverty.”

Solution proposal:

  • Present practical and feasible solutions. Clarify them thoroughly, detailing how they address the problem. If you need help when formulating them, you may contact a professional writing service. EduBirdie will assist if you write my lab report or create other academic papers of any difficulty.

Example: “Implementing housing-first initiatives, which prioritize providing stable housing to homeless individuals, has shown promising results in reducing homelessness rates.”

  • Explain how the proposed ideas can be implemented and sustained. Provide specifics on implementation, including responsible parties and funding sources. Support your strategy’s effectiveness with evidence such as studies, past successes, expert opinions, statistics, or logical reasoning.

Example: “Collaboration between government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community stakeholders is essential to fund and support housing-first programs.”

Counterargument addressing:

  • Anticipate potential objections to your suggestions and provide rebuttals. You may refer to other books and publications that present opposing viewpoints.

Example: “Some may argue that providing free housing to homeless individuals is financially unsustainable. However, studies have shown that the cost savings from reduced emergency room visits and incarceration rates outweigh the initial investment in housing-first programs.”


  • Summarize the key points discussed in the text, including the problem, causes, and ideas for overcoming challenges. You can find detailed information on how to make a conclusion in academic papers in our article about what is a descriptive essay.

Example: “In conclusion, addressing homelessness requires comprehensive strategies that prioritize housing stability and support services.”

  • Encourage readers to take action or consider the implications of your suggestions. The most effective ways to do this are:
      a) Outlining the desired outcome.
      b) Depicting the positive changes expected from adopting your plan.
      c) Using the frame story’s conclusion to underscore your plan’s efficacy.
      d) Illustrating the successful implementation and impact of your strategies with a real-life example.
    e) Supporting your argument with compelling statistics, facts, or expert testimony.

Example: “It's crucial that we work together to implement evidence-based solutions and create a society where everyone can access safe and affordable housing.”

By following this detailed problem solution essay outline, you can craft thorough and persuasive writing that effectively analyzes an issue and offers effective solutions.

How to make your text stand out: dos and don’ts 

If you feel confused about completing an essay or search for information on using ibid correctly in this text, discover some engineering assignment help tips to help you make it effective and powerful.


  • Understand your readers to persuade them:

When pondering how to start a solution paragraph, it's crucial to understand and connect with your audience. While it's tempting to focus on rallying supporters, the most effective persuasion often targets undecided or neutral people. To persuade effectively, understand your audience and find common ground. Identify their beliefs, aim to influence them positively, and recognize shared values. In your argument, appeal to common needs such as financial security, health, and personal development.

  • Structure your essay effectively:

Structure your text in a clear and organized manner, with a coherent introduction, body paragraphs that develop your argument, and a conclusion that summarizes your key points and reiterates the significance of your ideas. A well-structured essay enhances readability and comprehension.

  • Use appropriate tone and perspective: 

Choose your tone carefully. Connecting with your readers effectively should be logical, reasonable, engaging, and persuasive. While aiming to persuade, consider using the second person point of view (“we” or “you”) for impact. 

  • Offer innovative and creative solutions:

While practicality is important, don’t hesitate to offer innovative and creative suggestions in your problem solution essay example. Thinking outside the box can lead to fresh insights and ideas that have the potential to make a significant impact. Be open to exploring unconventional approaches if they are supported by evidence and reasoning.

  • Reflect on your readers’ reaction:

Considering your audience's response is crucial. You should address an audience capable of implementing your ideas. Reflect on how you can sway the reader with the authority to act on your recommendations rather than solely targeting individuals who may already share your views but cannot effect change.

  • Use persuasive language and logical reasoning:

If you know what is a diagnostic essay, you understand that persuasive language and logical reasoning are crucial in any academic research. In a problem-solving essay, you must convince readers of the validity of your argument. Clearly articulate the cause-and-effect relationships between the issues and how you propose handling them. Use persuasive techniques such as appeals to emotion and logic to engage your audience.


  • Refrain from oversimplifying the problem or proposed solutions:

Avoid oversimplifying the issue or your suggestions, as complex issues often require nuanced analysis and versatile solutions. Acknowledge the complexities involved and strive for depth and thoroughness in your analysis.

  • Avoid proposing ideas without sufficient evidence or research:

Don’t offer solutions without sufficient evidence or research to support their effectiveness. Base your recommendations on sound evidence and reasoning, and avoid making unsubstantiated claims or assumptions.

  • Don’t ignore potential objections or counterarguments:

Don’t ignore potential objections or counterarguments to your suggestions. Addressing opposing viewpoints demonstrates intellectual honesty and strengthens the credibility of your argument.

  • Avoid using overly complex language or jargon:

While it's important to follow the proper problem solution essay format and demonstrate your command of the subject matter, avoid using overly complex language or technical jargon that may confuse or alienate your audience. Aim for clarity and accessibility in your writing.

  • Don’t stray from the main focus of the essay:

Stay focused on the main problem and proposed solutions throughout your text. Avoid tangents or unrelated topics that detract from the central argument and undermine the coherence of your essay.

  • Avoid presenting biased or one-sided arguments:

Present a balanced and objective analysis of the issue and your strategies, avoiding bias or one-sided arguments. Consider multiple perspectives and present evidence fairly to ensure a comprehensive and nuanced discussion.

  • Don’t neglect to revise and edit your essay:

Take your time polishing your document carefully before submission. Pay attention to clarity, coherence, grammar, and spelling to ensure your text is well-thought-out and professional. Revision is an essential step in the writing process and can significantly improve the quality of your final product. If you need professional assistance, you can always pay for essay writing and get valuable recommendations for your academic skill development.

Final thoughts

Understanding how to write a problem and solution essay gives learners the power to analyze complex issues and provide effective solutions. With our guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a proficient problem-solver through writing.

When crafting these papers, having the right support is crucial. EduBirdie is your best helper in creating high-quality academic writing and we’ll do all to exceed your expectations. With our expert assistance, learning the particularities of this genre becomes more manageable, ensuring your problem solution essay template is well-written and impactful in addressing real-world challenges. Trust EduBirdie to be your ally in making a difference through your writing.

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