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Inspirational Ideas for Choosing Law Research Paper Topics

When it comes to legal papers, one must be aware that they differ from country to country. While all law research paper topics practically come down to the same thing, numerous historical and cultural peculiarities are to be considered each time.

Choosing the best law topics can sometimes be challenging, and here’s when a law essay writing service may come in handy. These topics cover all the legal issues that get resolved in court, and when you wish to tackle them, you should pay attention to choose the right ones.

Since they’re delicate, choosing the right one is important because you have to answer law essay questions properly. There isn’t much space for philosophy here. After all, what’s written in the law are just pure black and white facts; there are no gray areas.

Law Research Paper Topics

What Is a Law Research Paper?

This type of research paper comes with a legal research topic that is always particular. This paper has a limited number of pages which is also limited by time (there’s always a date when the paper is due). However, you are never limited by the country or the historical period.

There are actually about 21 fields of law to concentrate your research on. From constitutional and criminal to environmental and animal law — every student might find the sphere she/he is mostly interested in.

Legal writing requires each student to analyze fact patterns and support their arguments. This skill is essential for the majority of legal positions, as in the future work you might need to research legal questions, analyze different legal precedents, as well as present an answer in a form of memo and be able to properly cite all the sources used and referred.

Research papers have been involved to encourage students to discuss the changes different countries’ laws have gone through in time. Here, profound research and picking the right topic are the things that matter in the first place.

How to Select a Good Topic?

A good law research paper topic should have the following traits:

  • The topic should be not too narrow though not too broad;
  • It should deal with relevant legal precedents;
  • Has available materials online or in local libraries;
  • The topic is catchy and relevant for modern law;
  • You can answer all the essay questions;
  • Pay attention to who your audience is;
  • Use real-life cases to illustrate your points;

List of 100 Law Research Paper Topics

Here’s a list of 30 creative legal research topics:

  1. The statistics and crime reports between the 20th and 21st century
  2. What’s the role of mass media in the process of investigation?
  3. Crime and mental illnesses - is there a connection?
  4. Social control theory vs. the self-control theory
  5. Can psychology explain why some people are more prone to crime than others?
  6. Human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution
  7. Gang crimes and how to deal with them?
  8. Human rights and police interrogation
  9. The pros and cons of Experimental Criminology
  10. Scotland Yard - a complete history
  11. All about the nature of hate crimes
  12. Harassment and sex offenses
  13. How does science help in crime investigation?
  14. The theories of Classical Criminology
  15. Developed countries and Religious Crimes
  16. Does the criminal justice system in the US keep an eye on the police using body cameras?
  17. Criminal justice research - general steps
  18. American and European criminal law - the differences and similarities
  19. How is child custody regulated in the U.S.?
  20. The legal regulation of non-consensual adoption in the U.S. - what do we know?
  21. How does the law regulate marriage and divorce for the mentally unstable?
  22. Transgender marriage - the impact of culture and its legal status across countries
  23. Organ donation - rules and regulations
  24. The ongoing debate on abortion - legal regulations and morality
  25. Ethics and medical laws in WW1
  26. The legal status of cannabis in different parts of the world
  27. Forced sterilization - is it legal, and how does the law regulate it?
  28. Code-based ethics - problems
  29. Medical cannabis - should it be legal in all countries of the world?
  30. What would happen if we had no laws?

Business Law Topics for Research Paper

  1. Business law as a profession
  2. Why are business regulations essential for institutions and organizations?
  3. What’s the true nature of business law?
  4. The classification of the business regulations
  5. Morality and its relation to business law
  6. How crucial is the constitution for the creation of business law
  7. Business laws and the parliament
  8. The formulation of business regulations in Islam
  9. Business laws in Africa
  10. Equity and the doctrines of business law

Constitutional Law Research Paper Topics

  1. The pros and cons of federalism
  2. What changes did the Bill of Rights bring?
  3. What are the rights of victims of self-incrimination?
  4. A comparison between constitutions and state laws
  5. All about gun control and its history in the US
  6. What are the key changes that the First Amendment has brought?
  7. The pros and cons of Constitutionalism
  8. Desecration and flag burning
  9. The Internet and its impact on Free Speech
  10. What’s the freedom of the press?

Criminal Law Essay Topics

  1. When does the international criminal court come into play?
  2. The real truth behind domestic violence
  3. How are psychological torture and bullying the cause of suicide?
  4. Why does one crime have a set of different punishments?
  5. Can sociology have an impact on preventing crime?
  6. What is quantitative criminology, and how does it differ from other types of crime?
  7. The classification of crime in the United States and other countries
  8. A new branch on the rise - Feminist Criminology
  9. The roots of criminologists’ work and their work in modern times
  10. Different types of crime, education, and intelligence

Cyber Law Paper Topics

  1. All about private data, revenge porn, blackmailing, and our internet privacy
  2. All about cybercrime
  3. The Internet Era and identity theft - is it a crime of modern times?
  4. Cybercrime and cyberterrorism
  5. How can the government impact cyberterrorism?
  6. What are the main points of cyber laws?
  7. What are the skills of an excellent cyber lawyer?
  8. Cybersecurity - is there enough awareness about it?
  9. The penalties in cybercrime
  10. Is it the government’s job to analyze the flow of network traffic?

Law Enforcement Paper Topics

  1. How does the jury get selected?
  2. Can the court undo wrongful convictions?
  3. The similarities and differences between juvenile justice and juvenile courts
  4. How can the government prevent or at least lower the rate of crime?
  5. All the pros and cons of capital punishment - when is it justified?
  6. Is the insanity defense a loophole in law enforcement?
  7. The pros and cons of self-incrimination
  8. Does law enforcement profiling help find serial killers with criminal profiling?
  9. How does the criminal justice system in the US relate to the war on drugs?
  10. The criminal justice system in the States and Muslim Americans

International Law Topics for Research

  1. Why are exotic crimes considered crimes in some countries but not others?
  2. Wildlife and environmental crimes in different countries
  3. Different treatment of terrorism as a crime in different countries
  4. How do different countries deal with false confessions?
  5. Laws on mental health in different countries
  6. Does the law regulate the refusal of medical treatment in the same way across countries?
  7. International law - why should people respect it?
  8. Traditional justification - issues
  9. International morality - why do diplomats protect it?
  10. Ethical systems and international relations

Drunk Driving Topic Ideas

  1. Does the environment influence drunk driving?
  2. Drug abuse, drunk driving, and crime
  3. Can the law break the connection between crime and drunk driving?
  4. Does drunk driving have connections to sexual offenses?
  5. Drunk driving and its ethical and legal issues

Environmental Law Topics for a Research

  1. The environmental influence on the rate of crime
  2. All about the environmental regulations in Canada
  3. Environmental law in Australia and climate change
  4. Will the Uber industry impact the ecology in America?
  5. The current environmental regulations in the United States

Let’s start writing!

Don’t hesitate to get inspiration from our list of criminal justice research topics and come up with the most relevant and engaging one right for you. If you still have concerns about how to start your essay, contact our friendly customer support to get all the details.

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