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125 Top Ideas and Proposal Essay Topics for Your Assignment

Any academic work is defined by subject it studies and its relevance for current knowledge. That’s why it is crucial to find not only a suitable and interesting proposal essay topic for an essay but one that deals with a gap in scientific data or uncovers some relevant issues. Basically, good essay topic is half of success. It should not be too broad or too vague. These proposal essay topics deal with different subjects such as culture, literature, social media, health, history, etc. Find the one that works for you or use them as an inspiration. Remember that proposal essay topic should be interesting for you too – if the subject excites you, it will be much easier to write an assignment.

proposal essay topics

Social Media Research Proposal Topics Examples

Social media is a quite recent phenomenon, that’s why there are lots of studies that discover different ways it influences our lives. We yet to find how our communication skills are affected and what laws might regulate the Internet presence. These proposal paper ideas might catch your eye if you want to explore this field of knowledge.

  • Social Media and New Personal Information Security Frames
  • Reasons and Causes Behind Cyberbullying Phenomenon
  • Business Opportunities Created by Instagram
  • Do Social Media Require New Ethics Rules?
  • How Digital Presence Affects Kids’ Social Skills
  • Is Social Media Helps People Express Their Issues?
  • Social Justice Warriors Phenomenon, Its Appearance and Impact on Society
  • Should there be Internet Access Laws Regulation?
  • Modern Politic Techniques - Social Media Top Personas Presence
  • President Trump’s Twitter Account: Social Value, Meaning, Interpretation
  • Why Celebrities Advertise Products?
  • Internet slang and Words Reduction
  • Should there be an Age limit for the Use of SM?
  • Generation Gap and SM
  • Instagram Use Causes Anxiety Among Teenagers
  • Is online Dating Safe?
  • SM and Construction of One’s Identity
  • Is it important to choose “gender” in SM account forms?
  • Why Do People Find Instagram Stories Annoying?
  • Should Internet Activity Influence One’s Job?

Interesting Themes on Literature for Students

If you need to analyze a particular novel or poem (also remember about poetry grammar), you can explore narrative techniques, gender roles, characters, historical context or symbolic layer, etc. However, there are other Literature-related problems that can be solved in an essay. Here are 20 amazing proposal argument topics that might interest you:

  • Narration Techniques in Moby Dick
  • American Dark Romanticism vs Transcendentalism: An Essay on Key Themes
  • Comparing Theme of Madness in Hamlet and Macbeth
  • American Dream in Contemporary Literature
  • Stream Of Consciousness Technique in Faulkner’s Novels
  • Fan fiction as Separate Literature Works?
  • How Technology Influences Literature
  • Times when Science Fiction Became Modern Reality
  • Edgar Allan Poe, the Father of American Horror Literature and Movies
  • Greek Classic Texts in Modern Novels
  • War in Gone with the Wind
  • Native American Literature Key Features and Themes
  • Poetry in Digital Society. New Forms
  • What Narrative Techniques are used in Blogging?
  • How the Narrator Influences Text
  • Jazz Techniques Used in Toni Morrison’s Novel
  • How Philosophy Influences Literature
  • Camus, Kafka, Sartre – Absurd as a Tool
  • Shakespeare’s Contribution to Modern English Literature
  • Three Streams of Consciousness: Joyce, Faulkner, Proust.

Analytical Ideas for Technology-Related Proposal Essay Topics

Another great example of scientific relevance are questions regarding technological growth, artificial intelligence, and role of technology in our everyday life. Proposal topics list could be endless as machines around us evolve and change every second. Here are 20 suggestions on the proposal essay topics around technology:

  • Genetic Engineering Ethical Problem
  • What Modern Technologies May Solve Environmental Problems
  • How Growing Up in Technological World May Affect Children
  • Technologies’ Contribution to World’s Globalization
  • Digital Education for School Benefits
  • Genetically Modified Food Products Advantages
  • May GMO Food Solve Hunger Issue?
  • Environmental-Friendly Traveling and Tourism Opportunities
  • How Technology Contributes to Freelance Work?
  • The Ethics Behind Mechanical Reproduction
  • Child’s Right Regulation in Case of Surrogate Pregnancy
  • Human Cloning Debate: How Society Should Benefit from It
  • DNA Ancestry Test and Identity Construction
  • Is there a Correlation between Technology Use and Mental Diseases?
  • Is It Good to Use Technology in College Classrooms?
  • Does Military Technology Make a World a Safer Place?
  • Way Modern Technology Shaped the War Techniques
  • Can Robots Be More Objective and Tolerant than Humans?
  • Virtualization as a part of Entertainment Industry
  • Jobs that Robots will take: Research on Future Work Opportunities

Proposal Topics List Regarding Family Life

It’s only natural to use your personal experience for a scientific purpose, that’s why you can base your research on a family-related subject. Take your family as an example to start working on a broader topic or social phenomena. However, it’s not necessary to research problems that arose in families. Here is a proposal essay topics list of personal essay prompts you can dwell on:

  • Living Up to Parents’ Expectation and How It Relates to Anxiety
  • LGBTQ Family Member: Acceptance Case
  • How Divorce Affects Child’s Middle School Performance
  • How Emotional Parental Neglect Affects a Child
  • Raising a Narcissist: Behavior Patterns that Form a Narcissistic Person
  • Does Parental Divorce Influence Child’s Future personal life?
  • Living with Mentally Challenged Family Members
  • Causes that Contribute to Family Violence
  • How Emotional Abuse Traumatizes a Child?
  • Essay on Gender Roles and Discrimination Within a Family
  • Should Parents Control Children’s Internet Usage?
  • Significance of Family Counseling for Each Member
  • How Parental Imprisoning Affects Child’s Behavior and Academic Performance?
  • Living in a Multicultural Family
  • How Parent’s Depression Influences Young Children
  • Essay on Homeschooling Benefits
  • Ways to Minimize Divorce Impacts on Children
  • Substance Abuse in Families, Its Influence on Relationship
  • Losing a family Member: Grieving Process in Children
  • Finding Your Path Through Religion-Based Family Conflict

Discovering Fascinating Ideas within Psychology

Whether you study psychology or not, you might find these research proposal ideas interesting as human nature is a mystery. Scholars still have little knowledge in different aspects, especially those that relate to mental illness. World around us has changed a lot in recent decades, that’s why it is vital to understand how human psyche deals with that. These are some attention-grabbing proposal essay topics regarding psychology.

  • Leadership Qualities and Their Representation in College Communities
  • Psychological Tricks Used as Marketing Techniques
  • How advertising Affect Our Consumer Behavior?
  • What is Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Biochemical Causes Influencing Depression
  • How Depression Affects Educational Process Among Students
  • How College Education Contributes to Anxiety level Among Students
  • Is Fashion Industry to Blame for Eating Disorders?
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Benefits in Curing Depression
  • How Native Language Shapes Our Thinking
  • Does Gaming Influences Children’s Violent Behavior?
  • Violence in Media from Children’s Perspective
  • Prenatal Development Role in Future Mental Well-being
  • Bystander Effect in Social Psychology
  • Adjusting Your Life With Mental Illness
  • Psychological Issues Related to Immigration
  • Society’s Autism Perception Through Media Presence
  • Causing Reasons for Eating Disorders Among Young Teenagers
  • How Modern Society Endorses Narcissistic Human Traits
  • How Appearance Influences One’s Life Experience

Culture and Social Problems’ Inspired Essay Proposal Topics

Those are two broad fields of knowledge that deal with various problems that need to be solved. Research proposal essay topics include the relevant state of society, or they can dwell on the prospects that are expected in future. Basically, they are always located in-between various science subjects, combining psychology, sociology topics, and anthropology together. Here are 25 interesting essay proposal topics that you might use:

  • Why Flash Mobs and Challenges are Popular Worldwide?
  • Is the Internet a Safe Place?
  • Solution to Cyber Crime Regulations
  • Globalization vs National Identity in the 21st century
  • How Tourism Industry Destroys the Best Places in the World
  • Why Church and State Should Remain Separate
  • How One Anti-Discrimination Movement Influences All Other Ones’
  • Social Inequality Roots Proposal
  • Third Wave Feminism and its Main Idea
  • Art vs Advertising: How they Influence Each Other
  • Burning Man Significance for American Culture
  • Presence of Minorities in Mass Media
  • Harlem Renaissance as Cultural Phenomenon
  • Understanding Three Concepts: Local, State, National
  • Vital Right to Vote, its Political Importance
  • Informational Freedom vs Informational Safety: Where the Border Lies?
  • Memes as New Communication Tool
  • Religion vs Culture Proposal
  • Gender Roles in Different Cultures
  • Cultural Appropriation: Is It Possible to Appropriate One’s Culture?
  • Are Ethnic Food restaurants Appropriating Culture?
  • Can Government Combat Intolerance to Minorities?
  • Morality in Media: Is it a Question of Censorship?
  • Democracy, Freedom vs Terrorism: How Are the Connected?
  • An Argument Against the Death Penalty

These proposal essay topics list has to do with controversial issues that raise debates and discussions. If you choose one of them, you need to know exactly where you stand and what position are you going to defend. An essay is an assignment that requires a student to give an opinion spurted by persuasive arguments on the subject, not just summarize the debate of others.  

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The goal of proposal essay topics list is to help with college essay assignment. Now you can easily find a suitable theme and start working on it. You may also use these ideas for your speech on solving social problems. However, there are several other things to take into consideration apart from the topic.

First of all, you need to do prior research, follow basic structure and don’t forget about proper formatting. We also have useful tips on essay formatting from our professional writers, so check them out if you want to feel confident.

Modern education is overloaded with written assignments, so if you need high-quality help with it, you may consider ordering a paper from a writer. Our service provides not only excellent proposal essay topics and useful materials for students. We also ensure professional writing, editing, and proofreading services. Contact our writing services and take your paper to the next level!

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