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Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics: How to Write a Perfect Essay?

Ethnology, ethnography as well as anthropology is a science about ethnocultural diversity that investigates the origin of different peoples, their history, settlement, peculiarities of life and culture, as well as ethnopsychological diversity. All of these subject areas never lose their relevance as they allow students to learn more about their ethnic and cultural background, as well as about the history of mankind in general.

One of the types of final work on the above subject areas is an essay. At the same time, the final grade of the student often depends on the successful wording of the topic of the essay and that's why writers on our service handle any kind of "write my essay online" orders in no time.

Let's take a closer look at how to write an essay correctly, and race and ethnicity essay topics.

How to Write a Race and Ethnicity Essay?

Before proceeding with the assignment, you need to understand the specifics of race and ethnicity essays. Overall, it’s a complicated and complex topic that requires thorough research, comprehensive approach, a lot of time and effort to complete.

Firstly, these topics have a complex history of being used for propaganda and discrimination. So, each source you use should be checked for fairness and proper use of scientific method if you don’t want to be manipulated and manipulate your audience as well.

Secondly, race and ethnicity is a personal issue for a lot of people. This means that there often is certain personal bias connected to these topics. So, you need to distance yourself from personal opinions and rely on facts and scientific method to support your point.

In addition, a complex history of racial and ethnic relationship often needs mentioning in your essay even if it seemingly has nothing to do with the topic you’ve chosen. This will provide the context for the current situation and help to avoid some common misconceptions related to the issues.

Lastly, one of the most effective ways to illustrate your point on race and ethnicity is to include a personal experience of someone from the group discussed. While anecdotal evidence is not representative of the experience of the whole group, it can help to empathetically connect with the issue and humanize your work.

What should the structure of a race and ethnicity essay be?

The order of writing an essay is usually reduced to three steps.

  • Introductory part

The introductory part should contain the formulation of the problem and its essence, a rhetorical question, a quote, etc. it is important to create a certain mood and explain the problem to the reader.

  • Main part

In the main part, you can touch on the history of the issue, give different points of view on the problem, provide arguments and justifications for each of them, and make sub-conclusions. The arguments you can use include different situations from life, opinions of scientists, evidence, etc.

  • Conclusion

In the conclusion, all the points made in the main part are summed up. The reader should come to a logical resolution based on the arguments given. In the end, the problem is reintroduced and a final conclusion is drawn.

What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

Race is usually viewed as a biological concept, referring to a person's physical characteristics, while ethnicity is viewed as a social science construct that describes a person's cultural identity.

Tips on How to Find Interesting Essay Topics on Race and Ethnicity

Let's go over some basic tips for choosing race and ethnicity essay ideas:

  • Before you choose the topic, you need to take into account what your target audience is. Based on this, the topic should be chosen so that there is an opportunity to show off your abilities to the examiner, namely: originality, the ability to logically structure and prove your point, literacy, professional competence, etc.
  • When choosing a topic from the proposed list, you should choose the one you have certain knowledge or experience on, a strong opinion, or something you are curious about.
  • If the essay is targeted towards an employer, then it would be better if both the topic and the content of the essay reflect your character, sincerity, originality, humanity, and individuality.

List of Race and Ethnicity Essay Topics

Let's take a look at the general essay topics on race and ethnicity.

  1. Symbolism of Wealth, Death and the American Dream in Great Gatsby
  2. Gender Stereotypes And Feminist Movement In The Movie Mulan
  3. Reflective Essay on My Cultural Identity as Mexican-American
  4. Native People Versus the Colonists in The Pearl
  5. Analysis of Oppressions of Black People in Native Son
  6. Essay about Korean Culture
  7. Immigrants and the American Dream: Essay
  8. Representations of Race and Ethnicity in Octavia E. Butler's ‘Kindred’ and Colson Whitehead's ‘The Underground Railroad’
  9. Portrayal of Black People in Movies
  10. Socio-Economic Features of British Culture
  11. The Impact of Hispanics on the Political Culture of Texas
  12. Essay on Indigenous Fashion in India
  13. Essay on Indian Residential Schools in Canada and Their Architectural Purpose
  14. Essay on Aboriginal Racism in Canada
  15. Significant Impact of Propaganda on Conformity of Germans under the Nazi Regime: Analytical Essay
  16. Measures to Improve Education and Healthcare Accessibility to Nomadic, Indigenous Tribes in Africa: Analytical Essay
  17. Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous People: Argumentative Essay
  18. Non-indigenous People Versus Indigenous People: Analytical Essay on Unemployment
  19. Segregation and Discrimination of Mexican Americans in the United States: Analytical Essay
  20. History of Hispanic People in the United States: Analytical Essay
  21. Reasons to Vote Leave Campaign for British: Analytical Essay
  22. Issues of Blacks and Hispanics in the United States: Analytical Essay
  23. Promoting Health Wellness among Hispanic Residents of Silver Spring: Analytical Essay
  24. Representation of Asian Americans in Film: No Joy, No Luck
  25. Discursive Essay on Hispanic Unemployment
  26. Reflective Essay on Study of Asian Americans
  27. Building a Community and an Understanding of Asian American Identity: Analytical Essay
  28. Relationship between Asian American Students: Analytical Essay
  29. Asian American Identity and Effect on Boundaries: Analytical Essay
  30. Critical Race Theory Essay
  31. I Am Not Your Perfect American Daughter: Fragmentation of Family in 2nd Generation Mexican-Americans
  32. Analysis of The Arabian and Vietnamese Cultures
  33. The Conjuring of Ridiculous Things: Value of Mexican Philosophy
  34. Reasons Why Racial Prejudice are Fundamental to Plantation Colonialism
  35. Hispanic Culture in Healthcare
  36. What Is It Like to Be an American
  37. Canada and the Indigenous People
  38. Diversity Problem Within the Company
  39. The Problem of the Low Standard of Living of the Indigenous People of Canada
  40. Lessons of Manifest Destiny and American Frontier for Outsiders About America
  41. The Secret Identity of Chinese Women
  42. Racial Discrimination in the Judicial System
  43. Chinese Immigrants In Texas
  44. The Critical Look at the Concept of Race and Racial Diversity
  45. Racism in Raza Studies
  46. Racism and Prejudice Against Chinese People
  47. Abuse of Racial Diversity to Maintain White Supremacy
  48. Journey into Hispanic Culture
  49. Benefits of Celebrating Racial Diversity for American Society
  50. Analytical Essay on Issues of Chinese Immigration

African American Research Paper Topics

  1. Black History Month Essay
  2. Analysis of the Article on African-American Service Members: Tuskegee Airmen
  3. Idea of Double Consciousness in the Conflicting Journey of African American Life
  4. Demonstrating Urban African American Experience in Spike Lee's Films
  5. African Americans in the New Nation & Life in the Cotton Kingdom
  6. Racial Identity of African American Women of the Harlem Renaissance in Nella Larsen's Works
  7. The Great Depression and Its Effects on African Americans
  8. The Marginalization of African-American Women in Society
  9. Representation of African Americans Women in Literature: Analysis of Gone with the Wind
  10. Descriptive Essay on Incorporations of Ceremonies from Several Native American Tribes and Cultures in Oklevueha Native American Church

Native American Essay Topics

  1. Rites of Passage among Native People of America and Australia: Analytical Essay
  2. Why Native American Mascots Should Be Banned Essay
  3. The Effects of Colonization on Native Americans: Analysis of the Role of Pilgrims
  4. America’s Injustice to the Natives
  5. Historical Hostility, Institution and Misconceptions about Native American Culture
  6. Women's Importance in the Life of the Native American
  7. The Obliteration of the Native American Tribes in the Late 1800s
  8. Generational Trauma as a Result of Native American Relocation
  9. Changing the Native American World by European Pioneers
  10. Impact of the Trail of Tears on Native Americans: Analytical Essay

Latin America Paper Topics

Let's take a look at Latin American race and ethnicity essay ideas.

  1. Frida Kahlo as a Nationalist Ideal of Mexico’s Indigenous Population
  2. Mexican Culture Essay
  3. Critical Analysis of Salt of the Earth: Portrayal of the Struggles of Mexican American Miners
  4. Chicano Movement and Extension of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement: Analytical Overview
  5. Impact of Depression Based on Ethnic and Socioeconomic Identities: Issues of Mexican Americans
  6. Impact of Great Depression on Mexican Americans: Analytical Essay
  7. Analytical Overview of Hispanic/Latino Ethnic Group
  8. Mexicanization and Cultural Globalization: New Words for Concepts as old as History
  9. Comparison of Mexican and Nigerian Culture
  10. Analysis of The Philosophy of Mexicanness

Multiculturalism Essay Topics

Next, we'll take a look at multiculturalism essay topics on race and ethnicity.

  1. The Problem Of Balance Between Multiculturalism And National Identity In Australia
  2. The Approaches Of Multiculturalism And Interculturalism In Modern Europe
  3. Political Approaches Of Australia And Japan To Multiculturalism
  4. Cultural Variations Related to Death, Dying and Terminal Illness in the Asian American Community
  5. Multiculturalism Vs Assimilation In The USA
  6. Prevention of Heart Disease in Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
  7. Multiculturalism in Australia: Analytical Essay
  8. Asian American Parenting Features
  9. Multiculturalism As a Dangerous Ideology: Analytical Essay
  10. Moral Relativism In Context Of Multiculturalism

Diversity Essay Topics

  1. Argumentative Essay on Lack of Diversity in Ballet
  2. Essay on Ethnicity and Ethnic Diversity
  3. Cultural Diversity and Immigration in Los Angeles Local Politics
  4. Religious Diversity in New York City
  5. Diversity in the Workplace Essay
  6. Diversity and Inclusion Essay
  7. Diversity of Cultural Roots as a Personal Advantage
  8. Racial Diversity Within the Australian Community
  9. Dealing with Diversity in America During Reconstruction
  10. Ethnic Diversity in New Zealand Education

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