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College Scholarships for LGBTQ Students

After decades of fighting oppression and discrimination, LGBTQ students have finally entered the era where they can not only feel like a part of the general college population but also receive the assistance that will help them in their studies. Of course, nothing is ideal yet, but there are special college LGBT scholarships that can make the process of paying tuition a little bit easier. We’ve composed a list of such LGBT scholarships and sorted them based on the award amount, from the highest to the lowest. It’s in no way exhaustive but it will give you an idea of where to look for aid and which requirements must be met for applying.

Top Twelve Scholarships for LGBTQ Students

1. Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship

This scholarship for LGBT is aimed at queer women, transgender people (as transgender scholarships), as well as non-binary people with an interest in coding. If you meet these conditions and are passionate about the technical side of our life, you should submit your application and point out which school and program you are invested in. There are diverse locations available, so chances are, you might find something even in your hometown. You’ll also get access to mentors who will be supervising and assisting you on every step of your educational journey. Visit the site designed for this coding scholarship and look through the choices of programs you can pick. The good thing is that you get financial help for full-time, part-time, or even remote type of education — everything goes!

2. Stonewall Foundation Levin-Goffe Scholarship for LGBTQI Immigrants

This is a perfect choice for international students who belong to the LGBTQ community and who already have experience with studying abroad. You have to be a part of one of the accredited non-profit schools located in New York City to qualify and your GPA should be at least 3.25. Only some people can meet these requirements, which is bad news for the majority of international students but good news for those who are indeed eligible. Refugees along with those who are seeking asylum in the US are also welcome, so you can try your luck by contacting the program’s representatives. Their contact details can be located on the Levin-Goffe site. 

3. Greater Seattle Business Association LGBTQ Scholar Program

GSBA is located in Seattle, Washington, so it covers those people of the LGBTQ community who reside in this state and who want to study Business. Due to GSBA’s recent partnerships with other organizations, you’re also welcome to apply if you come from Montana, Alaska, Oregon, or Idaho. Being founded back in 1990, this is a solid program that has already provided assistance to hundreds of students. So, if you have an intense interest in being a leader and changing the world for the better, this LGBTQ scholarship might just be for you.

4. Pride Foundation Scholarships (Northwest)

If you live in one of the Northwest states and are a part of the LGBTQ family, Pride Foundation will gladly help with your tuition. It doesn’t matter whether you want to study Arts, Sciences, Culture, Humanities, Technologies, or Social Work — you’ll be eligible as long as you meet the aforementioned requirements. This is one of the most popular programs with quite a considerable sum of assistance offered, so be sure to apply because it can make a huge difference in your life as a student. Note that in case you are still undecided about whether or not you belong to LGBTQ, you have the right to fill in the application form anyway. 

5. Markowski-Leach Scholarships

This program has an interesting and touching history behind it. Founded by Tom Markowski and Jim Leach, a gay couple from San Francisco, it stretches help to those LGBTQ students who are ready to become leaders and positive role models for their community. Being caught in the middle of the AIDS crisis, Markowski and Leach decided that they want to actively change the world around them for the better in any way they can, hence the provision of LGBT scholarship. They’ve died since then but their legacy lives on. You can receive up to $10,000 as long as you meet some of the specific requirements. Namely, you should study at San Francisco State University, Berkeley University of California, Hastings College of the Law, or Stanford uni before becoming eligible. If you are in the process of transfer or application to these institutions, you can still try your luck, while somebody as essay helper will cover you with challenging workloads. The sum of $508,500 has been awarded to lucky students since 1991. Only full-time education is covered and your GPA shouldn't be lower than 2.5.

6. Out to Innovate Scholarship

The National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals offers great assistance to LGBTQ students as well as to the active and dedicated straight allies. The requirements that need to be met entail having an interest in studying Sciences, Engineering, Math, or Technologies. You also have to be enrolled in any US college or uni — the specific location isn’t important but you have to have a minimum of two years of after-high-school education. Maintaining a GPA of 3.0 is essential in order to keep scholarships for LGBT students, so if you feel up to this challenge, try right now.

7. National Gay Pilots Association Education Fund Scholarship

NGPA is an organization that targets a very narrow group: gay people who want to be pilots. To be considered eligible for this considerable aid, you should gain some type of pilot certificate to prove your genuine desire to achieve success in this area. Three gay scholarships will be offered to you if you meet this requirement and if you’re in accredited college or uni with the 4-year program. US residency isn’t important, so international students and immigrants are welcome to try applying as well. Apart from the money, you’ll be getting mentorship that will assist you in building a promising career in the aviation field. Over $500,000 has been given away at this point and you have a great chance to increase this number. Your financial capabilities, rates of performance, activities in the LGBTQ community, and application essay will all be the determining factors. Note that you can resume your LGBT scholarship again after one year passes. 

8. Gamma Mu Foundation Scholarships

Gamma Mu caters to gay men, in particular, so females or people with other sexualities aren’t eligible for applying. Each award is provided for a year but can be renewed up to four times, which pretty much covers the majority of the education process. You can choose between college, uni, vocational or other narrow-professions programs. Only full-time on-campus education is covered. A good thing is that both undergraduate and post-graduate studies are supported, which is rather rare but fortunate.

The Folisi & Goodwin Scholarship in Memory of Ray Williams is a branch of Gamma Mu that also offers financial help but covers all LGBTQ students. The other conditions entail being not older than 35, having a US residency in any of the states, and being admitted to one of the accredited educational establishments in the country.

9.  Greater San Diego Business Association Scholarship

Several LGBT college scholarships for San Diego residents are offered by this program. Not many of them are awarded, only between two and five in general, but it’s still a good chance for you to lessen the burden of financial difficulties. The candidates are sorted based on their success and performance, so only the best among the best will become winners. Unless you have clear goals and specific plans regarding the ways of achieving them, you shouldn’t apply because you’re unlikely to be chosen. Judge your capabilities and if this scholarship doesn’t look like something you’d be able to get, better try somewhere else. There are many other options.

10. Queens of the Castro Grace Towers Scholarship for the Arts

This financial aid is provided to those members of the LGBTQ community who aren’t older than 25, want to study Arts, and who live in either California, New York, or Chicago. People of color tend to be of higher priority here. Apart from the money, you’ll also obtain mentorship opportunities and a big list of LGBT resources. Find the organization’s site or social media accounts and watch for the application period. The 2019 one is closed but 2020 is supposed to start in April next year.

11. PFLAG Chapter Scholarship Programs

PFLAG is a well-known organization that has been fighting for LGBTQ rights for decades. Whether you are a part of this community or a passionate ally, you can apply via your local PFLAG center. Such centers are located in all major cities of 20 US states. Check the detailed list on their site or by visiting PFLAG social media profiles. There are different programs with different amounts of assistance offered, so look through them all, find which one suits you most, and fill out your application. All details about the dates can be found online as well.

12. Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Student Educational Loan Fund for LGBTQ Students

This scholarship has been established in 1997 and it is eligible for students who live in the areas of Kentucky as well as in Middle Tennessee. Specifically, if you came out and was disowned or cut off from your parents or relatives, SELF will assist you in still getting your education, giving you a chance to go on with your life and maybe even bridge the gap between you and your family. More details, such as specific sums, are disclosed upon personal clarifications because lots of factors shift the possible outcomes and determine what aid you, in particular, are going to receive. Preparing an application for LGBTQ Scholarship can be difficult and you can always choose to buy term papers online!

Apply for a LGBTQ Scholarship and Make Your Student Life Easier

The education in the US isn’t cheap, and without assistance, you might face troubles when looking for a chance to graduate. There are plenty of good scholarships offered to LGBTQ students out there and all you have to do is find a perfect one you’re eligible for. Not only American citizens but also international can locate something beneficial for them. You shouldn't think that education in the US is enormously hard. There are a bunch of student services that will help you help; you are just required to ask "write an essay for me" and they will do all the work for you. Everyone deserves to get the education of their dreams, and with the LGBTQ-directed scholarships, this has finally become possible.

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