How To Write Anthropology Research Papers

Anthropology is an area of scientific knowledge which studies fundamental problems of human existence in a natural and artificial environment. To put it shortly, it is the study of humanity. In addition to that, there are lots of types of anthropological studies and branches on which you may commence elaborating your paper. Philosophical anthropology focuses on the study of the problems of human existence in the world as a whole, seeks to answer the question about the essence of man. Cultural anthropology deals with the connections of man and culture. It focuses on the problems of the genesis of man as the creator and the creation of culture. There are also other types of this branch of science as social anthropology, cognitive and so on. But the main ones are these four subfields of anthropology: Archaeology, Cultural, Biological, and Linguistic. So, your work on anthropology will definitely contain features and subtleties of different studies. You can always ask a professional writing service to write my research paper if you are not prepared to learn more about several disciplines at once.

How to Structure Your Paper on Anthropology

  1. Introduction. Every scientific and academic paper should contain an introduction (we as help with research paper) always take it into account) that will present your aims of the research and the outline of everything that will be mentioned further. Convince the reader that this particular study is a ground-breaking one and you are going to reveal some new information that nobody knew before. Engage reader into the whole topic.
  2. Literature overview. This is, to put it simply, the theoretical orientation of the work.
  3. The main body of the paper will encompass all the analysis conducted. It should be composed of the theoretical part and practical one that naturally complement one another.
  4. Discussion and Conclusions. Summarize all the approaches you used and results you obtained. Name some discrepancies that you discovered between your work and other scientific studies that were the basis for your comparisons and study as a whole. Tell how your work may be advanced and improved. State what is the perspective of your study and its outcomes.

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Useful Tips

  • Identify your topic as early as possible. Despite the chosen types of anthropology it should be interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Turn to other samples of works like Nursing Paper, English papers, cultural anthropology research paper to come up with some ideas for anthropology research paper.
  • You may also look through some ready-made topics, for example, from physical anthropology research paper topics, it will direct you towards the topic of your own.
  • Any theory that you propose to the audience must be theoretically grounded. Find appropriate literature sources both online and in the library. Try to adhere to the primary sources.
  • The problem/thesis/hypothesis/question you discuss in your survey must be clearly shaped and understandable.
  • Use terminology in an appropriate manner. Try to explain some rare and difficult terms. Any difficulties? Be sure to name our site when asking yourself how to pay someone to write my research paper.
  • Every part of your work should be linked closely with other parts both thematically and practically.
  • Re-read your completed paper several times to find grammatical, stylistic and spelling mistakes.
  • Adhere to the anthropology research paper format.
  • Some useful phrases “The evidence for this hypothesis is...”, “...notes that...”, “In this paper I would like to outline...”, “To conclude,...”.

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Typical Mistakes Made by Students

  • Procrastination.
  • No references in the theory section.
  • No subheadings.
  • Poor paragraphing.
  • No mention about concepts that were used.
  • Theory that does not back practical investigation.
  • Spelling, grammar and stylistic mistakes.
  • Detailed conclusion.
  • The absence of research paper conclusion.

Anthropological Topics for a Research Paper

“The structure of the distribution of the children's body size during growth period”

“Information relevance and structure of variability of traits of human's craniofacial system”

“Anthropological aspects of studying the hormonal status of man”

“Anthropology of ancient and modern population of South Yemen”

“Phenetic analysis in paleoanthropology in connection with the problems of races  and ethnogenesis”


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