Insight into Scientific Method Use in Writing

Writing countless homework tasks, essays, and other types of assignments is the key way of academic evaluation students face in college or university. Today, we will consider scientific method in writing, which is used in any academic paper regardless of subject, topic, and volume.

What is the Scientific Method?

The definition of scientific method is quite simple. This is a certain technique used for researching, collecting, processing information and then expressing gathered data in a written form for further use by scholars. Despite all the diversity and availability of highly specialized techniques, ways of conducting research are divided into two large groups: theoretical and practical (empirical) ones. Below, we present main techniques that are used today.

Types of scientific methods:

Let us briefly consider which ones are most frequently used in the process of scientific inquiry and hence academic works:

  • Analysis - a dissection of an integral subject into its constituent parts (signs, properties or relations) with a view to studying them comprehensively. This scientific process is the most popular one for a thesis. Within the scope of analysis, a comparative legal analysis (for example comparing the legal systems of Canada and France), a statistical analysis (dynamics of the phenomenon under consideration for a certain period), etc. can be conducted. 
  • Analogy - a technique, which is based on comparing the similarity of objects associated with one particular feature.
  • Deduction - a kind of inference from general to particular, when a generalized conclusion is drawn from mass of particular cases.
  • Induction - an investigation or way of reasoning in which general conclusion is built on a basis of particular premises.
  • Classification - a division of all studied subjects into separate groups in accordance with some important feature for a researcher (it is of particular importance in the descriptive sciences: geology, geography, and some sections of biology or in classification papers).
  • Modeling - a study of an object (original) by creating and exploring its copy (model) replacing the original from certain sides that interest cognition. A model always corresponds to the original object in those properties that are subject to study, but at same time, differ from it for a number of other features, which makes a model convenient for studying the object.
  • Observation - a purposeful perception of phenomena of objective reality, in the course of which, one obtains knowledge about the external aspects, properties and relations of objects under study.
  • Generalization - a reasoning, because of which general properties and attributes of objects are established.
  • Description - recording information about objects by means of natural or artificial language.
  • Forecasting - a technique targeted at exploring some specific prospects for the development of a given phenomenon.
  • Synthesis - a connection of previously isolated parts ( features, properties or relations) of an object into a single whole. 
  • Experiment - refers to testing certain studied phenomena in controlled conditions. In the experiment, one tries to explore the phenomenon under study in pure form, so that there are as few obstacles as possible in obtaining the information sought.

How to use the scientific method when writing an academic paper

Writing an assignment that requires credible methodological basis, as well as scholarly proved statements to illustrate your conclusions, you have to initially indicate that you are to use certain scientific method. You have to mention such info in the Introduction section, alongside with aim of your study and its applicability.

Here are some options for outlining the scientific research methodologies in your paper:

Methodological basis of the research is made by the scientific works in the field of law, criminalistics, Operative-search Activity Theory, and Theory of State and Law. In the paper, general and particular options were used including systematic analysis of the phenomena studied.

When working on this study, a set of methods of economic and statistical analysis, methods for analyzing and synthesizing economic information, and the concepts of various schools of financial management were applied. The basis for optimizing the restaurant's activity was the method of limiting analysis.

The methodological basis of the study is the dialectical method of cognition and the systematic approach. In the process of research, such general scientific methods and techniques as a scientific abstraction, analysis, and synthesis, methods of grouping, comparison, were used.

The researched methodological basis lies in applying the method of dialectics as a general scientific method of cognition, as well as a number of private scientific methods: historical, technical, legal, logical, system analysis in their various combinations. Thus, based on a comparative historical examination, an analysis is made of the history of the development of the institution of a civil law treaty and the procedure for its conclusion in civil science and legislation in different periods.

How to choose the research technique

Choosing a particular research option is affected by paper’s theme, its goals, and objectives. The scientific methods should correspond to the content of the research stages and help obtain the most accurate results on each.

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Principles of scientific method application

It is used in various academic papers ranging from regular essays, term papers to master’s theses.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that in context of higher intuitions and hence writing academic texts, the use of the academic method is obligatory to ensure your paper has a professional feeling to it. If you need help writing a paper, you are encouraged to sign up at and have a professional paper written for you tailored to your specific requirements.

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