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Scholarship for Orphans


$1000.00 USD

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Scholarship for College Students


August 31, 2023

What Is a Scholarship and How to Apply for It?

All adults remember the times when they were recent college graduates far from understanding how to navigate the world of finance. We also know how important education is for students and how difficult their academic journey may be without the necessary funds.

To encourage young people to acquire proactive financial habits and help them overcome financial challenges, we introduce a scholarship contest and offer $1000 to spend on their educational purposes, like college books, tuition, loans, or equipment.

Go on reading for more details, and do not hesitate to apply by filling in a form on our website!

Scholarship Reward Description

Sharing your ideas about essential things with other people always requires courage, perseverance, and effort. We understand how powerful words are. If you want to be noticed and change the world for the better, take your chance to participate in our contest. We offer a scholarship for the most creative essay to foster young talented people to express their thoughts about actual world issues and ideas to overcome the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

We would like to see English-speaking candidates ready to show their best analytical and writing skills and present their essays related to one of the following areas:

  • Human Rights and Different Types of Discrimination;
  • Healthcare Problems and Mental Diseases;
  • Climate Change and Pollution;
  • Freedom of the Press and Disinformation;
  • Reasons for Poverty and Ways to Fight It.

If you’re interested in these subjects, we invite you to share your ideas, choose a topic that resonates with your soul from the list below, and submit an application. We accept only one essay per person. We’ve made the process of submitting the application form easy and quick. You just need to follow the instructions on the website, insert the necessary personal data, and upload your paper created according to the requirements.

If you want to clarify any details or need help with your application, feel free to send us your question and get assistance within the shortest time.

The students who demonstrate the best mastery of essay writing can become a candidate to get $1000 in scholarships and fulfill their educational needs.

This contest is awarded and sponsored by Edubirdie.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship Contest

Edubirdie stands for equality and does its best to create a culture supporting equal rights for all students’ participation, regardless of age, gender, or race. Nonetheless, you must correspond to a range of requirements to access the contest:

  • Be an adult person (aged 18 and over) from any country;
  • Study full-time (no matter whether you’re a student at a high school, university, or college);
  • Be a native English speaker or non-native speaker with higher-level language skills.

Please, pay attention to three categories of candidates who CANNOT get access to the scholarship contest:

  1. All Edubirdie team members and specialists working at its affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, marketing, and advertising agencies;
  2. Family members of Edubirdie employees (children, wife, sisters, brothers, and parents);
  3. People living in the homes of the family members listed above.

If an applicant doesn’t meet one or several criteria mentioned above, they will be automatically disqualified from the contest. All winners should be ready to prove their eligibility by sending documents about their enrollment or academic status.

Essay Submission Requirements

Every candidate may submit only one essay meeting the following criteria:

  • A word count cannot exceed the limits of 500-700 words (excluding a header, title, and list of reference sources);
  • The paper should be written in UK or US English;
  • 100% uniqueness is required;
  • The essay should be uploaded in .doc or .docx format;
  • The paper, quotations, and source references have to be completed following MLA formatting style.

Application Process

To participate in our scholarship contest, you have to choose ONE of the provided topics and create a unique essay with a word count of 500-700 words. Here is the list of topics you may select from:

  • Discrimination in Hiring and Promotion;
  • Advantages of Healthy Eating Habits;
  • The Impact Global Warming Is Producing on Earth’s Climate;
  • Fake Information: Awareness and Protection;
  • My Understanding of the Causes of Poverty in the World.

Submit your essay to as an attached document and provide short information about yourself, including a full name, contact details (phone, address, email), graduation date, and school name. Add any details you consider necessary for evaluation.

Edubirdie doesn’t require any fee to take part in this contest. We appreciate your motivation, and this is more than enough!

*By sending an application, you automatically accept using your data for marketing purposes.

Candidate Selection Process

A fair evaluation of all essay contests is our highest priority. We assess different aspects of papers, including grammar, content, style, coherence, and the ability to present your ideas creatively. We accept well-structured and plagiarism-free essays completed in English. Any paper that doesn’t correspond to these requirements will be rejected.

We welcome all talented students from high schools, universities, and colleges who are ready to submit their applications and believe this scholarship is a great chance for them. To start filling in an application form, click the button below. We’ll verify each essay precisely and carefully and announce all winners by September 15, 2023.

If selected, you’ll have 7 days to reply to our message. Your silence after this period will be treated as a scholarship waiver. In such a situation, we’ll define another winner.

Remember, you cannot lose in this contest. Whether you win or lose, you’ll receive a great experience that will benefit your academic and professional career.

Projected scholarship timeline
(2022 - 2023)



April 1, 2023

Apr 1, 2023

Scholarship formally launches, accepting applications

August 31, 2023

Aug 31, 2023

Application deadline (no more submissions)

September 15, 2023

Sep 15, 2023

Winners announced (and notified via email)

September 30, 2023

Sep 30, 2023

Funds distributed to winners

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Application terms and conditions

Please read carefully

Edubirdie sponsored scholarships must be used on tuition, schoolbooks, equipment for academic use, and other academic fees, and will be subject to document verification. The recipient must meet all the aforementioned requirements in order to receive the scholarship. We reserve the right to withhold the award from any recipient who no longer meets the eligibility requirements and revoke the award should the recipient fail to maintain the eligibility requirements. The selected recipient will receive instructions from Edubirdie on how to receive the scholarship. Failure to follow the specified instruction by the deadline will disqualify the recipient from receiving the award.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Common questions and answers

Who can apply for the Edubirdie Scholarship Contest?

We invite all talented students aged 18 and over to participate in our contest.

I missed the deadline. Can I still submit my application?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions after August 31, 2023, because of many applications received.

What are the deadlines for the scholarship contest and award?

The contest takes place from February 1 to August 31, 2023. The winners will be announced on the Edubirdie website by September 15, 2023.

I sent my essay but didn't get a response. How can I make sure you received my submission?

If there is a delay in responding to your application, it is likely due to the many applications we have received. We recommend that you wait a few days before emailing us again at

If I win, how will I get my scholarship?

If you are selected as a winner, we’ll contact you via email (we’ll use the email address provided on your application) to arrange for the scholarship check to be sent to you.