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Best Inspiration for Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

Do you think that writing a compare and contrast essay on one topic is difficult? Then you probably feel that you will struggle to finish a compare and contrast essay as it has two topics. But this is not quite right. Comparative essays are easy to write. They allow you to explore the differences and similarities between the two subjects or themes.

If you are struggling with finding inspiration, then our bright compare and contrast essay topics list will help you submit your assignment on time. It suggests intriguing subjects that can help to finish an excellent task without any delays.

Try choosing a suitable one from compare and contrast topics list as objects that go under comparison should belong to the same category. They should also demonstrate some depth that you reveal in your writing. This is why you must work hard to pick relevant themes to write about in your assignment.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

As a student, you are assigned to various types of tasks. Compare and contrast essay writing focuses on exploring the resemblance between two themes or topics and how they differ from each other. This type of academic writing promotes critical thinking. It motivates you to come up with an attention-grabbing analysis that reflects your character, opinion, as well as understanding.

You usually receive a question from your professor or teacher. It is your job to build a paper that analyzes this topic to the fullest. This type of writing is common in various academic levels at any US university, with topics picked or tailored based on subjects studied.

There are various genres of prompts that will inspire you to finish an excellent academic paper. The analysis you create shows what you believe in and how it makes sense.

Right Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

Academic success in the USA colleges, as well as universities, depends on your ability to follow the rules while adding a personal touch that makes you stand out among your peers. In this type of paper, one must follow the adequate outline, structure with format to submit an excellent task.

By browsing compare and contrast essay examples, one can see that a typical assignment is composed of three sections that include an introduction, discussion of your main idea, the particular issues to study.

  • Get your Paper Started

In the introduction paragraph,  mention your thesis statement plus a brief explanation of the main topic that you will explore. It should be inspiring enough to encourage readers to keep on reading. Next, discuss and analyze the subject fully. Mention similarities and how the two ideas differ. Include an arguable thesis statement.

  • Work on the Body

One of the most successful ways to submit this type of writing is to brainstorm for thought-provoking concepts. Note down all similarities and differences in points for easy reference. Start by listing down a paragraph that highlights similarities between the two ideas. Next, devote a separate section to explain how each one of them is unique.

You can use visuals like a Venn diagram to explain your opinion. It highlights the distinctive features of each subject plus how they relate to each other. Lists are also excellent tools to clarify ideas.

Paragraphs should be of equal weight and importance. All should contain relevant evidence that gives your paper credibility, shows that you’ve worked hard to finish it. Use reliable scientific resources. Refer to a previous reading or a personal experience to support your point of view. Your argument should be based on your own opinion. It should be supported by enough examples that tempt people to read the rest of your essay.

Develop a convincing argument using the facts you have mentioned. Make sure they add value to the audience. Explore the counterarguments. Study opinions that oppose your thesis statement or belief.

  • Wrap it Up

In the conclusion paragraph, sum up your idea. This section provides your readers with a quick summary of the research you conducted and explains why you’ve reached this conclusion. It should give a different interpretation of your thesis sentence. Think about how it relates to your argument.

Choosing Suitable Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

Academically suitable compare contrast essay topics should be stimulating as well as attention-grabbing. USA professors and teachers usually advise you to stay away from mainstream ideas. Be creative.

First, your paper subject should be relevant to the academic material you are studying. You can explore various situations, places, historical events, investigate past events, or lives of fictional or real people.

Head to the library to do some research related to your theme. Find some inspiration while watching TV news, series, documentaries. Stay tuned for the latest events, and link them to our past. Read the most trending articles and see what people talk about. The Internet is another excellent source for exceptional compare and contrast essay ideas. However, make sure that you are relying on academically accurate information. Do not believe everything online.

This compare and contrast essay is a chance to show off your critical thinking skills. Demonstrate how you can relate your outlook to various topics or ideas. Don’t be shy of expressing what you think or feel. It is a chance to stand out from other students.

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Best Writing Tips for Your Success

Even if creating a compare and contrast essay is not your most favorite activity, you can still submit an exceptional and high-quality assignment that will grant you the best academic recognition. Here are some tips to help you finish your task just the way you want to:

  • You can’t learn how to write compare and contrast essay unless you do some reading first. Read about the two topics you selected. Take notes of the most intriguing ideas you can think of. These notes will help you later when you are working on this task.
  • Be as organized as possible. List all similarities and differences in two columns that will help in crafting comprehensive paragraphs. Add all the details that you can think of. They might come in handy later on.
  • Pick the most relevant and significant point to build your central argument. This should be the basis of your future work.
  • Make sure that you follow the right outline and format. A compare and contrast essay should be made up of 5 or 6 paragraphs. The introduction should provide a general idea of your work while each body paragraph should contain a clear statement. Don’t forget to restate what you think or feel in the concluding paragraph.
  • Use transitional words. They help make your writing look more logic plus allow readers to move smoothly from idea to another.
  • Edit. Don’t throw all your work in the gutter, use a grammar checker and make sure your submit work that doesn't contain spelling, grammar or even punctuation errors. Teacher will definitely value an exceptional composition that contains no mistakes.
  • Ask for feedback. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Ask your friends, family, or other professors to read your assignment before submission. A new set of eyes can highlight areas that you’ve missed.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 2021

Are you stressed about finding suitable topics to compare and contrast? Don’t worry. We can help you find the necessary inspiration by offering astounding comparative essay topics that you can use. Here are different compare and contrast essay topics divided into several categories:

Compare and Contrast Topics on Education

  1. Homeschooling and Remote Education Differences.
  2. Montessori Method versus Waldorf Schools.
  3. Compulsory Education and Home Learning.
  4. Summer Camps and Religious Education.
  5. Are Male Teachers Better For STEM Subjects.
  6. On Merit Scholarships and Financial Need Grants.
  7. British Universities Teaching Style VS American Education Methods.
  8. AI Technology Versus In Person Teaching.
  9. Modern Education Methods & Digital Tools.
  10. School Security and Privacy Concerns: Cons and Pros.

History, Anthropology, and Political Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Exploring reality versus fiction in Roman mythology.
  2. Contrast and comparison of Civil rights in the 18th and 21st century.
  3. 60s vs 90s music in the USA: How did policy affect art?
  4. World War 1 vs World War 2: Did history repeat itself?
  5. Difference between life in Japan before and after World War 2.
  6. How did life in America differ after the War in Vietnam?
  7. Arab countries before and after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
  8. Similarities and differences between customs of Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.
  9. Impact of African countries’ independence.
  10. Teachings of Confucius versus Hammurabi’s Code.

Opposite Things to Compare and Contrast

  1. Benefits of working in daytime against nighttime.
  2. Summer vs winter people: what are their basic traits?
  3. Impact of tea and coffee on your health.
  4. Comparison of the fast food in the USA and England.
  5. Contrast and Compare of Life in the village against a busy city.
  6. Animals against people: How do they relate?
  7. Early bird or night owl: Which one are you?
  8. Traditional or online shopping.
  9. What are the similarities and differences between sun and moon?
  10. Contrast between Gas and electric cars.

Compare and Contrast Topics for Beginners

  1. Is Summer Better Than Winter?
  2. Are Books in Print More Useful Than Their Digital Counterparts?
  3. Meat VS Vegetables: Cons and Pros.
  4. Are Mothers Better Parents For Daughters?
  5. British Fashion VS American Style.
  6. Are '80s Movies Better Than What We See Today?
  7. The Sports in The East and West Coasts of the United States.
  8. Are Board Games Better Than Video Games?
  9. Rock Music Culture VS Rap Culture Values.
  10. Facebook VS Instagram Popularity Methods.

IT and Social Media Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Difference and similarities between a traditional versus a smartphone.
  2. Instagram or Snapchat: What makes each one of them unique?
  3. Facebook or Twitter: social media sharing.
  4. 10 Years Challenge versus Ice Bucket Challenge.
  5. Differences and Similarities: Writing emails and letters.
  6. Online jobs or traditional jobs?
  7. Differences and Similarities: Radio or newspaper.
  8. Desktop computers or tablets.
  9. iOS and Android Mobile Platforms
  10. Windows OS and Linux: Simplicity VS Complexity.
  11. AI Robots in Education: Pros and Cons.
  12. Technology's Impact on Young People and Adults.

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Movies, Music, and Art

  1. An extensive study of rock and country music.
  2. Who wins: Superman or Batman? Incredible Contrast.
  3. Who left a more significant on the world of music: Madonna or Celine Dion?
  4. Werewolves and vampires: How were they displayed in movies?
  5. Horror movies against comedies.
  6. 3D or 2D screening contrast.
  7. Men vs women in Picasso’s work.
  8. Michael Jackson and Prince: Who is the true King of Pop?
  9. Fantastic Four or Avengers?
  10. Sitcoms against soap operas.

Literature Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. How were women displayed in the books of the 18th and 20th century?
  2. Romeo and Juliet: Past against modern versions.
  3. Fiction against Non-fiction books.
  4. Compare and Contrast: Romance vs popular horror themes.
  5. Shakespeare versus Hugo: How did their books affect the world?
  6. Ancient literature in Greece and Egypt.
  7. Hip hop vs poetry: What are the similarities and differences?
  8. Macbeth vs Hamlet: Dealing with personal struggles.
  9. Differences and Similarities between European and American literature in the 19th century.
  10. Medieval literature work in the Middle East and Europe.

Scientific Compare and Contrast Topics

  1. Studying chemistry or physics.
  2. Life on other planets: Are you for or against?
  3. Hurricanes vs tornadoes: Do they have a similar impact?
  4. Using renewable versus fossil energy.
  5. Uranus vs Saturn: Discover the similarities and differences.
  6. Nuclear power for peace or war?
  7. Using genetic engineering in medicine or agriculture?
  8. Traditional or modern medicine.
  9. Mental vs physical health in American teenagers.
  10. Compare and Contrast: Bacteria vs viruses.

Philosophy Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

  1. Are historians and philosophers closely related? Incredible Similarities.
  2. What is stronger: Physical power or the power of words.
  3. Who is truly wild: humans or animals? Discover Similarities.
  4. What is the effect of music and poetry on people?
  5. The Difference between Socrates and Plato.
  6. Modern and ancient philosophers.
  7. Helping others versus taking care of one's self.
  8. Effect of books and video games on morals.
  9. The negative versus positive impact of religion on people.
  10. Thin Line Between Right and Wrong

Religion Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. The Quran vs the Bible: Difference in their teachings.
  2. Life of Jesus Christ. Life of Moses. Any Similarities?
  3. Buddha versus Jesus Christ.
  4. Exploring the definition of right vs wrong in various religions.
  5. Zoroastrianism plus Islam: How do they relate?
  6. How was the life of Jesus Christ displayed in different gospels?
  7. Comparing Ancient Egyptian versus Ancient Roman religions.
  8. Isis against Athena.
  9. Judaism before and after Jesus Christ: Compare and Contrast.
  10. Catholicism against Protestantism.

Intriguing Topics for Middle School Students

  1. Watching a movie at home or going to the cinema.
  2. How to deal with enemies and friends?
  3. Studying languages versus sciences.
  4. Finding educational information on the internet or in books?
  5. Students who practice sports or musical instruments.
  6. Spending time with family or friends: Dare to Compare and Cotrast.
  7. Benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling versus traditional education.
  8. Testing or stress-free education for students.
  9. Thanksgiving or Halloween: Which one is your favorite American holiday?
  10. Influence of celebrities and parents on teenagers.

6th Grade Comparative Essay Topics

  1. Drinking soda or water in the morning.
  2. Eating or skipping breakfast.
  3. Children in the USA and China: How are their lives different?
  4. PlayStation versus Xbox: Compare and Contrast.
  5. American football vs soccer: Compare and Contrast.
  6. Outdoor activities or online games for kids.
  7. School uniforms vs casual wear for school.
  8. Contrast: Public or private schools?
  9. Studying alone or with friends?
  10. Weekend versus weekdays activities.

General Essay Writing Prompts

  1. How men and women react to social media posts and trends.
  2. Raising a child versus growing a tree.
  3. Cat vs dog people. What are the Similarities?
  4. Playschool vs college students.
  5. Dieting or exercising to lose weight.
  6. Being in a relationship or living single.
  7. Performance-improving drugs or coffee for energy boosting.
  8. Studying in a local college or abroad?
  9. Dreaming at night or daydreaming. Any Similarities?
  10. Marrying at an old or young age.

Popular Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

  1. KFC vs McDonald’s: How to Compare?
  2. Using wood or stone to build buildings.
  3. Flying or driving: Which one is better?
  4. American and British English Comparison.
  5. Life in African versus European countries. Shocking Similarities.
  6. Comparison: Online reading or traditional books?
  7. Vegetarian and vegan people.
  8. Cooking or eating out. Any Similarities?
  9. Working after school or studying for a degree.
  10. Living with family or on your own.

Everyday Matters

  1. What is Better: Popularity or being a loner.
  2. Studying or socializing in college.
  3. Family images in the media versus real life.
  4. Friends or siblings?
  5. Modern life versus living in the Stone Age.

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