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Culture is a broad term that covers an endless number of possibilities for crafting research topics. You can view it as a global aspect and write a research paper about culture inherent in all of humanity.

On the other hand, you may focus on answering some particular research questions about culture for a specific state or region, e.g., the local community you live in. Another possibility is to compare two cultures and learn about beautiful ethnic differences.

Whichever the case, writing a cultural research paper will open a unique world for us where we can view humanity on a more in-depth level and decipher what is inherent in each culture. Since the options for cultural research paper topics are numerous, it’s essential to choose the one that will catch the reader’s attention.

If the topic is too broad or too narrow, the reader will either get lost in the process of reading or end up lacking crucial information regarding your topic. Therefore, to be sure that we satisfy our readers, we must pay close attention to choosing the right topic. Let’s see how.

How to Choose Interesting Cultural Research Paper Topics

Here are a couple of tips on how to choose an interesting topic. Before the writing process, you should consider the following:

  • Consult people from your surrounding. Is there someone native from the culture you want to write about you can reach out to? Bear in mind that the most accurate information comes from culture bearers.
  • Make a profound research about the topic you’re intended to write about. Nothing is random in culture - each tradition, habit, style, and background have a specific goal and a purpose.
  • Try to place yourself in the shoes of a culture’s representative.
  • Always be accepting and tolerant. Try not to involve emotions in the choice of topics and write accurately about them.

List of Culture Research Topics

Here’s a list of 20 interesting and somewhat general topics about culture everyone can find something suitable from:

  1. The development of culture, definition, and analysis of the term
  2. Are only humans capable of having a culture? Is there an animal culture?
  3. Is there something common for all cultures?
  4. Globalizations and local cultures
  5. How are politics and culture intertwined?
  6. Culture and nationalism - differences and similarities
  7. Does religion have an impact on culture, and to what extent?
  8. Is culture equally important to the young and the old?
  9. Gender and gender roles in culture
  10. How do different cultures view sex?
  11. To what extent does the law influence culture?
  12. Is there a global culture? The definition of the term
  13. Different cultures and languages
  14. To what extent does culture make an impact on human psychology?
  15. The American culture and the African-American culture as its part
  16. What are multicultural communities?
  17. What is a female culture, and how does it appear in closed communities?
  18. The culture depicted as a political and business tool
  19. Culture and advertisement
  20. Isolated communities and their culture

Cultural Diversity Research Paper Topics

The more people, countries and religions are on the planet, the greater the diversity. When choosing a title from this list, make sure to look wider.

  1. Mixed origins of people — do they have their own culture?
  2. How do different cultures view death?
  3. Different cultures and their various forms of segregation
  4. Natives and colonizers — the cultural clashes
  5. What are alien cultures? How do the film and literature define them?
  6. Cultural diversity — is it essential to preserve it?
  7. Foreign cultures and the assimilation of people in them
  8. The differences between my culture and the culture of other communities
  9. Ethics and morals among different cultures
  10. Cultural diversity — the definition of the term and analysis

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Here, you’ll find a list of 10 ideas for research paper about culture that are concentrated on anthropological aspect:

  1. The cultural anthropology of our modern times — an evaluation
  2. Cultural anthropology and its effects on the missionary
  3. Modern society and women’s role in it
  4. The Zulu community and the peculiarities of this African culture
  5. Different religious practices in America
  6. The English language — impact on the American culture
  7. Long-term consequences of exploration of physical labor
  8. STD - what efforts can stop it
  9. How does African culture view death?
  10. Development of the USA from an anthropological perspective

Subculture Research Ideas

  1. Subcultures and marketing strategies
  2. Social norms — are they dangerous?
  3. The Amish — why do they stand out?
  4. Cybersport — does America benefit from it?
  5. Subcultures and clothes
  6. The Anime community — why is it worldwide?
  7. How does a social group emerge?
  8. The impact of mass media on cultural lifestyles
  9. How does society benefit from subcultures?
  10. Hipsters and their influence on fashion trends

Pop Culture Research Topics

  1. Mass media and pop culture
  2. Michael Jackson and his impact on pop culture
  3. Feminism and sexism in the culture
  4. Pop culture and its impact on the imbalance of genders
  5. Eradicating terrorism and the influence of pop culture on it
  6. Community practices and pop culture
  7. Promoting women rights through pop culture
  8. Impact of pop culture on the personality
  9. Can pop culture promote social change?
  10. Pop culture and its ethical issues

Socio-Cultural Essay Topics

Here are ten exciting socio-cultural ideas. If you’re interested in comparing a community’s social and moral aspects, choose one title from this list as a basis.

  1. Emotional and social development — how does culture impact it?
  2. Language and culture — compare and contrast of features
  3. Social organization and its impact on culture
  4. Why do people from a particular culture find their cultural behavior normal?
  5. Socio-cultural communication
  6. Accents and dialects and their impact on international communication
  7. The socio-linguistic tool — description
  8. The development of character in a particular culture
  9. Does the environment of culture impact human nature?
  10. Culture and non-verbal communication

Cultural Phenomena Topics

  1. Sexism in different cultures
  2. Black Lives Matter and the view on racism in America
  3. Why do female cultures emerge mostly in closed communities?
  4. Foreign cultures and reasons for cultural assimilation in them
  5. Do cultural studies demystify misconceptions and myths
  6. Children and grandparents — a special bond in culture
  7. Why do some people hate when a foreigner moves to their country?
  8. What are cultural phenomena?
  9. Different phenomena across cultures
  10. How does culture impact the way we think?

Cultural Psychology Research Topics

  1. Filial piety and personality in the UK
  2. Human developments in the USA from a cross-cultural perspective
  3. Red Indians in America and their social behavior
  4. Cross-cultural psychology and factors that can influence it
  5. Cultural psychology and its implication on diversity
  6. What do graduates in the UK expect after college in their careers?
  7. Autistic children and parenting stress
  8. Gender stereotypes — a comparative analysis
  9. Famous artists and their impact on culture
  10. Cultural psychology — evolution

Western Civilization Essay Topics

  1. Ancient Britain and its architecture
  2. Christianity in Europe
  3. Olympic Games — the entire history
  4. The Roman Empire and its heritage
  5. Greek Myths and philosophers
  6. The impact of the Great Plague on western culture
  7. The Enlightenment period — analysis
  8. The Renaissance period — analysis
  9. The Protestant Reformation and its impact on German culture
  10. African culture — The Colonization

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