110 Economics Essay Topics You Can Explore in Your Research

Economics Essay Topics

Economics is one of the most important social sciences. As it discusses and studies the flow of value in our society, it impacts almost every aspect of our lives. It can also be effectively used to improve our modern society.

The list of economic essay topics is endless – the field focuses on multiple areas of human interactions on different scales. Choosing one of the economics topics for an essay relevant to your task and interesting to research can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help you.

💡 Tips for Choosing Interesting Economics Topics

Let’s review the main steps you can take to make the selection of topic ideas easier for you:

  • Select the relevant field of study – economics is a broad field, so it is often divided into several subcategories, including micro- and macroeconomics, social economics, and many more. If you want to select relevant economics paper topics, first you need to determine the field you’re focusing on;
  • Find something interesting to you – even the most interesting topics will not make for a good essay if they are not delivered well enough. Find something that you’re interested in learning more about and focus on economics essay questions connected to it;
  • Make sure there are enough trustworthy data sources on the subject – like many other social studies, economics is often manipulated to prove a point or an agenda. Make sure the sources you use are relevant and trustworthy;
  • Ensure you can keep the reader engaged – if most of your research will consist of raw data, it will most likely not be interesting to read. Make sure that the topic you choose is interesting and engaging enough for you to grasp the reader’s attention.

Among the main topics you can discuss in economics research are:

  • Fundamental economics, cost to benefit analysis, and importance of decision-making;
  • Macroeconomics, supply, and demand;
  • Microeconomics, market structure, and strategies, competition;
  • International economics, trade, market, and more;
  • Personal economics, spending habits, personal investment;
  • Social economics, class structure, the cultural impact of economics.

📈 List of Economics Essay Topics

These general topics explore the specifics of the field, its difference from other studies, and relevant questions in the modern state of this science.

  1. Happiness Is More Important Than Money: An Essay
  2. Threat of Sustained Inflation Growth in the Near Term
  3. Money and Happiness: An Essay
  4. Poverty, Illiteracy and Unemployment, or Why Does Education Matter? Essay
  5. Eurozone Crisis: Causes and Consequences
  6. Karl Marx and His View of Class Relations Under Capitalism
  7. Major Participants in the Indian Stock Market
  8. Surveillance Capitalism: An Essay
  9. The Importance of Fair and Equitable Compensation
  10. Essay on Effective Money Management
  11. Justifying the Fairness of Price Gouging Using Ethical Theories
  12. Assessing the Ethics of Price Gouging During the Covid-19 Pandemic
  13. Adoption of the Euro: Pros and Cons
  14. Pros and Cons of Raising the Minimum Wage
  15. What Distinguishes Money from Other Assets in the Economy?
  16. The Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage: An Essay
  17. How Did Industrialization Change the Social Class Structure?
  18. Advantages and Disadvantages of Industrialization for American Society
  19. Credit Card as an Incredible Game Changer
  20. Choosing a Career Based on Money or Passion: An Essay

🌎 World Economics Essay Questions

  1. The Economic Effect Of Hosting Sports Mega-Events In Developing Countries
  2. The Problem of Political, Social and Economic Inequality in the Modern World
  3. The Economics Of The Olympic Games
  4. Third-world economics and how it can be boosted
  5. Economics of the globalized world
  6. Cultural economics: the importance of preserving the heritage of our world
  7. The impact of institutional economics
  8. The subject of world trade and its evolution
  9. World food systems: the economics of agriculture
  10. Overexploitation in the modern world economics

📊 Macroeconomics Essay Topics

Macroeconomics deals with economic systems as a whole. It is extremely important to discuss, as it can help to learn more about how well the system is performing and what can be done to improve it.

  1. The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Apple and the iPhone
  2. The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Australian Economy
  3. The Importance of Studying Macroeconomics by Ordinary People
  4. Elements Influencing the Business Environment, Supply and Demand
  5. Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis Through Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Concepts
  6. Venezuela’s Macroeconomic Crisis of 2015-2019
  7. Overview of the Brazilian Economy
  8. Reflections on Whether Macroeconomics Needs Microfoundations
  9. Macroeconomic Trends and Their Impact on the Life of the Average Person
  10. Macroeconomics and Its Rationale in the Context of the Russian Federation

📉 Microeconomics Essay Topics

Microeconomics, on the other hand, deals with the economy on an individual scale. Discussing the importance of personal decision making and how it impacts the system is actually just as important as paying attention to the large scale, so let’s take a look at the topics you can explore:

  1. Microeconomics and Its Main Functions
  2. Microeconomics and Business Management
  3. What I Learned in Microeconomics? Essay
  4. Models and Structures of Microeconomics and Their Usefulness for Public Policy Implementation
  5. The microeconomics look on the insurance industry
  6. Public and private relationships in microeconomics
  7. Potential evolution of microeconomics
  8. Microeconomics of migration
  9. Industrial organization
  10. Microeconomics on violent conflict territories

🏥 Healthcare Economics Essay Topics

  1. Role of Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness in Health Sector
  2. The Peculiarities Of Behavioral Economics
  3. Economics of complicated healthcare systems: resources and talent
  4. Economics of personalized healthcare
  5. Patient profitability: economics and ethics
  6. Healthcare logistics and economic problems
  7. Correlation between healthcare economics and patient satisfaction
  8. Economics of drug development
  9. Healthcare economics in emergency situations
  10. Economics of mental healthcare

Consumerism Essay Topics

  1. Does Consumerism Lead To Happiness?
  2. Children Manipulative Consumerism On Media
  3. Advertising Effects On Consumerism: The Ways To Avoid Manipulation
  4. Negative Consequences Of Fashion Consumerism On Environment
  5. The Motif Of Consumerism in The Works Of Edward Albee And Andy Warhol
  6. The Relationships Between Advertising And Consumerism In The Super Bowl
  7. The Impact of Consumerism and Materialism on Modern American Society
  8. Reflections on How Materialism Led to the Development of a Two-Dimensional Society
  9. Sociological view on consumerism
  10. Boycott in the age of consumerism

💰 Finance Paper Topics

  1. A look at the field of e-finance
  2. Specifics of the corporate finance
  3. Personal finance management
  4. Behavioral aspects of finance
  5. Legal aspects of public and corporate finance
  6. Alternative finance: models with the most potential
  7. The role of culture in financial methods and approaches
  8. Rural and urban finance
  9. The importance of investments
  10. Examples of instability in finance

✏️ Socio-Economic Essay Topics

  1. Socio-economic Affirmative Action
  2. Drug Addiction's Socio-Economic Impact
  3. Feudalism as a Socio-Economic System in Medieval Europe
  4. Socio-Economic Systems of the Ottoman Empire
  5. Socio-Economic Burden on Schizophrenia Patients
  6. Facebook and Its Socioeconomic Impact
  7. Socio-Economic Consequences Of Human Trafficking
  8. A Critical Look at the Blockchain Revolution and Its Socio-Economic Impact
  9. Decomposing Socio-Economic Inequalities in Nutritional Status among Siblings: Impact of Birth Order
  10. The Socio-Economic Consequences of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl

📖 Economic History Topics

  1. America's Social, Political, and Economic Rise in the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
  2. Slavery and Its Impact on American Economic Growth
  3. The Great Depression as the Largest Tragic Event in US History
  4. The Problem of Economic Security and Oppression of People in the XXI century
  5. Unemployment History behind Fiscal Policies: Analysis of New Deal Impact
  6. Women Equality: History, Discrimination And Challenges
  7. Critical Analysis of Economic Consequences of the Great Depression
  8. The Reasons Of East Asian Economic Miracle
  9. Cultural And Economic Background Of Child Labor In India
  10. Analytical Essay on the Positive and Negative Impacts of Industrial Revolution

💲 Tax Topics for an Essay

  1. Tax System And Its Principles
  2. Tax Avoidance Law And Its Effects
  3. Sales Tax On Newspaper In India
  4. Taxation: Types, Purpose And Importance
  5. Strategies For The Improvement Of Property Tax Collection In Tanzania

Human Development Essay Topics

  1. Essay on Human Resource Development and the Impact of Globalization on It
  2. Essay on Stages of Human Development
  3. Human Development from a Biological, Cognitive and Psychosocial Perspective
  4. The Importance of Human Development
  5. Essay on Human Development Theories

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