How to Cite a Radio Broadcast in APA: Essential Format Requirements

When you come across relevant information on the radio during your investigation, you might consider citing it in your academic paper. No wonder the “how to cite a radio broadcast in APA?” question appears in your head. This article overviews the fundamental guidelines for citing a radio broadcast in APA referencing. We’ll consider examples of formatting the in-text citation and the corresponding entry in the reference list.

Main rules of citing radio broadcasts in APA

This referencing follows the author-date model, which requires including the author’s name and the publication date within the text. Unlike journals or books, radio broadcasts do not typically have a traditional author, so it’s appropriate to use the name of the main presenter as the author’s name in the citation. 

Here are the basic rules to follow when you cite radio broadcasts:

  • Presenter's name. Indicate the main presenter’s name as the author in the citation.
  • In-text citation. Include the presenter’s name and publication date in parentheses or the publication date if the name is already mentioned.
  • Narrative citation. Add the publication date in the sentence if the presenter’s name has been mentioned.
  • Reference list. Write a full citation entry for the radio broadcast at the end of your document. Indicate the presenter's name, publication date, episode title (in quotation marks), program title (in italics), and other relevant details, i.e., the station name or the program episode number.
  • Retrieval information (optional). If the radio broadcast is available online, add a URL or DOI.

Examples of radio broadcast citations in APA

If the presenter's name has not been mentioned previously in the text, you should apply a parenthetical citation format, as mentioned in the following example:

The research findings challenge conventional wisdom in the field” (Smith, 2022).

Still, if the presenter’s name has already been mentioned in the document, you shouldn’t indicate it in the citation. Instead, you can utilize a narrative citation by inserting it immediately after the name, as shown in the following example:

According to Smith (2022), the research findings challenge conventional wisdom in the field.

Remember to include comprehensive citation details for the radio broadcast in the reference list at the end of your paper following the next format:

Smith, J. (Year, Month Day). Title [Format]. In Title of the Program(if applicable). Retrieved from [URL or Station Name if available]

Reference list entry example:

Smith, J. (2023, July 15). Exploring the Universe [Radio broadcast episode]. In Science Today. New York, NY: WXYZ Radio.

Specific formatting details may vary depending on the type of radio broadcast (e.g., interview, podcast episode) and the availability of specific information. To clarify how to cite a radio broadcast in APA, consult the APA Publication Manual or the APA Style website for detailed guidelines and examples based on your specific citation needs.

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