Mental Illness Essay Topics Examples and Ideas

If you are on an assignment to write a psychological essay, the chances are that you’ll have second guesses about picking an idea dedicated to psychological stability or some of the common disorders. Mental illness essay topics cover many concepts from the fields of psychological well-being and nervous disorders.

Choosing the topic is a crucial decision. When you work on the right topic, you will be motivated to dig deep into research, provide informed arguments, and write a compelling conclusion. It can also help you interest the readers and make them want to read your entire essay.

Since many students don’t know where to begin, we decided to help you out. Below you can find various mental illness essay ideas you can use to write your paper.

Mental Illness Essay Topics

50 Mental Illness Essay Topics

It’s hard to choose the right topic when you have a genuine interest in and are well conversed with one specific field. If this is the case, you need access to as many essay ideas on the subject as possible. Below you can find 50 suitable essay ideas you can freely use right now.

  1. A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner: The Mental Illness Of Emily Grierson
  2. Mental Illness: A Srime In The 19th Century
  3. Music Therapy And Mental Illness
  4. Search For Identity And Mental Illness In The Bell Jar
  5. Mental Illness and the Justice System
  6. Female Mental Illness in Jane Eyre and Great Expectations
  7. Mental Illness Depiction In Flowers For Algernon
  8. Of Mice And Men: Mental Illness And Society
  9. A Streetcar Named Desire: Williams’ Message To The Audience Regarding Mental Health
  10. Social Work And Mental Health: Human Rights, Social Justice, And The Impact Of Public Policy
  11. How The Mentally Ill Aids The Understanding Of The Mind And Society Through The Yellow Wallpaper, The Story Of An Hour And A Rose For Emily
  12. Making A Serial Murderer: Trauma, Aggression, And Mental Illness
  13. The Catcher In The Rye: Holden's Struggle With Mental Illness
  14. Poetry Is Beneficial To People With Mental Health
  15. Understanding the Context of Mental Health Care Delivery: Descriptive Essay on the Essence of Nursing Theory
  16. Psychological Disorders In Movies A Beautiful Mind And The Butterfly Effect
  17. Christianity And Mental Health
  18. Schizophrenia as a Mental Illness
  19. Managing Your Mental Health After Graduation
  20. How Past Experiences Contribute To Present Day Behaviour
  21. Insanity In The Sarcastic Tale Don Quixote
  22. Mental Health Discrimination In The Workplace
  23. The Reasons For Teen Suicide
  24. Aboriginal Mental Health And Suicide
  25. Music Therapy: Ability To Heal And Recover Mental Health Illness
  26. People of All Ages Suffer From Mental Health Issues
  27. The Tell Tale Heart: Mental Disorders
  28. The Correlation of Schizophrenia and Crimes
  29. Health Promotion: Programs And Procedures On Enhancing Health
  30. Overview of Mental Health and Stigma in Saudi Arabia: Issues of Disgrace and Social Distancing
  31. New Public Health Approach and Contemporary Health Challenges
  32. Syrian Female Refugees At Risk For Mental Health Issues In Canada
  33. Social And Health Factors That Lead To Homelessness
  34. The Aspects And Factors Of Mental Health In College Athletes
  35. The Effects of Schizophrenia on Personality and Family
  36. Grief: Impact On Mental Health After Death Of A Parent During Childhood
  37. Family And Social Rejection Affect Mental Health Of Third Gender
  38. Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale: Scientific Studies
  39. Factors That Affect Schizophrenia Across The Demographic
  40. Biopsychological Analysis of A Beautiful Mind
  41. Depression & Suicide In The Asian Community
  42. Depression: The Effects Of Perfectionism On Mental And Physical Health
  43. Recovery Approach in Mental Health Care
  44. Women Mental Breakdown In The Yellow Wallpaper And The Bell Jar
  45. The Correlation Of Music And Curing Mental Illness
  46. Understanding Anxiety: A Comprehensive Look at the Disorder
  47. Power of Verbal Abuse in Causing Depression: Analytical Essay
  48. Psychological Disorders In The Last King Of Scotland
  49. Patient Violence and Verbal Abuse: Issues of Nursing in Psychiatric Ward
  50. The Concept of Recovery from Psychosis

Mental Illness Argumentative Essay Topics

To excel at argumentative essay writing, you need access to existing literature so that you can collect and produce compelling evidence. Not all topics dedicated to psychological disorders are viable for extensive and detailed research. Here are some good argumentative essay topics to inspire you.

  1. How Mental Health Affects Your Everyday Life
  2. How to Overcome Postnatal Depression
  3. The Need for Minimizing the Stigmatization of Psychological Illness
  4. The Main Reasons the Mental Illness is Less Prevalent in the General Population than LGBT Community
  5. Why Should We Tackle the Prevalence of Teenage Depression Seriously
  6. Why Are Mental Health Programs Important in Developing Countries
  7. Exploring the Potential Solutions for Stigmatization Against Psychiatric Health Patients
  8. Is Cognitive Illness a Social Issue?
  9. Why it is Important to Understand the Subconscious Mind and Self-knowledge
  10. The Main Causes of Teenage Depression and How to Prevent it

Persuasive Essay Topics on Mental Illness

When writing a persuasive essay on psychological conditions, you need to take a stance. To create a valid argument, you need to prove your opinion to readers. The following persuasive paper topics will help you find relevant evidence and rich, factual data.

  1. The Relationship Between Parenting Styles and Antisocial Personality Disorder
  2. Chronic Stress and Anxiety as Main Reasons for Long-Term Relationship Breakups
  3. Can Depression be Inherited?
  4. School Programs Can Significantly Help Students with Learning Disabilities
  5. Social Media Platforms Role in Development of Eating Disorders
  6. Child Abuse Leads to a Mental Disorder in Future
  7. The Role of Digital Communication in Development of Social Anxiety
  8. How Video Games Cause Psychological Addiction
  9. The Impact of Mental Health Law
  10. The Best Psychotherapies for Depression

How to Choose a Good Topic

Choosing a good mental illness essay topic can be hard. To help you out, we have put together this step-by-step guide. You can use it every time you need to choose a topic, whether you are considering topics in social studies or Psychological health.

  1. Make a list of all the potential mental illness paper topics.
  2. Evaluate to what extent you are interested in writing about each one of them.
  3. Evaluate which of the topics you are interested in can be reasonably addressed in the essay length specified in the requirements.
  4. Once you are done with the evaluation, narrow down your list of topics.
  5. Translate the topics on your list into a research question.
  6. Examine the existing literature.
  7. Choose the most interesting topic to research with the most available literature.

Useful Help for Choosing a Relevant Essay Topic

As you can see, there are a lot of mental illness essay topics you can choose from. We also provided a list of argumentative and persuasive essay topics on mental illness. It’s understandable if you have a hard time choosing a good topic given the number of assignments on your plate and deadlines. If you need additional help, contact us at EduBirdie, and we will help you deliver a high-quality psychological essay in time.

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