Interesting Religion Research Paper Topics To Write About

Religion has been a part of our societies since the beginning of time. From primitive animalistic beliefs to complex polytheistic pantheons, it has changed and evolved to suit our civilizations. This is what makes religion research paper topics so fascinating.

You can go from several approaches when choosing a topic. You can focus on the history of a certain religion, its specifics in terms of beliefs and rituals, how it has impacted the society, its potential future, or focus on the religion systems in general, analyze the differences between them and what might’ve caused them.

While the list of potential religion essay topics is endless, choosing the right one is important. Religion is often an extremely personal matter, so a careless approach might lead to conflict and hurt. Moreover, it is hard to avoid personal bias while talking about religious experiences.

That’s why we offer you this list of relevant topics that are interesting to explore. Choose the one that suits you the most and explore the nature and history of human beliefs.

Choose the Best Religion Topics For a Research Paper

Selecting the right item from the list of religious essay topics can be challenging, so here are some tips that might help you:

  • Select a topic you’re at least somewhat interested in – this way it will be easier for you to concentrate on the research and ensure the quality of your work;
  • Make sure there are scientific sources related to the topic, and they are not limited to opinion pieces – facts have more weight in the research than opinions;
  • Avoid topics that are based on a biased view of a certain religion;
  • Avoid attacks and critique of religious leaders and personalities;
  • If there are several views on a topic – make sure to cover all of them, or avoid it.

List of 50 Religion Research Paper Topics

The societal impact of organized religion and religious beliefs as a whole is immense. Researching it gives us a glimpse into how human civilization has changed and how our value system has evolved. However, a lot of religious research topics are too complex. So, here are some of the most relevant religion research paper topics you can have fun completing.

  1. Cultural specifics of religions
  2. The role of religion in the history of education and science
  3. Religion and individual from the perspective of social psychology
  4. Religion in the globalized world
  5. Religion and crime: forgiveness and punishment
  6. The political impact of religion
  7. Beliefs before organized religion
  8. The importance of religion in political economy
  9. How does religion change in the context of scientific discovery?
  10. How can religion be created?
  11. The role of religion in poetry and literature
  12. Religion and a media source
  13. Generational specifics of religions
  14. Religion and mental health
  15. Significance of religion in environmental issues
  16. Who benefits from religion?
  17. A postmodern take on religions
  18. Belief systems without gods
  19. Will religion ever end?
  20. Common rituals in different religions
  21. Religions as social glue: communities and nations
  22. The religion of technology: modern tribal practices
  23. Religion and space: what we believe lies beyond
  24. Religion and morality: connected or separate?
  25. Women and religion
  26. The role of religion in international relationships
  27. Religion and medicine
  28. The importance of sacrifice in religious practices
  29. How does religion impact family connections?
  30. The role of religion in forming prejudices
  31. An evolutionary perspective on religion
  32. The importance of myths in the modern society
  33. The role of symbolism in religion
  34. The history of religion and class structure
  35. Religion in the Age of Enlightenment
  36. The types of non-belief
  37. The role of magic and illusions in religion
  38. The impact of religion on adolescents and teenagers
  39. How to disconnect religion and spirituality?
  40. Is a single world religion possible?
  41. Comparison between prayer and meditative techniques
  42. Are religion and rationality mutually exclusive?
  43. Religion and marriage
  44. Religion and violence: the impact of religion on revolutions and wars
  45. Why should religion get special treatment from the government?
  46. Different views on mortality and post-death experiences
  47. Religions and demographic processes
  48. The personality of a religious leader
  49. Lost religions: why do beliefs die?
  50. Alien imagery across religions

Christianity Research Paper Topics

Christianity is one of the biggest religions around the world, with billions of followers. Its impact on the history of the world cannot be overestimated. So, here are some of the most interesting aspects you can learn more about:

  1. Christianity branches – well-known and forgotten
  2. Christianity and colonization
  3. Christianity and industrialism
  4. Myth and rituals in the Christian church
  5. What do we know about Jesus as a historic person?
  6. Christianity and Imperialism
  7. Christianity and social tolerance
  8. Racial differences in Christianity
  9. History of corruption in Christianity
  10. The role of the individual in Christianity

Buddhism Essay Topics

Buddhism is another major ideology that should not be overlooked. Its Eastern roots make it distinctly different from a lot of other religions around the world. So, there is a lot to learn about it, especially if you’re not closely familiar with it:

  1. Buddhism: foundations and evolution
  2. Buddhism: religion or philosophy?
  3. The specifics of Chinese Buddhism
  4. Buddhism and feminism
  5. Can Buddhism coexist with science?
  6. Buddhist take on nature and ecology
  7. The political impact of Buddhism
  8. Human rights and Buddhism
  9. Meditative practices of Buddhism
  10. Psychoanalysis and Buddhism

Theology Research Paper Topics

Theology applies a scientific approach to religious practices. So, while talking about religion research topics, it’s important to mention the research of theological methods and the history of this branch of science. Here are some of the themes you can consider:

  1. Principles of systematic theology
  2. Important theological models
  3. Postmodern theology and atheism
  4. Theology of myth and reality
  5. Theology of love and death
  6. The concept of narrative in theology
  7. Theology and philosophy: inseparable sciences
  8. Ethics from a theocentric perspective
  9. Political theology
  10. Religious commentary on rational theology

Islam Research Topics

Islam is another major religion that deserves thorough research and careful consideration. The image of it is often demonized in the West, but there is a lot more to it. Here’s what you can write about it:

  1. Islam: prejudices and misunderstandings
  2. Civil Islamic practices
  3. The role of a woman in Islam
  4. The political impact of Islam
  5. The history of Islamic civilizations
  6. Past and future of Islam
  7. Islam and traditionalism: are they inseparable?
  8. The problems of legal integration of Islam
  9. How would the world look without Islam?
  10. The formation of Islamic image in the West

Siddhartha Essay Topics

Siddhartha is the birth name of the founder of Buddhism, and it is the name of the novel about the spiritual journey of his contemporary. Both deserve research in the religious and philosophical context:

  1. Siddhartha: philosophy and fiction
  2. Siddhartha and the search for enlightenment
  3. Siddhartha and non-attachment
  4. Siddhartha: mythological undertones
  5. Teaching methods in Siddhartha
  6. Salvation concept in Siddhartha
  7. Siddhartha and existentialism

Religion Systems Topics

  1. The geographical dependencies of religion systems
  2. Global cultural models in religious systems
  3. The impact of religion systems on democracy
  4. Religion systems in sociology
  5. Anthropology of modern religious systems
  6. Dynamics of religion systems
  7. How do religious systems affect the market?

Advice on How to Write a Religion Essay

Writing an essay about religion has a lot of pitfalls. If you want to get a good grade on your task, you need to do it right. Here are some tips that might help you write an excellent essay on a religious topic:

  • Avoid including personal biases and opinions – criticizing any religion is a slippery slope, but doing it from an emotional or experienced-based standpoint is even worse. Remember that the views and values of one person do not define the views of the whole group;
  • Structure your paper – a well-structured paper is easy to read and understand. It will better illustrate your point and will show your organized and systematic approach to research;
  • Check your sources for credibility – unfortunately, there are a lot of pseudoscientific opinions and works around religious topics. Even if some of them have certain merit, it is better not to include them in your work;
  • Explore your religion research topics from different perspectives – the best way to avoid bias in your research is to present the opinions from opposite sides. This will result in a well-rounded paper that will not claim to know a “single truth”, but rather apply scientific methods to religious research;
  • Try to provide the context – religious texts are often complex and filled with symbolism. You can easily find contradicting statements in them, but, in order to present them fairly, you need to provide the context for them. This does not require a retelling of the whole text, but the general situation needs to be mentioned.

If these tips still do not help, we’re ready to assist you. Visit our platform, choose a professional author that suits you, and get help with your religion research paper right now!

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