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Research Proposal In A Blink Of Your Eye

20 Oct 2016Essay Writing Guides

There is the chance you are assigned with the writing a research proposal for PhD or MBA and become perplexed by this challenge. Do not be nervous and terrified of the research proposal because we are offering you the scheme to complete it without time loses and adhering to all the requirements in terms of structure and content in your dissertation writing. It is very often that a descriptive essay can contain a great deal of necessary hints for the newcomer.

A common research proposal is the core of your success because whether you are going to defend your paper in front of the committee or not directly depends on the way how you complete your research proposal. This piece of writing clearly shows your motivation and the competence to fulfill all the purposes that you are going to set in your proposal.  The research proposal plays the role of your resume. The same way as the employers choose the employees for them, you are going to be evaluated by the committee. That is why your proposal should be a fully-fledged piece that will include all the parts that your future paper will encompass. Look through phd research proposal template to be well-aware of the structure of the paper. Even a research proposal high school can help you out.

The typical structure of the research proposal

  • The abstract
  • The introduction
  • The literature review
  • The methods
  • Results

The foremost parts of the research proposal typically coincide with the parts of the real research paper. So the sections are as follows:

The abstract is always read first because it makes a preliminary impression about the significance and magnitude of the proposed survey. It includes a concise outlook of the whole research. The purposes that you set and hypothesis (a thesis statement). You can also include some core techniques that will be used while conducting the future research. You can add the results that you anticipate to get.

Introduction gives an insight into the whole work. The main purpose of this paragraph is to put the reader into the picture of the topic and to outline the context and background information regarding your research. The reader should be engaged in your paper and be interested in them facts you present them with. Formulate the research problem or question that will be the core issue of the future survey.
Literature review will show how your ideas congruent with the existing ideas and theories. Use both primary and secondary sources. Demonstrate that you completely understand the theory and evidence that is presented in the illustrious works by other scientists. Approach all the literary sources from the critical perspective. Neither overestimate nor underestimate both your ideas and the ideas of the scientists working in the same field whose ideas you are implementing in the work of your own. Tell that your outcomes and scientific input will make a difference and substantially contribute to the study. 

Methodology is vitally essential. It shows the precise way you are going to fulfill the research. Define whether you use qualitative or quantitative methods of research. Outline the sequence of activities that will be involved in your survey. Collect the data and organize it into tables, graphs or lists that will facilitate the undestending of the problem for the readers.

Arrange results the way they will chime with the statistical procedure and your methodology.

Conclusions and discussion may be split into two sections or be joined together. Here you make a brief outlook on the research, its purposes, your findings. Interpret and explain the results to the audience. State the drawsides and advantages of the research.

To sum it up

As you see, sample research proposal outline writing requires patience and organization. Themes may differ according to the discipline. Research proposal on human trafficking is quite popular. research proposal on performance management will be good for the student involved in management. 

Good luck to you! Hope our advice helped you out!

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