150 Satire Essay Topics Ideas

As a student, you are required to write a variety of different essays and articles for school and college. Of course, this means writing about lots of interesting topics and subjects, but it also means writing in different styles too.

If you study English or any of the social sciences, changes are you will have to write a satirical essay. However, satire topics can be quite challenging, and everyone could do with some help along the way. That is why you are here right now!

satire essay topics

What exactly is a Satire Essay?

So, you have been assigned to write a satire essay. But, what exactly is that? Well, a satire essay, also referred to as a satirical essay, is a style of writing that aims to analyse a topic in a humorous way. Often, this means poking fun at a subject, and although the facts are normally correct, they are portrayed in a way that is exaggerated so that they are funny for the audience or reader.

A satire essay is often interesting and fun for you to write, as well as hilarious and fun for your reader too. You are providing facts for your reader, as well as a sarcastic and entertaining stance on the subject. Of course, this usually means that you have to have an opinion on the subject matter. But, this is what makes a satirical essay one of the best ways to write; you get to share your own perspective and include your own personal spin on your work. This means that also this style of writing is fun and humorous, it can also be educating and thought-provoking.

An example of satire would be talking about the beliefs held by Flat Earthers in a very serious tone. You could explain their worldview, their efforts in the quest for truth, while at the same time making brief references to the inconsistencies in their theories  they themselves are puzzled about (eclipses, tides, time zones) but also the solutions they try to propose for these inconsistencies. 

How to Write a Satire and Receive a Good Grade

Of course, you are here because you want to know how to write good satire. You are definitely in the right place! There are several important steps you should take in order to write a good satirical essay. Let’s have a look at them so that you can get started.

  • Think about Satirical Topics for your Essay

The first step in writing your satire essay is to think about a topic. This can take some time, and it is not a step that should be rushed. After all, in order to produce your best work, it is important to choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you know enough about to form an opinion and create a humorous analysation. Plus, it is going to be a lot more fun to choose a topic that you love and easier to share your personal thoughts! For example, this can include current events that are in the news or that are going viral. Some of the best topics are ones that you and other people can relate to.

  • Create Funny Satire Topics for Readers

Of course, an important thing to consider when you are choosing your satire essay topics is to think about a subject that is actually funny. It will be very difficult to discuss a topic if there is not a humorous element that you can poke fun at. Think about angles you can make interesting and funny for your readers, and you will find creating your satire essay easy and enjoyable. Ask yourself; what is ironic or funny about this topic?

To create a satire topic, you could also start with a random (even serious) topic and look for ways to alter it in order to make it humorous - make exaggerations, play with the context, mix the unmixable, etc. It could help to think about old good human nature, current weird trends in society, funny self-deprecation, etc.

  • Consider your Audience

Before you start writing, you have also got to think about who will be reading your essay. The tone and language that you are going to use will be very different depending on the audience that is going to be reading your satirical topics. For example, if you are writing for your fellow students, then you may be able to write less formally than you would for a professor or academic professional. While the quality of your argument and outline of your essay will be similar, the speech that you use will vary.

  • Use Hyperbole for Exaggeration

Good satire topics will make use of hyperbole. This is a type of figurative language that is going to create humour, and it is not taken literally by the reader. In other words, hyperbole is creating phrases that overstate a point and exaggerate it so you can emphasis your point of view. For example, the phrase; I am so hungry that I could eat a horse. This is hyperbole that exaggerates the fact that the person is incredibly hungry. Of course, no one would literally eat a horse, but it is used for emphasis.

  • Add Sarcasm

One of the best pieces of language that you can use in your satiric essay is sarcasm. Not only is this an effective way of getting your point of view across in your writing, but it is also a way to entertain your audience and help them build a picture of what you are talking about. You will be able to mock a situation, and this means using language that means that opposite of what you want to say.

Writing a good satire essay requires the use of intelligent and vibrant humor. Also, using a rich and exquisite vocabulary or mimicking the formal style of newspapers creates a contrast with the funny tone, enhancing the overall effect.

  • Have Some Fun

Do not forget that your assignment should be fun! While it may seem difficult to start writing and thinking about satire ideas or presentation topic ideas, it can be a rewarding project to finish. This is especially true if it is on a topic that you are interested in. So, take your time and try to have some fun with the process to create good satire topics that you can be proud of.

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Interesting Satire Essay Topics for College Students

Are you struggling to think of any satire project ideas? It can be difficult to think about issues and topics off the top of your head. That is why we have thought about some possible categories and topics for you to gain some inspiration.


  • How history plays a role in society today.
  • How World War II could have turned out differently.
  • What could have happened if slavery was never abolished?
  • What we can learn today from the Berlin Wall.
  • Was Alexander the Great really that great?
  • The Holocaust and what we know.
  • How Adolf Hitler became the leader of a nation.
  • The best and world American Presidents.
  • The role of the royal family then and now.
  • The biggest events in history.


  • What is Brexit all about?
  • Should we really listen to politicians anymore?
  • Ways to tackle illegal immigration.
  • Should the United States build a wall and is Mexico paying for it?
  • What the United States and Russian have in common.
  • Should abortion be legal?
  • Are concealed handguns a hidden problem?
  • Is the death penalty a dying tradition?
  • Is Obamacare providing the US with the healthcare it needs?
  • Should the voting age be lowered?


  • Who is tougher: football players or rugby players?
  • The World Cup: the biggest tournament on earth.
  • Where are the Olympic games being held next?
  • Does anyone actually understand the off-side rule?
  • Should there be ads on jerseys?
  • What packs more of a punch: MMA or boxing?
  • Should steroids be allowed in sports?
  • Are athletes really role models?
  • Footballers are earning thousands per week.
  • Will soccer ever become popular in the United States?

Social Issues

  • Is it finally time for gun control?
  • Veganism and eating meat.
  • Does our country have an obesity epidemic?
  • Should healthcare be free to everyone?
  • Cyberbullying: let’s talk about it.
  • Legalising medical marijuana.
  • Euthanasia and its place in today’s society.
  • Gender identity: be whoever you want to be.
  • Big brands stop animal testing.
  • Why poverty is not just a third world problem.

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  • Does love really exist?
  • How to know you are in love.
  • How to avoid being weird on your first date.
  • Conversational starters on your first date.
  • Pickup lines and when not to use them.
  • Love is blind; so why do we care so much?
  • It’s all fair in love and war.
  • What would happen in a world without love?
  • Is there an age limit on love?
  • Can you love more than one person?


  • Is marriage overrated?
  • How marriage changes you as a person.
  • Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  • Should men wear a wedding ring?
  • The cost of an average wedding.
  • While most marriages end in divorce.
  • Questions you should ask before saying I do.
  • Is marriage an outdated institution?
  • Why I won’t get married in a church.
  • Is marriage worth it?

The Environment

  • Let’s talk about Global Warming.
  • Do we really need the ozone layer?
  • Let’s help the environment by banning cars.
  • Is recycling really making a big difference?
  • Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels.
  • Why current waste disposal methods are trash.
  • The deadly loss of biodiversity.
  • Water pollution: there isn’t plenty more fish in the sea.
  • Is climate change real?
  • Ways we can stop pollution together.


  • How to connect with the right people in business.
  • How easy is it to run your own business?
  • Do I need a virtual assistant?
  • There are big bucks in business.
  • How much power do customers have in business?
  • The risks you have got to take in business.
  • Role models in business.
  • Employing the right people for your business.
  • How to succeed in business without any effort.
  • Working hard or hardly working?

Information Technology

  • Will robotics take over our technology jobs?
  • How we rely on technology for everything.
  • Could you live without your computer for a day?
  • How information technology has changed through the years.
  • The Truth about computer hackers.
  • Is public Wi-Fi really safe?
  • Making sure your technology is secure.
  • The Cloud: Where is your data?
  • Future trends of information technology.
  • The apps that are ruining your life.

Funny Topics

  • Common first world problems.
  • Phrases your girlfriend uses and what they really mean.
  • Breaking up with your partner over a text message.
  • They say you are what you eat.
  • How everyone eventually turns into their parents.
  • Why does it take women so long to get ready?
  • How do earphones always end up in knots?
  • Being fashionably late is a myth.
  • Why pineapple should be on pizza.
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich?

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  • Do you need to graduate from school?
  • Do good grades really matter?
  • Better uses for your time rather than school.
  • Ways you will flunk your exams.
  • Dropping out of school could be the best decision you ever make.
  • Things that you don’t learn in school.
  • Are school uniforms really important?
  • Does anyone use chalkboards anymore?
  • Ways to succeed in school.
  • How to navigate the social pyramid at school.

The Media

  • Does freedom of speech still exist?
  • Any publicity is good publicity.
  • Should we have censorship?
  • Is the free press truly free anymore?
  • Privacy: does it exist anymore?
  • The media rules our thinking.
  • Is there such a thing as fake news?
  • Does anyone buy newspapers nowadays?
  • Television vs. social media: Which one has the biggest impact today?
  • How much influence does the media have over our lives?


  • Is Money really that important?
  • Work hard, play harder.
  • Ways you can save money.
  • Is retail therapy effective?
  • How to save money to buy your dream home.
  • Working hard doesn’t always mean earning more money.
  • Why money doesn’t make you happy.
  • Is money just a piece of paper?
  • Money can’t buy you happiness: But would you rather cry in a Ferrari?
  • Being Broke isn’t so bad.

Sum Up

Writing a satirical essay can be a lot of fun and a rewarding task. But, it is also not easy. If you are struggling to write a proposal that you are proud of, this is where Edubirdie can help. You can hire essay writers to help you with satire topics and make sure that you do not miss your deadline.

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