Citation guide

  • How to Cite a Play In MLA Style Format (With Examples)

    Why Do College Students Cite Plays? Regardless if you are writing an assignment for Shakespeare’s month homework or plan to start with a play for a college project, citing a famous play in MLA f...

  • The Guide On How to Use Et Al in Writing

    Learning About Et Al Meaning The Latin phrase "et alia" or "Et al." in writing is nothing new to anyone engaged in the academic field. It stands for "and others" in English. It is used when you ...

  • How to Block Quote Guide For Students

    You must have seen at least one block quote example as a student looking through your textbook or when browsing through numerous publications for some research project. A block quote can be defined...

  • Primary Source or Secondary Source? That Is the Question

    During academic research, there are two types of information sources; primary and secondary. A primary source is a record of an original event and is thus, first-hand evidence or ‘raw’ information ...

  • Is your citation correct?

    Create citations according to the academic standards in a few clicks.

  • What’s New in MLA 9th Edition

    About MLA 9 Even though the college students have not got used to changes introduced in the previous MLA edition yet, the new MLA format 9th edition (Modern Language Association) is already out....

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