How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper Like a Pro

A research paper is an integral part of any educational process, thus writing it properly is a must for any student, including the discussion section of a research paper. It is an academic assignment that may be in the form of a term paper, master or doctoral dissertations, which is based on original research and analysis of a certain topic. Today, we’ll talk about a conclusion, one of the main parts of any academic work. That is why every student should learn how to write a conclusion for a research paper. The conclusion is a brief summary of everything you’ve included in research and makes readers understand what your assignment was about, its main hypothesis, purpose, and findings. If readers missed any points discussed, they could refer to conclusion paragraph for a quick wrap-up. 

Definition and Importance of Conclusion

Learning how to conclude a research paper shows how much you worked on your task. This paragraph summarizes the thesis statement, most relevant evidence, and final result reached. It recalls all the main points from the research paper's body and decides whether to agree with them.

A conclusion for a research paper defines assignment primary sources. It’s a brief and short studies analysis. That is why it should follow a clear outline that emphasizes research findings and checks if research paper guidelines were followed. 

How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion

Research Paper Conclusion Writing Recommendations

If you’re working on a research paper, you should have all the needed information to conclude the topic in a simple sentence by now. Here are some strategies you should follow to compose a reasonable conclusion:

  1. Ensure that you’ve answered the topic question in a research paper. Check all evidence and relate every proof of your topic to prepare an informative conclusion. 
  2. Check that you’ve examined counter-arguments. This part should also be covered in the abstract that informs readers of the topic issue. 
  3. Rephrase the topic statement. Start by mentioning what the paper is about and interpret the results reached while supporting them with evidence. Mention any alternative solutions that might be explored in the future. 
  4. Finally, point out implications and effects related to your topic. 

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How to Write an Effective Research Paper Conclusion

Many students wonder how to end a research paper for their professors to like it. Sometimes they seek assistance on the web but can’t find appropriate hints. Are there any tips on how to conclude a research paper successfully or services where a student can pay to write a research paper? Maybe places to find perfect examples of conclusions one may use in their groundwork?

Completing a perfect conclusion is all about being systematic. Here you will find several tips that will be handy:

Be brief but informative. Concluding paper, sum up everything you have and give a brief on results you have got. There is a golden rule not to be too wordy with an ending, as a person reading it has already reviewed the whole paper. That is why it must contain only a brief outline without going into details. You can use the conclusion template for this. State the conclusion in clear, simple language. There is no need to confuse readers by mentioning too many points.

Recall what was written. A conclusion should grab readers’ attention from the very first passage. How to craft a catchy ending? If you want readers to recall everything that was already written and catch their attention, avoid adding new facts and statements, be precise and make it strong enough.

Your contribution. Your conclusion must be tightly connected with the introduction and contain answers to the questions mentioned. Ralph Berry, famous scientist and author of “The Research Project: How to Write It” states that a conclusion has to return to the opening and answer all issues with assembled data. So, use the scientific method to make the paper complete. You should also stress the contribution you have made to the topic as well as point out its importance for the academic world.

Untouched questions. If you can, mention the questions you have not answered yet that need further investigation. Do it to assist other researchers. Just state them and suggest possible opportunities for future research in the conclusion paragraph for research paper. There is no end to academic investigations, and hard-working students know that. You should tell readers that there is still room for discovery.

Practical use. Does your fact-finding have any use? Do your report findings have real value? This is the place to show that your findings and your work in general can be used in real life. If it still requires additional work to bring value, it is also okay to say so.

Outline the deficiencies. It is handy to list the method's deficiencies, provide possible suggestions for its improvement, or describe how it affected your work in the conclusion. What for? For other investigators to improve your method and learn from the mistakes you have made.

Final stage. Everything you should do after finishing your task is proofreading, formatting, polishing your conclusion. The best option is to leave the text for a while and read it for the second time later. It’ll help you notice even the smallest errors in your conclusion and make necessary adjustments if required. Also, read your text aloud to see how the ending is structured and whether it sounds natural.

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Good Conclusion Examples

Students can use an excellent research paper conclusion example if they have problems creating their own. Here are a few examples that you may look at while working on your assignment if you don’t know how to write a conclusion for a research paper. 

Example 1:

Due to widespread tuberculosis in developing countries, medical professionals are constantly working on implementing new strategies to assist in diagnosis and treatment stages. Their goal is to educate people, as well as, help them overcome conditions that lead to its widespread. 

Example 2:

The data provided in this research proves that males are usually involved in more serious car accidents. This, however, doesn’t prove that women are better drivers. Women are, in fact, less likely to break law and rules, while men are known to excel in dexterity and are usually more focused. Accordingly, men are considered to be more skillful drivers, but more strategies should be implemented to make them follow the law.

Example 3:

In least developed countries, more people are giving up education opportunities due to their living conditions. Western governments in the USA and Europe have an ethical responsibility towards the less privileged to make our world a better place for everyone. 

Example 4:

Despite all safety measures, more precautions should be imposed regarding online safety for American teenagers and children. Parents, schools, and governments should work together to keep young people safe while they’re enjoying the benefits of the internet.

Writing a Conclusion for a Research Paper Using Transition Words

When you’re learning how to write a conclusion paragraph for a research paper, you should focus on using transition words. These words link ideas, improve the flow of your structure and connect to the purpose of writing. 

When you’re concluding a research paper, add the following words to improve the quality of your assignment:

Summarize your Point:

  • All in all
  • All things considered
  • In brief
  • In summary
  • In short
  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • Ultimately

Mention an Opposing Opinion:

  • Despite
  • In spite of
  • However
  • Nevertheless

Add more Information:

  • Moreover
  • In addition
  • Similarly

Writing a conclusion for a research paper is tedious, and you’re probably tired after putting too much effort into your task. But this doesn’t mean that you should use cliché words. Add some of these transition words to your text's final paragraph to further explain the topic you’ve discussed in your assignment.

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