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Write a Research Paper Conclusion with Ease

01 Feb 2018Essay Writing Guides

The research paper is an integral part of any educational process, thus write it in a proper way is must for any student. It is an academic writing that can be in the form of a term paper, master or doctoral dissertations, which is based on the original research and analysis of certain topic made by the author. Today we will talk about a conclusion, one of the main parts of any academic work.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper?

Many students wonder how to end a research paper in a proper way for their professors to like it. Sometimes they seek for the best paper help on the web but can`t find the appropriate hints. Are there any tips on how to conclude a research paper successfully? Moreover, where to find perfect examples of conclusions you may use in your groundwork? Here you will find several tips that will help you to write a well-structured and informative ending for your academic work.

Be brief but informative

Concluding a research paper, you have to sum up everything you have written and to give a brief on the results you have got. There is a golden rule not to be too wordy when creating an ending for your study, as a person who is reading your ending has already reviewed the whole paper that is why it must contain only a brief outline, without going into details.

Help to recall what was written

Your conclusion should grab your readers’ attention from the very first passage. How to craft a catchy ending? If you want your readers to recall everything that was already written and catch their attention, avoid adding new facts and statements, be precise and make it strong enough.

Your contribution

A conclusion must be tightly connected with your introduction and contain all the answers to the questions mentioned in the beginning. Famous scientist and the author of the book “The Research Project: How to Write It” Ralph Berry states that a conclusion has to return to the opening and answer all the issues with the help of the assembled data. You should also stress the contribution you have made to the topic researched as well as point out its importance for the academic world.

Untouched questions

This point is not obligatory, but if you can write which questions you have not answered yet and need further investigation, you may do it and help other researchers. Just innumerate them and give the possible ideas in your paper’s conclusion section.

Practical use

Does your fact-finding have any practical use? Moreover, do the findings you have found have real value? It is not mandatory, but you can highlight whether your assignment findings are open for further investigations.

Outline the deficiencies

It is very useful to list the deficiencies of a method used, give possible suggestions for its improvement or describe the ways it has affected your work in your ending. What for? This will help the other investigators to improve your method and learn from the mistakes you have made.

Final stage

Everything you have to do after finishing your task is proofreading, formatting and polishing your assignment. The best variant is to leave your text for a while and then have a second proofreading. This will help you to notice even the smallest errors in your ending and make necessary adjustments if required. You can also read your text aloud; this will help you to see how your ending is structured and whether it sounds natural.

The conclusion is a final stage of any academic assignment, and thus the most important one. Moreover, once it is done, you are at the finish line. Your research, material selected and the findings you have got mean nothing without a proper frame. What is more, if you need more variants of research paper conclusion example, you can always google them and find the most appropriate ones. On the other hand, you can get a professional academic writing assistance and buy your research paper from Edubirdie.com or another relevant service. Do not procrastinate with writing your groundwork until the very last day, and let it be done by experienced aces if you do not have enough time to do it yourself. What can be better than having such an essential task for your academic success written in advance and by real pros!

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