How To Write A Research Paper On Communication

The peculiarity of an effective communication paper is that it deals with a person's communication processes. It combines such branches and disciplines as sociology, fine arts, anthropology, ethics. During your communication studies course, you usually go deep into several types of communication as interpersonal, organizational, rhetoric, media communication and performance studies. While choosing the topic for your college research paper you are supposed to make emphasis just on one of these areas. However, all of these areas cannot exist one without another.

Structure is at the Heart of a Good Communication Research Paper

  1. Present a strong and solid introduction to your work where you put all the facts, questions and problems you are going to deal with in the main body of your work. This part must be interesting to the reader and introduce effective reasons to proceed with reading it. Do not forget to state a thesis/argument/hypothesis.
  2. Literature overview is an indispensable part of any research paper. The theoretical basis must be clearly stated in order to give more validity to your research. It will not only support your thesis/arguments but also develop it, giving some free room for thought and further investigation.
  3. The Main body which is the core of your paper because here all the findings, methodology, concepts, analysis, data and outcomes are concentrated.
  4. Discussion and conclusion. This part may be divided either in one or two paragraphs (it is important to follow your professor's instructions and assignment restrictions). Here state some weaknesses and strong points about your investigation, tell whether it has perspective for future development, how it can be improved. What is a research paper? What are the differences of your results in comparison with the outcomes in other surveys?

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General Pieces of Advice 

  • Find a thought-provoking and interesting topic both for you and for the anticipated audience.
  • Decide upon the plan and strategy of your work looking through communication studies specimen paper, interpersonal communication paper topics, Philosophy paper, communication analysis paper. This will be a good example of how to put your thoughts on the paper and structure your work.
  • If necessary before presenting the results of your study, make some handout with a brief and precise overview of your paper, providing people, who will read it, with all necessary information and data.
  • Despite the great amount of information available online and in the libraries, you must develop your personal perspective on the issue you are dealing with. Of course, present some findings by other scientists but state your own contribution to the development of the discipline.
  • Read as much as possible to be well-versed in the theme you are interpreting and studying. What does it meam
  • Use the first person (as long as your professor state something else).
  • Do not forget to include the reference list.

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Common Mistakes

  • The paper that represents just a compilation of material by other authors without personal contribution.
  • Grammar, spelling and stylistic mistakes.
  • Colloquialisms.
  • Suppositions, theories without proving evidence, data, statistical information.
  • Subjectivity (the usage of superlatives, being too intense like).
  • Skipping the conclusion part. 
  • Wandering off the subject.

Communication Research Paper Topics

“Intercultural communication as a factor of social and cultural changes”

“Communicative clarity in sports commentary”

“Destructive communication in cognitive-discursive aspect”

“Communicative-pragmatic aspect of the television discourse formation”

“Conceptual bases of euphemistic language”

“Communicative-pragmatic aspect of the formation of the television discourse”

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