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Greek Mythology Essay Topics for Your Next Assignment

Greek Mythology Essay Topics

Greek mythology is a fascinating area of study that teaches us about the psyche and human nature in intriguing ways. But while reading about mythology is almost always exciting, writing about it can be a nightmare. Even coming up with Greek mythology essay topics can be an insurmountable challenge for many students.

Still, if you want to ensure you get the highest possible grade and complete your writing assignment with flying colors, you need the right topic that piques your interest and allows you to express yourself freely.

To help you with this process, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best Greek mythology topic ideas. Use them to gather inspiration and develop the perfect research paper that wows your teacher.

How to Choose a Topic and Where to Find Ideas

Picking random Greek mythology essay topics is the worst thing you could do. It’s easy to make a mistake, choose a topic that doesn’t sit well with you, and ruin your entire assignment. To get your topic right, you’ll need to do a few things:

  • Assess your knowledge. The more you know about the given topic, the better;
  • Analyze your course curriculum. Your essay needs to be relevant to the course you’re taking;
  • Explore your interests. It will be more difficult to finish your writing assignment if you’re not interested in the topic;
  • Do preliminary research. Find out as much as you can about a topic before committing to it.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most common themes in Greek mythology before you start exploring the best topics. Similar to writing a philosophy essay, it's always better to learn more about its key figures and concepts prior working on your paper.

What Are Some Common Themes in Greek Mythology?

Greek mythology is expansive, but you’ll find that most stories handle some of the same themes, including:

  • The transformation of the hero’s journey;
  • The ten-year battles of Titanomachy;
  • The dangers of pride and arrogance;
  • The selfishness of gods;;
  • Love and lust;
  • Justice;
  • Personal suffering.

These themes transcend time and space, being as relevant today as they were in ancient Greece.

List of Greek Mythology Essay Topics

Now, without further ado, let’s get into some Greek mythology topic ideas and help you get started with your paper. It’s in your best interest to browse through the entire list, take down at least a couple of interesting topics, do some preliminary research on them, then make your decision.

  1. The fact in the fiction of Greek mythology
  2. Delving deeper into the most popular Greek myths
  3. Prometheus in popular culture
  4. The significance of Hercules and his twelve labors
  5. Looking into the origin of the universe through the lenses of Greek mythology
  6. The relevance of Greek mythology in the modern world
  7. The causes of the Titanomachy
  8. The after-effects of the Titanomachy
  9. Major accomplishments of Greek gods
  10. The relationship between Zeus and Apollo
  11. Religious worship habits of ancient Greeks
  12. Women in Greek mythology
  13. Natural phenomena through the lens of Greek myth
  14. Trojan war – the end of an era
  15. The most memorable mythical beasts in Greek mythology
  16. The cruelty of Greek gods
  17. The myths of mount Olympus
  18. The most hated gods of myth
  19. Character analysis of Zeus
  20. Hercules – a hero or a villain?
  21. The goddesses of Greek mythology
  22. The goddess of wisdom, reasoning, and intelligence
  23. Apollo and Artemis
  24. The love affair between Aphrodite and Ares
  25. Rhea, the mother of gods
  26. Delving deeper into Hera’s jealousy of Leto
  27. Nemesis and her stance on personal vengeance
  28. The human nature of Greek gods
  29. The affairs and children of Zeus
  30. Self-fulfilling prophecies in Greek myth
  31. Lessons we learned from the Trojan horse
  32. Life and death of Achilles
  33. Zeus and Hera vs. Hades and Persephone
  34. Hades and Persephone – yin and yang
  35. The Odyssey – loyalty & vengeance
  36. Sisyphus – does acceptance of fate equate to happiness?
  37. The favorite daughter of Zeus
  38. The story of Medusa and the power of facing your fears
  39. Ancient morality and ethics in the Odyssey
  40. The significance of the punishment for transgression against the gods in mythology
  41. Eroticism and sexuality in Greek myth
  42. Homosexuality in Greek myth
  43. The greatest love stories of Greek mythology
  44. Unchecked pride as Achillis’s true weakness
  45. Ancient Greeks and predeterminism – the three sisters of fate
  46. Adultery, sexual conquest, and lust in Greek myth
  47. Wit and cunning as the most powerful weapons against gods
  48. The significance of nymphs and muses in Greek mythology
  49. From Prometheus to the garden of Eden – the price of knowledge
  50. The way of the Greek hero – ethics to live by

Greek Mythology College Essay Topics

  1. The parallels between Greek and Norse mythology
  2. Pitting Greek and Roman mythology against each other
  3. Zeus vs. Jupiter – similarities and differences
  4. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as the Modern Prometheus
  5. The influence of Greek mythology on the English language and literature
  6. Greek mythology’s impact on architectural design
  7. The birth of heroes in Greek mythology
  8. Asphodel Meadows, Mourning FIelds, and Elysium
  9. The deep abyss of the Tartarus
  10. Iliad – a glance into the Greek identity

Antigone Essay Topics

  1. Family vs. authority in Antigone
  2. “I shall succumb to nothing so awful as a shameful death” – gender roles in Antigone
  3. Free will and destiny in Antigone
  4. The conflict between Antigone and Creon
  5. The laws of gods and the laws of men in Antigone
  6. Why is Creon the tragic hero in Antigone?
  7. The passive resistance of Ismene
  8. Analysis of the relationship between Creon and Haemon
  9. The dangers of love in Antigone
  10. The only crime is pride – the examination of morality in Antigone

Oedipus Essay Topics

  1. Creon in Oedipus vs. Creon in Antigone
  2. Family identity in Oedipus
  3. The taboo of incest in Oedipus Rex
  4. Self-fulfilling prophecy in Oedipus Rex – can you run from your destiny?
  5. Knowledge and ignorance in Oedipus Rex
  6. The slow demise of Oedipus
  7. The Oedipus complex in modern literature
  8. The individual and the society in Oedipus Rex
  9. The true blindness in Oedipus Rex
  10. Sophrosyne virtues in Oedipus Rex

Medea Essay Topics

  1. Medea’s pursuit of vengeance
  2. Medea’s final act of revenge
  3. Jason’s betrayal and ultimate downfall
  4. Loyal disobedience in Medea
  5. Life and death as extensions of exile in Medea
  6. The gist of prophecy and portrayal of Medea in modern culture
  7. The role of betrayal and perception of family ties in Medea's story
  8. The tragedy of Medea: the revenge and the passion
  9. Lamentation of Medea and the reasons why this aspect of Greek mythology is widely mentioned by the feminists
  10. Medea's transition: from an ideal wife to a cruel villain that still needs our sympathy and understanding

Choosing your topic is the first, most important step you need to take to finish your writing assignment. Carefully browse through this list of Greek mythology essay topics, do some preliminary research on them, and get started. If you need any additional writing assistance, you can always order an essay for sale through EduBirdie!

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