Mastering the Art of APA Title Page for Research Paper

You've probably heard of the American Psychological Association (APA) citation style if you're engaged in the academic community. The APA style is widely used in social sciences, psychology, and education, among other disciplines. The title page for the research paper in APA style is a crucial element as it provides key information on the topic the reader may find valuable.

You may run across two types of title pages: student and professional. The first version is used for assignments, while you can typically find the other in publications. In the following sections, we will discuss what you need to include in both types to make it effective.

Following APA formatting guidelines may seem daunting initially, but it's an essential skill for academic writing. With just a little effort, crafting an APA title page for the research paper will make it look professional in no time. Keep reading to see the essential requirements you should follow in your writing.

Professional vs. student title page: key differences

When creating a title page for a research paper in APA, you should see a clear difference between professional and student title page types, even if they may seem similar at first glance. 

You should use a student title page when writing assignments, such as research papers. Here are the essential sections to include:

  • Title of the paper;
  • Author's name;
  • Affiliation(department and the university);
  • The course name and number;
  • The name of the instructor;
  • The due date.

A professional title page is typically used for publications. Unlike, students title page it also includes an author note, while the course and instructor name, and due date are not included.

At the same time, remember that both types follow the same basic APA formatting guidelines. It includes using 12-point font, double-spacing the text, and aligning it to the left margin. You can also get familiar with the widespread research paper format to get more tips in formatting your paper.

Why is the title page important and necessary?

There are several compelling reasons why the APA style title page plays a vital role in academic writing:

Adding professionalism

The APA-style title page underscores your research's importance and the meticulous care you have taken to format your paper correctly. It highlights your professionalism and commitment to detail, which are highly valued in academic and professional environments. You may also check how to write a research paper in APA format to make your writing look even more professional. 

Making it easy to find your work

The title page includes all the details readers need to identify your paper, such as the title, author(s), and institutional affiliation. It makes it easier for readers to find and cite your work, leading to wider recognition and exposure.

Giving context

The course information section provides valuable context, including the course number and name, the instructor's name, and the assignment's due date. It helps readers grasp the paper's purpose and objectives, resulting in better comprehension and analysis.

Establishing compliance

Academic institutions and publishers often require papers to adhere to a specific style, such as APA. Using an APA-style title page ensures that your paper adheres to these rules and is ready for submission, grading, or publication.

APA title page: key elements to include

When conducting your cover page, one of the most important things that lead to success includes structuring the page correctly. Always follow this structure:

Paper title

You should center your page's name and write in the title case. Choose a concise and descriptive title that accurately reflects the content of your paper. Besides, refrain from using abbreviations or jargon that may be unfamiliar to your audience: it will help you keep your paper easy to understand and eliminate information that does not have value.

For the APA research paper title, page format needs to be considered. The title should be at most 12 words and written in the title case, meaning the first and all other major words are capitalized. Minor words, such as prepositions and conjunctions, are capitalized only if they are the first word of the title.


You are the paper's author, so your name should appear on the page, also centered. If you are using help in writing your essay, list everyone involved and separate their names by commas. When doing so, use first and middle initials, but spell out full first and last names. In APA style, the cover page for a research paper should list the author's name in the same order as it appears on the paper, with the first name followed by the middle initial (if applicable) and last name. If there are two authors, list both names in the same order they appear on the paper, separated by an ampersand (&). If there are three or more authors, list the first six, followed by an ellipsis, and then the last author's name.

Institutional affiliation 

This part includes information about the place where you study. It should be centered below your name. Include the name of your institution, department, and location. This information helps readers identify the source of your research and may be required for academic or professional purposes. It should be listed below the author's name and include the department or program and the institution's name and location. If there are multiple affiliations, list them on separate lines.

Course information 

It includes the course number and name, the instructor's name, and the assignment's due date. It should be centered below the institutional affiliation. This information helps readers understand the context of your paper and the expectations for the assignment. The course number should be listed first, followed by the course name in parentheses. The instructor's name should be listed next, followed by the due date in parentheses.

Author note 

This optional section for professional papers provides additional information about the author, such as their contact details or funding sources for the research. It may cover the specific research question or hypothesis, the collected specific data, or any other information that is relevant to the paper but not included in the main text. It should be centered below the course information. 

Page header 

The page header for a student title page is simply the page number in the top-right corner. A running head is not required, as it was in the APA 6th edition.

A running head is present on a professional title page. The paper title is condensed into the running head and is written in all capital letters. To keep the running head concise, it should be a truncated version of the paper title, at most 50 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation. The page number must be justified to the right.

It's important to follow the specific formatting guidelines for each element of the title page to ensure that your paper meets APA style standards. Once you add all of these elements, you'll create a professional-looking title page that accurately reflects your research and provides all of the necessary information for readers.


You may get lost in all the requirements the academic world demands. Yes, grasping everything lets you get the most out of your paper. You can gain a reputation in the academic environment by practicing and improving essential parts of your writing and following clear instructions. Plus, it is your chance to practice attentiveness and develop research skills.

A well-crafted title page can also create a positive first impression and set the tone for the rest of the paper. It demonstrates the author's attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to presenting information in a clear and organized manner.

Additionally, adhering to the guidelines for an APA-style title page can help ensure that the paper meets the standard academic requirements for formatting and organization, which is essential for academic integrity and success.

This way, the APA style title page is an essential aspect of writing you should know how to handle correctly, as it sets the foundation for a successful and impactful academic document.


Does an APA research paper need a title page? 

Yes, an APA research paper should have a title page.

How should a student title page be formatted in APA 7th edition?

The title should be in the title case, meaning each major word's first letter is capitalized. Make it bold, centered, and positioned in the upper half of the page. The page number should be included on every page in the header. Note that the title page is considered page number 1. The author's name should be written as follows: first name, followed by middle initial(s), and last name.

Should a title page have an image? 

It is not typical to add images on an APA title page. The APA Publication Manual (7th edition) does not provide guidelines or recommendations for adding images or graphics to the title page. Although adding an image or graphic to the title page may seem tempting to enhance its visual appeal, bear in mind that the primary objective of the title page is to furnish crucial information about the paper, including the title, author's name, and institutional affiliation.

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