What’s Costco Essay and How to Write It?

When the time to leave schools comes, many students feel lost and worried. Their future career depends on whether they’re accepted to further educational establishments, which in turn is based on quality of application essays so the right question in such a case is who can write my essay fast and in a proper way? Of course, if one is interested in getting into a small uni somewhere in New Mexico, chances at being accepted there are pretty big due to smaller competition, but what about renown universities, such as Yale or Dartmouth?

Having excellent SATs and stellar GPA is great, but personal statement can be worth as much as 50% of success. It’s a crucial part of application process as it’s a valuable guarantee of your future. Costco essay, also known as Brittany Stinson’s essay, is a personal statement that got this student accepted into all Ivy League schools, even Stanford, which has extremely low acceptance level. How did she achieve it and what can you do for a similar success? "Edit my essay" requests are not uncommon because guaranteed high grades usually require a lot of time and not every student got it.

Costco Essay in a Nutshell

Costco personal statement is a college essay about Costco stores that a school student Brittany Stinson submitted in response to her application prompt in 2016. She had to describe some meaningful experience that defined her in some way, and chose to write about her life-long relationship with Costco shops. She smartly related her childhood and teenage explorations there to her personal qualities and strengths, showing how they affected her interest in studies. This went viral because she got offers from best world’s universities at once —all five Ivy League schools offered her a place with them. So, what’s so special about this paper?

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Success of Costco Paper Explained

  • Topic. First outstanding thing about Costco essay is its theme. As you see, the prompt itself isn’t special. Telling about personal experiences is extremely common, even if prompts’ wording might differ a bit. Check some career goals essay examples that are equally common — the main aim of all of them is to disclose some personal part about yourself.
    Writing that you’re smart and ambitious is good, but how many people will do the same? For application essay to be noticed, it has to be special. Personal prompts offer a huge space for creativity, and B. Stinson used it by selecting Costco stores as her focus. It’s so highly individual that no one else would have written the same, which immediately scored this paper some major points.
  • Underlying theme. Brittany didn’t just compose about how she shops at Costco, mind it. She used the trick of combining her adventures there and her personality growth, showing herself as determined explorer who was ready to resist her mother out of thirst for more information about free samples, sales, and goods. It’s tied neatly with her academic attributes that motivate her to study fervently to achieve success in fields that interest her. Quality. There are no doubts that Brittany’s Costco paper is written in an excellent language.
    Complex words are used, such as “finitudes” and “infinitudes”, “juxtaposed”, “surveyed” instead of simple “looked at”, and so on. Style is highly sophisticated and vivid, helping audience see every scene clearly as if they were present there. Actually, it concerns any type of paper, whether it is an essay on social media or history assignments.
  • Tone. Another amazing thing about Costco essay is its tone. It is humorous and serious at the same time. She describes herself as unruly child with “chubby” legs blinded by her greed for knowledge and it inevitably provokes laughter. Then she’s acting more seriously, showing what interests her and where her determination to know more comes from. This clever combination of two styles makes this Costco personal statement stand out significantly.

Composing Your Own Paper

How to create something similar? Using Costco won’t be a good idea. Following similar format will also feel repetitive. So, how can you create an assignment that’ll be special?

  1. First thing to remember is, be original. The board will be studying personal statements for hours and you don’t want to present a common app essay that no one will remember in five minutes. Use your own personal experiences by re-evaluating them, try to imagine them from different perspectives. For example, you were obsessed with Harry Potter? Turn it into your strength. Write about imagining yourself hunting the philosopher’s stone, about knowledge and mystery that attracted you. This may be done with literally any other subject — all you need is find an original perspective.
  2. Don’t overdo it. Read Costco essay to see how cleverly personal experiences are related to academic spheres there. Remember, you are still applying to a uni, so you have to somehow link everything written to academic performance.
  3. Be confident. Show your determination and prove why you would be a good candidate. In Costco essay, it’s evident that Brittany loved exploring new things and getting what she wants since childhood. This is a very attractive outlook from academic perspective.
  4. Don’t lie. You may expand, add, make up lots of details, but make sure that basic premise is truthful. If you are accepted, it’s a chance to study in the chosen university, so if you present yourself as someone else, it’ll become clear sooner or later.
  5. Edit. Check your text several times at different intervals to make sure it sounds good and there are no visible mistakes. Ask friends or family to read it.

Why & Why Not Costco College Essay Is Crucial Reading for Applicants

On the one hand, reading Costco essay is essential for all applicants because it’s a bright example of how successful and effective personal statement should look like. See for yourself what’s special about it, check language complexity, transitions and links between thoughts as well as ideas. It might be inspiring, so after reading college essay Costco, you’re likely to brim with ideas.

On the other hand, too many examples like this will only hinder you from completing your own personal statement properly. You might feel overwhelmed by creativity, smartness, as well as intelligence of other papers, so as the result, it will diminish your confidence in your abilities and chances. Another option is that you’ll become paranoid about your ideas, thinking that you might have accidentally plagiarized them after all examples you’ve seen. What’s a correct answer in this case, then?

There is a simple answer: trust your limits. Read Costco essay to understand what the fuss is about. Did you figure out what’s great about it and why it was accepted? If no, try a few more successful applications. If yes, don’t look any further. Start brainstorming and come up with your personal unique ideas. In case during sorting through examples, you are starting feeling overwhelmed, stop right away. Listen to yourself and concentrate on your creativity.

Application Essay Victory

Getting ready to write application essay is easier when you can see successful examples. Sometimes, though, Costco type of statement might seem impossible. You might lack writing creativity, especially if your specialty is focused on mechanical areas. You might also be worried about quality of writing, and that’s where thoughts about help tend to appear.

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